Chris Cooley: Lewis never talks to Campbell

Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is out for the season on injured reserve. And now that he’s lost his season, he also seems to have lost any inhibitions about explaining what a mess the Redskins’ offense is.

Appearing today on Sirius NFL Radio, Cooley explained the Rube Goldberg machine that is the Redskins’ offense. And he said that as far as he knows, play-caller Sherman Lewis doesn’t even talk to quarterback Jason Campbell.

“So then what happens is Sherman Lewis, who is our offensive consultant, will install the regular game plan and then we go practice that,” Cooley said. “And then on Thursday, Jim Zorn will install the third down and then he’ll also install the run game. And apparently, because I haven’t really been there, is that Sherman Lewis never talks to Jason Campbell throughout the week.”

According to Cooley, head coach Jim Zorn is still the guy who works with Campbell during the week, even though Zorn is out of the loop and doesn’t know what Lewis and offensive coordinator Sherman Smith are telling Campbell on game day.

“Sherman Lewis sits in the box; he calls plays,” Cooley said. “He’s the play caller. And he calls them down to our offensive coordinator, another person in the mix, Sherman Smith. And he looks at plays and basically calls them – they’re wristband numbers – so he’ll say, ‘Wristband 5,’ and that’s what’s relayed to Jason Campbell, who then looks at his wristband and calls that play.

“The funny thing is, is that when we want to call a run play, Sherman Lewis will call and say, ‘give me a run’ and then Sherman Smith has to pick a run and give that to Jason. So it’s, uh, it’s a carousel of calls.”

“Carousel” is a good word to use. The Redskins’ play calling is a circus.

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  1. Wow, its like back in second grade playing “Round Robin,”
    ”’slot right comeback, z fly, 26 flat”…..3 people down the line later its
    ” Jason run back, fall flat then let the ball just fly”

  2. WHAT THE HELL? My head is now hurting from just having to read this crap! Can’t imagine having to play in that circus. I feel bad for the players, and fans that have to watch them every Sunday.
    Dan & Vinny you SUCK! Vinny, go back to acting. Remember when you starred in the 1994 movie “Kindergarten Ninja” portraying Police Sergeant Antonelli. That was the best thing you’ve ever done in your life you Jackass!

  3. Cooley is speaking his ming because he knows that these guys will all be gone next year and he doesn’t have to play with for them anymore this year. If the organization doesn’t like Cooley they can get rid of him (which I’m sure he wouldn’t mind) so he might as well say whatever he wants from here on out.

  4. Wasn’t mentioned but some of the calls are passed through Dan Snyder’s mother as well. Dan told her the Motorola headset was fashionable.

  5. Don’t kid yourself, this team is going to the SUPER BOWL!!! Isn’t that right, Florio?
    Seriously, if Danny doesn’t fire Vinny after this it will prove that he is an absolute moron. A very wealthy moron, but a moron. Yeah, I’m jealous.

  6. This old news. The announcers during Sundays Eagles/Skins game talked about it and even drew a diagram of the offense’s chain of command. Wow, you’re really late on this one.

  7. Can a player on IR be fined for conduct detrimental to the team? What kind of money do guys on IR earn?

  8. If there was a half-way decent line that could block for Campbell and the running game, I’m sure everyone would’ve said, “Oh, this is genius. Everybody gets to contribute in the play-calling.”
    Again, the issue is not with who calls what. If the play calls came directly from the other team’s DC, we still wouldn’t be able to execute the plays. That’s how bad the O Line is.
    The issue is with the imbeciles in the FO who think they know enough about football to make decisions about who gets acquired and who gets to play. Unless that formula changes, it will continue to be like building an inverted pyramid.

  9. I am surprised that the plays that Sherman Lewis calls do not begin with the letters B,I,N,G, or O.

  10. Only could the football mind of Dan Snyder decide that having two goddamn guys named Sherman calling plays would be wise.
    Wouldn’t there, maybe, be some confusion as to which Sherman is which talking in the headset, maybe once in a while?

  11. I’d say your two days late repeating what the announcers said. I love this site, but that is pretty bad….

  12. Chris Cooley is not very smart or a team player. To often during his NFL career Cooley has opted to throw teamates or his organization under the bus. On three different occasions while on Sirus NFL Radio this season Cooley has discussed “inside information” with the media concerning the Redskins.
    He has thrown Campbell under the bus and now this. The guy is not making a contribution and yet want to make headlines running his mouth. Can you say Brian Urlacher ?

  13. I heard that Zorn likes to put his nose into the playcalling too whenever they score a TD…at least that is what he says publicly….
    My god…this is the most disorganized organization in football that has no foundation and will not win anything for many years to come. I thought the Raiders was poorly run too but the skins take the cake…The Raiders will beat them easily too.

  14. Cooley wants a one way ticket outta DC. I dont blame him, he should go on Rob Drydeks Fantasy Factory during his time on IR (since he loves being a complete goof) while he’s there he might as well try to find a west coast team to join.

  15. Mike Sellers will not approve of Cooley Snitching about this.
    Was thinking the same thing.

  16. carousel? try “merry go round”.
    childish organizational games. to try and get the head coach to quit. and try and save the GM’s ass.

  17. I feel bad for the Skins fans who understand that the team’s problems can be traced directly to its douche bag owner. It’s got to be a hopeless feeling knowing that things won’t change until someone else owns the team.
    @ chapnasty
    I’m wondering if you were taking a shot at the Eagles with your comment about them being a bone in the upper arm. What country are you from?

  18. All they need to do is hire Sherman Hemsley and Sherman from “Sherman and Mr Peabody” and maybe things will get better!

  19. “Cooley is speaking his mind because he knows that these guys will all be gone next year and he doesn’t have to play with for them anymore this year. If the organization doesn’t like Cooley they can get rid of him (which I’m sure he wouldn’t mind) so he might as well say whatever he wants from here on out.”
    We have a winner!
    Campbell is gone at the end of the season and with luck Cooley may escape the mess he’s in with the Deadskins.

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