Delhomme unlikely to play Sunday

Immediately following the Carolina Panthers’ loss to the New York Jets on Sunday, both coach John Fox and quarterback Jake Delhomme acknowledged that Delhomme’s four-interception game could lead to a benching.

But now it may be an injury — not his lousy play — that leads to Delhomme spending Sunday on the sideline.

Delhomme has a broken finger, and Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Delhomme, who is seeing a finger specialist today, is unlikely to play Sunday.

For the Panthers, benching Delhomme and playing Matt Moore would make a lot of sense even if Delhomme were completely healthy. The 25-year-old Moore has started three games in his NFL career, all as a rookie in 2007, and it’s probably time for the Panthers to take a closer look at him. The Panthers now appear likely to get that closer look against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

5 responses to “Delhomme unlikely to play Sunday

  1. …Mo’touchdowns, mo’ problems.
    What’s wrong with resorting to bad jokes? Our season already is one.

  2. ALRIGHT!!!
    That gives the Bucs a better shot at winning…….
    OH Wait! We got beat last week by Redman the backup QB and their backup RB. OH WELL!!! The bright side is with each lose Raheem’s chances of returning next year grow slimmer and slimmer. SEE YA RAH!!! Can’t say I’ll miss you!!!

  3. Okey–I dunno, man. From what I’ve heard, Raheem really hasn’t had much to work with, either, in terms of talent or anything. Give him a draft or two to work with and see what happens.

  4. I know this is the age of specialization, but a finger specialist? A FINGER specialist? I worked for a HAND specialist, but then, that was a few years ago. Guess things have changed –
    What’s next? Somebody who specializes – after four years of undergrad, four years of med school, a year of internship and three years of residency, producing decades of debt – in, maybe, freckles?

  5. Thank the sweet lord baby Jesus. I don’t care who the Panthers put under center, I just want to see someone other the Delhomme.

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