Colts could be bringing back an old friend

Running back Dominic Rhodes arguably deserved to be named the MVP of Super Bowl XLI. 

But since his name isn’t “Manning,” he couldn’t muster the votes.

Rhodes rushed for 113 yards and a touchdown in Indy’s 29-17 win over the Bears.

Later that month, he became a free agent.  A DUI arrest (including a report that he made water all over himself in the back of the cruiser) cooled interest in him, and he eventually landed with the Raiders.

Cut after a year, he returned to the Colts.  In the offseason, Rhodes signed with the Bills, but didn’t make the final roster.

Now, he could be heading back to Indianapolis for a third time.  Aaron Wilson of NFP reports (and we’ve confirmed) that Rhodes worked out for the Colts on Tuesday.

The Colts currently have running backs Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Chad Simpson on the roster.  Last week, the Colts cut tailback Mike Hart.

30 responses to “Colts could be bringing back an old friend

  1. One of the hardest working players I have ever watched. Great person with experience to bring in before the playoffs.

  2. Why did they cut Mike Hart? That guy was a stud at Michigan and never really got a shot to run the ball. Lord knows he is better than that bum Rhodes.

  3. Rhodes was suspended for violating the substance abuse policy, which is different from the steroids policy.

  4. Anyone other than Peyton Manning being named MVP of that Super Bowl is pure ignorance.
    Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson were also honorable mentions, for the Colts of course.

  5. Huh. Funny how time fades memories. I thought the pundits always claimed the Colts MVP in SB XLI was Rex Grossman. Without his efforts Tony Dungy wouldn’t have a job spouting off at NBC. Watch the game again. Really.
    Rhodes was an awesome back. Not sure why they need him now though.
    “Mike Florio: The Glenn Beck of MSNBC”

  6. “A DUI arrest (including a report that he made water all over himself in the back of the cruiser) cooled interest in him”
    Florio, comments like this are unnecessary, not funny, and demeaning, not to Rhodes but to you.

  7. I’m a Colts fan and I would admit that Addai(with 75+ yds rushing and 10 receptions for 60+ yds) or Rhodes as mentioned above deserved that MVP award more so than Peyton
    Peyton is great(just look at how he burned the Texans while they were celebrating this pass Sunday lol) but you gotta give credit where it is due

  8. Thing is…the Raiders didnt even play him…they just let him go…wtf didnt they play him?! Then he gets cut by the Bills (ok fair enough, they had Fred Jackson, but how couldnt this guy land with the Bengals, Pack, Chiefs, etc.?)

  9. piccolo says:
    “Mike Florio: The Glenn Beck of MSNBC”
    wouldn’t glenn beck be the glenn beck of msnbc whereas mike florio would be the glenn beck of profootballtalk or nbcsports or sports journalism????

  10. the raiders never should have cut rhodes.
    especially considering they signed him after his alluded to arrest.
    because nothing says “raider mystique” like pissing yourself in the back of a police car.

  11. Kicker Adam Vinatieri arguably deserved to be named the MVP of all NE SBs.
    But since his name isn’t “Brady,” he couldn’t muster the votes.

  12. Meat Tuperello says:
    Anyone other than Peyton Manning being named MVP of that Super Bowl is pure ignorance.
    Dude, you cannpt have watched the game.
    If not for Rhodes the Colts would not have won.
    Peyton was just another QB that day and handing him the MVP was stupid buttkissery.

  13. Maybe Mike Hart will go to the UFL and “threaten” NFL running backs for their spots….stupid move Colts, Hart is good.
    Actually I hope the Texans grab him since they can’t find a consistent guy

  14. your refernce to Peyton Manning getting the MVP of that Super Bowl is suprising, I’ve already heard 3 people on ESPN refer to Manning as THE GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME, and as great a career as he’s had, I don’t see it, he’s only won ONE SUPER BOWL, and if YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME, he’s got a way to go to catch Bradshaw & Montana& Bart Starr & Otto Graham! Guess you didn’t get the memo on Peyton, huh Florio?

  15. I was very impressed with Mike Hart’s performances in preseasons. Too bad they let him go, he’ll get snatched up quickly.

  16. @Sfrancis1680
    so by that logic, marino, jim kelly, and dan fouts must have sucked too? they never won even one ring. this is the most tired argument ever. a WIN is a team accomplishment. it takes more than one great player. this isn’t basketball where one guy is 20% of the team. in football we start 22 guys, not including special teams. Peyton doesn’t play on defense, special teams, at RB, WR, etc.
    MVP is an individual award. As of today, Peyton has 3 regular season MVP’s, and one Superbowl MVP. he consistently leads the league in QB rating, yards, TD’s, completion %, etc.
    To judge any one football player on wins is about as ignorant a thing as a fan can do.

  17. I’m really sick of hearing that Dominic Rhodes was the MVP of Super Bowl 41. First of all, who cares? Just give it to him. I doubt Manning even cares. He has enough hardware. Secondly, Chicago played a deep cover 2 the ENTIRE game because they were scared to death of Manning. So if Rhodes did get he MVP, he had Manning to thank.

  18. To all Colt haters: Manning was SB MVP because of his efficiency with the ball. It was raining & Manning had 13 incompletions, 1 int & a 87 qb rating against arguably the best defense in the NFL that season! Look at Sexy Rexys #s and the fumbles compared to Manning. Manning won it because he plays the toughest position in football & he proved that dome teams can win in the elements! So suck on that haters!

  19. That’s a bummer about Mike Hart. Hope he gets picked up somewhere.
    He’s a solid central New York product and wish him the best.

  20. Here is the sole reason Dominic Rhodes will be back with the Colts. He can actually return kickoffs and punts. He will be at best the teams #3 RB. There is no reason to play him ahead of two younger RB’s who are the future of the position in Indy. For those of you who cant remember Indy has not had a kick or punt returned for a TD since Rhodes was there, and he always runs hard and makes pretty good decisions when returning kicks.

  21. pubobby2004,….. those QB’s you mentioned don’t SUCK, manning has had a great carrer, so far, but QB stats are SECONDARY to WINNING, and the MORE TITLES you win, the more you become a lock for the HOF, i like manning more than brady, but i think brady has had a better carrer to this point, troy aikman was great in big games, I DON”T GIVE A SHIT about QB numbers if you don’t win titles, brett farve has every QB record, he’s a lock for the HOF, but he’s not a top 5 QB all-time, and it’s doubtful he’s a top 10 QB., people who get enamored with QB stats need to realize you can run up numbers when about 25 % of the league flat out sucks, so that tends to inflate numbers

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