2009 could be Reggie Bush's last year in New Orleans

The Saints steamrolled the Patriots on Monday night despite the absence of running back Reggie Bush, who has never come close to meeting expectations driven by his stellar college career at USC.

The team’s performance without Bush could come in handy in the offseason, if/when the Saints are trying to persuade the locals that parting ways with the second overall pick in the 2006 draft is the right thing to do.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports says that the team likely won’t bring Bush back next year, when his base salary rockets (per NFLPA records) from $2.585 million to $8 million.

He’s simply not worth $8 million next year.  He’s probably not worth $2.585 million this year.

In 3.5 seasons, Bush has 1,827 rushing yards and 1,806 receiving yards.  Not horrible numbers, but not nearly worth $8 million for one season.

So unless Bush is willing to accept a stiff pay cut, he’ll be playing elsewhere next season.  The real question is whether some other team will be willing to pay Bush more than the best offer the Saints would put on the table.

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  1. The Jets offered Leon Washington $5 million per year. Is it so implausible for the Jets to make that move if Leon Washington is unable to recover from his injury and with the Jets probably still trying to sell PSLs?

  2. He’s not going anywhere. Payton LOVES what Bush brings to the table. People who actually analyze game footage understand what Bush’s presence does to defenses. Bush can’t be blamed for the current rookie pay scale system. Another year removed from knee surgery and hopefully his lost step will be back.

  3. I could see him going to the Patriots and absolutely exploding in that passing attack of theirs.

  4. HAHA. I called this when he was @ USC. He was never more than a 3rd down back. At $2.5M next year he will be way OVERPAID.
    With his new paycheck sub $1M (next year) it will be interesting to see how long he can hang on to the little skank KK. Interestly enough, it was the porno she made that launch her career and $1M payday.
    Next year will be UNCAPPED, but the ‘new economy’ will see the owners collobrate and reduce payroll. The owners are not stupid, they know the seats are now empty, the ad revenue is decreasing and the NFL property sales have been reduced by 20%.

  5. The Saints will be just fine without Bush….he is an occasional spark but that team lives on the arm of Drew Brees.

  6. It’s that bodacious booty….it’s like a train wreck….can’t take your eyes off it.

  7. He’s not a starter worthy back. He is how he plays, a specialty back. He’s an outside, change of pace, recieving, punt returning back. He definately has skills, alot of them don’t get me wrong. He’s just too injury prone and not a between the tackle runner.

  8. “I would have trouble concentrating on football if my GF was Kim Kardashian too.”
    He’s right. Keeping tabs on dirty whores is hard work.

  9. I would have trouble concentrating on football if my GF was Kim Kardashian too.
    only girl who’s ass could probably smash Reggie Bush.

  10. Y’know Florio I have pimped you for years (jumped onboard when you broke a story about a Leftwich injury 3-4 years ago) but I am frequently bothered by the obvious disdain you demonstrate towards USC.
    I am not sure where it arises from but if you read your articles with any sort of objectivity you clearly go out of your way to diminish the USC program whenever the opportunity presents itself.
    Yes, Reggie Bush is not the player everyone thought he would be. Big freaking deal. Tons of players fail to meet expectations but you seem to reserve your negative comments about their college programs only towards USC. Sometimes you treat Reggie, and Leinart, as if they were the only players who did not live up to expectations when they entered the NFL. Sure you talk about other players who are disappointments but never with the same sort of vitriol you reserve for former Trojans.
    I just want to know why? You are a WVU fan, why do you care one bit about USC? And why do you care so much?
    I honestly believe your objectivity has been compromised when you discuss former Trojans (although I must concede you are quite fair to Troy Polamalu even if I believe that is a concession you make because you have no choice but to acknowledge his awesomeness).
    I am throwing down the gauntlet right here.
    Do you dislike USC more than other NCAA football programs? If so, then why?
    You often acknowledge your allegiance towards WVU so why not also recognize those programs that you dislike as much as your alma mater? Journalistic integrity demands that you do so.

