Cato June lands in Chicago

A former Tampa Bay linebacker finally has found work in the NFL.

And his name isn’t Derrick Brooks.

The Bears, who flirted with Brooks earlier in the year, have signed Cato June, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

June won a Super Bowl with the Colts in the weakside position of the Tampa Two defense, a stats-friendly assignment that puts the player in position to make a ton of tackles. 

After capturing a championship, June signed a so-so deal with the Bucs, who included him in an offseason purge of veterans.  June then signed with the Texans, and he eventually landed on injured reserve with a broken forearm.

He apparently was released from injured reserve at some point thereafter, making him a free agent.

In Chicago, June might help shore up a bad defense.  But isn’t it a little too late for that?

12 responses to “Cato June lands in Chicago

  1. I guess that means Briggsy is headed to IR. How many friggin LB’s can you lose in a season. wtf.

  2. Derrick Brooks is getting his adult diapers, two day food supply, knife, shovel and an astronauts outfit to go visit June. I can’t believe JUNE…JUNE! is Chicago idea of improvement. Sad days in CHI Town

  3. Maybe this is a look to the future with June taking over the will and Briggs taking over the mike for that loud mouth overrated instigator.

  4. Maybe it was that old Gypsy hag from Drag Me To Hell that cursed the Chicago Bears linebackers.
    Tell Cato June to not accept any buttons from the hags.

  5. I don’t think that he had to get “released from the IR.” I believe his deal was over in Houston at the end of the season and they put him on IR. Since he can’t play for the Texans again within the life of his contract, he automatically becomes a free agent, and can sign with a team as soon as he gets healthy. That typically doesn’t happen because people on IR typically don’t get healthy before the season ends while they are in the final year of a contract. Kind of a very specific circumstance. Let me know if I’m wrong, but I believe thats the rule.

  6. BREAKING NEWS!! Bears Sign Veteran Wide Receiver to catch Cutler passes!!!!
    TO LITTLE TO F* CKING LATE!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is wrong with this front office!?!?! Seriously, no first day draft picks for two straight years, trading for Gaines Adams, and this non-sense.
    Are they slow? Do they really not even attend Bears games?!?!
    I say hire Ditka as the new GM so he can trade for Ricky Williams again!

  7. Cato June timeline with Texans:
    4-6-09 – signed one year deal with Texans, $1.5 million, $500k signing bonus
    8-20-09 – broke arm in joint practice between Texans and Saints
    8-28-09 – placed on IR by Texans
    9-3-09 – reached injury settlement with Texans, released. Free agent.

  8. Great.
    Another lame effort from Jerry Angelo and a big drop from keeping up the long history of great LBs in a Bears uniform
    Let this be the last season of Jerry, Lovie and about half of the roster and stop clinging to 2006.
    The Bears have a few good young players worth keeping and the rest are expendable and I want a house cleaning.
    At least try to get back your 2nd round pick to start rebuilding the offensive line before Cutler and Forte get killed.

  9. At least Angelo didn’t blow another draft pick to get an under-performing defensive player.

  10. the fact they are 4-7 doesnt really make me think they are out of it.
    the fact they have played without heart does.

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