Falcons looking to shore up special teams

With ongoing struggles in the snap, spot, kick routine, the Atlanta Falcons are addressing two thirds of that equation on Tuesday.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Falcons are bringing kickers Matt Bryant and Paul Edinger to town for a tryout, along with snappers Joe Zelenka and Jeff Robinson.

On Sunday against the Bucs, the combination of Bryan Pittman, Michael Koenen, and Jason Elam resulted in another missed field goal, a 43-yard effort that missed to the left.

Elam has missed seven of 19 field goals on the year, and the 63.5-percent success rate is the lowest of his 17-year career.  Twice before, in 1997 and 2002, Elam made 26 of 36 attempts, a 72.2-percent conversion rate.

Bryant kicked for the Bucs in 2008, and he just finished up a stint with the UFL.  Edinger, who uses an unconventional windup that reminds us of an underage matador, last played for an NFL team way back in 2005.

8 responses to “Falcons looking to shore up special teams

  1. why? This season’s over. Our franchise RB is suffering from a high ankle sprain- and reaggravated it last Sunday.
    Our QB has turf toe, and it was decided that he wasn’t going to play- even though they haven’t even taken him to see if there’s any ligament damage yet. (smh. There’s something fishy going on there.)

  2. It’s about time. If Elam could made his kicks we would have beat the Giants and possibly the Panthers. As it is we lost and are scratching for playoff table scraps. What’s worse is that he might have ruined our chances to have a winning season. I am hoping to get that monkey off our back this year!

  3. I know Elam has had his issues this year, but the Long Snapper had three bad snaps on Sunday, and fortunately only one of those led to a miss. Hard to kick a ball that is skipped to the holder….

  4. i don’t think the problem is the snapper. there were two low snaps (one Elam made the FG, the other he didn’t) but not two bad snaps. the punt that was blocked was also not the snapper’s fault. were you watching the same game i was watching?

  5. It’s fishy if the ligaments aren’t torn. I’ve seen the foot, and I’ve seen a foot with turf toe where the ligaments are torn. You can see the bruising and the swelling. It looks terrible.
    Oh, and an MRI takes 24-48 for the results to come back. If the MRI was done on Monday, the Falcons doesn’t really know if there’s ligament damage or not.
    And they wouldn’t until today at the earliest. That’s what’s fishy.

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