  11. I would love to see Bush become an Eagle, especially due to Westbrook’s recent health issues, he is dynamic and is great in the passing game. Which is good, considering we don’t try to run the ball anyway.

  12. I think they broke up soo… He better ride the high horse of being an NFL player and go out at night as much as he can before he is sitting on his couch.

  13. jets, heres why
    the leon washington injury-
    who knows if the speed guy will ever be the same
    once leon went down, the offense became a mess.
    shotty would use bush as he uses leon
    leon and bush are the same player,

  14. I’m sure the Eagles will take him, they collect blacks that like to run but aren’t very good.

  15. Especially since she’s been long gone months ago, lol. Fact is that Bush is another example of the draft day crap shoot that makes a rookie cap imperative for the next CBA.

  16. Reggie’s highest upside is Kevin Faulk. And he has a hell of a long way to go to match that respectability.
    Plus the near-bone-on-bone reports in the one knee are alarming, if even just partially accurate…especially at such an early age.
    He should start transitioning to a career in reality TV at the earliest.

  17. I think leaving the Saints would be great for Bush’s career. Not sure if he could be a number one back on another team, but 7 or 8 touches per game isn’t enough. Bush definately has talent. The Saints are a great team, but they perhaps spread the ball around too much.
    I could see a west-coast offense like Green Bay’s really utilizing Bush’s talent. The Packers really don’t have any good complimentary backs to Ryan Grant.
    Teams like the Browns and Jets that will likely move starting RB’s Jamal Lewis and Thomas Jones would be good spots for Bush as well. If the Redskins finally part ways with Clinton Portis, Bush could get a starting gig in D.C..
    Bush might be a great compliment in Pittsburgh as well, where Willie Parker likely won’t return — or imagine him in Miami in those Wildcat formations?
    If Bush is willing to play for under two milion, I think he could fit in a lot of places. Minnesota if they lose Chester Taylor to free agency? Or even the Pats, should they finally cut Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor this off-season?
    Many possibilities out there…

  18. You know Dan Snyder is telling Vinny Cerrato right now…”Hey Vinny, ProFootballTalk just reported that Reggie Bush may not be in New Orleans next season…”
    During contract negotiations
    Snyder: How’s $5m/season work for you Reginald?
    Bush: Sorry Dan, I was looking for about $6.5M
    Snyder: ummm…will Kim be coming to the games
    Bush: yeah probably
    Snyder: I’ll give you $8M, but only if she sits in the owners box
    Bush: I’ll have to talk to her, but sounds good sir

  19. Bush had a good run….maybe two. ha..ha…ha…..sigh, Bush is a huge disappointment! ( just like Sanchez is gonna be..had to throw that in)
    The only thing I ever think of when I hear Reggie Bush is Sheldon Brown diving through him like he was an empty refrigerator box!
    Regardless…Reggie is still gonna live it up with another team, pounding Kim.

  20. Panthers. They can stock up on running backs, cut Steve Smith, line up without anybody at QB…
    (yep, I’m from North Carolina. Is it that obvious?)

  21. Remember when everybody thought the Texans should have taken him instead of Mario Williams? We should all feel silly.

  22. Washington would love to have Bush. He would really make Portis sweat and play harder. Plus, Snyder loves celebs, so we’ll be seeing Tom Cruise and Kim K in the owner’s box next year.

  23. Imagine him, Young and CJ in the same backfield…i would LOVE him to be in Tennessee…
    Or watch him go to Arizona with the Leinart era likely (re) beginning next season.

  24. I don’t think Mario Williams should’ve been # 1…I’m not saying Reggie Bush should have either. But it’s not like Williams is dominant, and the Texans aren’t exactly scaring anyone with their pass rush. He’s on pace for about 7.5 sacks this year (he’s got 5.0 now)…wow…zzzzzzzzzz.
    In retrospect, if I were the Texans, I would have drafted the 4th overall pick – D’Brickashaw Ferguson. That’s where they need the help.

