Weis not likely to join the Chiefs

Though former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis is regarded by many (us included) as a candidate to become the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, a league source tells us that such a move isn’t likely.

As the source explains it, there’s some “disdain” between Weis and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli.

It flows, the source says, from their mutual time in New England.

“Both wanted to be [coach Bill] Belichick’s favorite,” the source said.

Meanwhile, coach Todd Haley insisted on Monday that the Chiefs are not one of the teams that has contacted Weis.

“I can say with clear conscience there’s been no contact,” Haley said, per the Associated Press.  “The focus in this building is putting this team in the best possible
position to succeed each day and each week and that’s where the focus
is.  As far as staff goes, that would be something I would have — that
would be a decision I would have to make.”

Haley also said, however, that he’d eventually like to hand off the play-calling function to someone else.

“I believe in my heart of hearts that’s the way to be the most
efficient,” Haley said.  “It’s fun calling plays.  There’s no doubt about
that.  I’ve also said my job is to be the head coach of the team and if
and when that’s possible, I would think that, in my opinion, is the
best way to run the operation.”

Pioli isn’t the only member of the team who has a history with Weis.

“I shared an 8-by-8 office with Charlie for three years in New York,” Haley said.  “I know Charlie about as
up-close-and-personal as you could know him.”

We wonder how many of their meetings began with Weis asking Haley, “Is this your coat?

Yeah, it never gets old.  At least not for us.

14 responses to “Weis not likely to join the Chiefs

  1. Pats could use some help on the offensive side of the ball.
    Ol’Billy is great, but even he only has so much time.
    Doesn’t help having lineman on both sides being pushed around though.

  2. Whoopdie woo, another “League Source AKA Mike Lombardi pretends to know the inner-workings of the Patriots” post at PFT.

  3. Weis will probably go to the Browns if Mangini is still there (which is a long shot)…..if he’s not there, I can see him going to the Giants or Patriots again….so many teams are calling for his services, though I don’t know why…..without a spy-cam, what can he do??

  4. “I shared an 8-by-8 office with Charlie for three years in New York,” Haley said. “I know Charlie about as up-close-and-personal as you could know him.”
    I guess that means Weiss ate Haley’s lunch too on more than one occasion.

  5. Oh so Florio did you get in close with Pioli and ask him? Asking our team if were interested is like asking if theyve seen Elvis! Hell if they did its not like theyre going to tell us ya were interested or ya weve seen elvis!

  6. I wonder how many meetings began with Weiss asking Haley, ” you wanna get some pie before we start.”

  7. jesus christ!! 3 months ago, haley fires chan gailey [and effectively undercuts his offenses chances at being successful] bc he JUST KNEW that he could call plays better and that that was his strength; NOW he “knows in his heart” that he should not be doing that?!? i love these coaches who just talk out of their ass and completely ignore precedent and previous happenings. if he knew in his heart that was the case, WHY FIRE GAILEY??? or is he saying he has had a career changing epiphany in only 90 or so days?? which one is todd?? clown! aaaand weiss is not likely to come to KC bc he and pioli “wanted to be belicheck’s favorite”?? WTF does that even mean??? i wanted to be my fathers favorite son, but my brother and i are still on speaking terms…..journalism is effing dead.

  8. I know they probably don’t need him, but what’s Weis’s relationship with McDaniels like?

  9. Is your “league source” some 10 year old overachiever? Weis won’t work with Pioli because they both wanted to be Belichick’s “favorite?!?” That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  10. This is ridiculous. Why even post this Florio? According to a league source… named Florio’s colorful imagination. What will you say when Weis ends up in KC come January?

  11. Wow… Phonio Florio, with the cr@p that you’re shoveling why don’t you bag this gig and start working for TMZ… maybe you can unlock the “mystery” regarding why Tiger wasn’t wearing shoes the night that he plowed his Caddy into that tree? Sorry to pile it on Fellacio, but who gives a cr@p who was Bill-a-cheat’s favorite?
    Nice try moron.

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