Weddle to miss two games, Merriman may sit

A six-game winning streak has put the Chargers in the mix for a bye in the AFC.

If San Diego is to make seven straight wins, the team will have to do it without at least one defensive starter.  Free safety Eric Weddle is expected to miss the next two games with a sprained MCL.  The team expects him back for a key Week Fifteen game against the Bengals.

Chargers coach Norv Turner said the team is also considering resting linebacker Shawne Merriman this week against the Browns.  Merriman has been playing better of late, but left Sunday’s win over the Chiefs with foot tendinitis.

San Diego can suddenly enjoy such luxuries as resting a key starter like Merriman with an eye towards bigger games coming up.  The Chargers have traditionally closed well under Turner, and they started their kick for the finish earlier than usual this year.

They also expect to get starting center Nick Hardwick and defensive end Luis Castillo back soon. 

In a conference stuffed with legitimate Super Bowl contenders, it’s hard to argue that any team is playing better than the Bolts.

12 responses to “Weddle to miss two games, Merriman may sit

  1. flex out Vikings at Panthers and bring in Bengals at Chargers in Week-15 … I want a preview of a possible playoff game!
    I have a feeling that CBS will protect that game though

  2. Hey Greg!
    Thanks for the nice words at the end of your article… If written by Florio, I would come to expect the usual “bash” of the Bolts, their fans, or the city. Florio always has to throw in his 2 cents at the end. Nice to hear from an unbiased opinion every now and then on this site…..
    Go Bolts!

  3. this could be a blessing, my chargers always seem to relax at the wrong times, this and denver possibly heating up again, should keep them from getting complacent
    it’s sad that a pro football team tends to get complacent as much as sd , but hey, sd is a beautiful town with alot of distractions lol

  4. Get Real Bolts fans. They will never win the big game. They got lucky with special teams last year to even win a game. Good luck. If they get the bye they might make it to the afc championchip game. but other than that. Leave it to the pats or colts. cause thats the way it will end. Sorry Bolts but your QB will talk all kinds of SSSHHHH and not back it up. as well as your D. so SSSSSHHHHHHH and have fun watchn peyton and brady. LOSERS

  5. Seeing that the Yankees knocked the Twins this year out of the playoffs Vikings’ fans would sound like real idiots for copying a Yankee fan’s chant.

  6. Sorry B SlEazy, Bolts have beaten the Colts like what, twice in recent playoffs? True, they lost to future Super Bowl Champ Pitts last year, what, 11-10, and year before Rivers on one leg, no LT, no Gates, and they played a heckuva game in NE. Maybe they won’t make it, but they make it much more fun for their fans. Take it for what its worth but punks like you don’t even know how to spell right, or even write correctly. Dumbazz. And they’re the Losers? Right, you just sit and blog and they make millions. Right.

  7. FireJerryJones says:
    November 30, 2009 5:58 PM
    Merriman takes the day off? Must be a mandatory drug test for all active players that day.
    What a lame douche.
    Why dont you come up with some other names like maybe Kaczur, Harrison, Bowe, just to name a few.
    Do you sit at your moms PC all day long hoping to find Merrimans name mentioned on here just so you can post a lame a$$ comment? What a turd.

  8. B Eazy – I love “championchips”. That’s the chips they give out when you win a championship. The commish gives each player several bags of ’em. Roethlisberger said that his motivation last season since he had eaten all of the championchips that he got for the Steelers 2005 championship and really wanted some more.

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