  25. First prediction on 2010 schedule. SB Champs Saints open on the Thursday night game against Pittsburgh.

  26. The Pats will pick him up and turn him into the best slot receiver in the game…
    That was funny it made coffee come out of my nose. The Pats have bigger problems than running backs. Karma has finally caught up with them.

  27. There sure are a lot of Bush haters out there (including Florio). However, anybody calling him a bust just makes themselves look like an idiot! Florio has learned that lesson (he use to call him a bust until someone got a hold of him and explained some real Football knowledge to him now he uses hasn’t lived up to expectations) but a lot of commentors here are still obviously clueless. Reggie is more than RB, more than a WR, more than a PR. He is more than just his stats, his presence on the field opens up a lot of plays in the Saints offense and Payton is more than pleased with what he has gotten from Bush. The reason why it was such a big deal that the Saints were able to dismantle the Pats without Bush is because anybody that undersatnds the game of football recognized how important Bush actually is to the Saints offense! If Bush was an insignificant player then it wouldn’t even be a story that the Saints won without him.
    As for his contract, I would agree $8mil is high. However, I do not expect Bush to be cut – expect a contract extension that spreads the funds out over a longer period. He is too valuable to this team and brings a component that cannot be replaced, they will allow some of their WR to walk before they let Bush go.

  28. Bush has tallent. Some other team will offer a trade for him. He just needs to find the right team with the right offense for his tallents.
    The Saints simply do not need him. Hes definatly worth at least a 3rd, probubly a mid to late 2nd rounder.

  29. I would suspect the future of Reggie Bush will be determined by his performance, or lack of performance, in the next 8 games. (Yes, I am assuming a Super Bowl.) If Bush turns in two or three plays that are the kind of plays you normally never see AND if he can stay relatively healthy AND if the Saints win the Super Bowl and Bush does something positive in the game, I suspect that the team will approach him for a contract extension with a big “number”, but no more real money. This would allow both sides to save face and Bush to continue to cash in on his marketing deals. If Bush, or the team, falters down the stretch, he is done.

  30. The Bears will sign him. They seem to like first round busts; whether they are they own or someone else’s.

  31. Nobody is denying that Bush has talent, the question is what is that talent worth. It certainly is not worth what they are paying him now much less what they would have to pay him next year.
    The problem with Bush is that he doesn’t like to get hit and that kind of talent doesn’t wash anywhere in the league.
    He will play somehere next year at a lot less money.

  32. I am willing to bet $2.5 million that Reggie Bush MAKES MORE THAN 2.5 million next season. Its the NFL, everyone over-pays. And when was the last time you saw a guy taking pay cuts around the age of 25?
    As long as there is the Washington Redskins franchise, a player like Bush will never make less money than he did the previous year. I believe he is also a vested veteran now, his salary may never dip below $2.5 for the rest of his career.

  33. scrapdawg12 says:
    December 2, 2009 9:24 AM
    I’m sure Kim Karashian can make any hard feelings go away for him
    Not likely. The hard feelings will just keep coming, as nature intended.

  34. “The real question is whether some other team will be willing to pay Bush more than the best offer the Saints would put on the table.”
    Dan Snyder, get your checkbook ready!

  35. @Greg from Louisiana
    “The problem is he doesnt like to get hit..”
    Dude. Nobody LIKES to get hit. It just can’t be avoided and you deal with it. If Bush was “afraid,” he wouldnt have lasted at USC. Bush’s problem is a lack of patience. Instead of waiting on a play to develop, he tries to rush it. Payton knows this. Thats why he’s bringing him along slowly.

  36. omg the guy is so over rated. just your average back at best as proven by the 2 backs they have now who seem much better.

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