Hines Ward: "I have apologized to Ben"

On Sunday, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward went on NBC and suggested that the locker room was divided over whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger should have played a week after suffering a concussion.

On Monday, Ward went on ESPN and offered a clarification.

On Tuesday, Ward went on Facebook and offered an apology, which he said is intended to amplify an apology he already gave to Roethlisberger privately.

“I just finished an extensive conversation with Ben,” Ward wrote on his Facebook page. “We spoke about the interview in which I made the #1 mistake in doing a interview, I did it based off of emotions. . . .

“So the moral of this story is not to do an interview based off of emotions and I made that mistake and I have apologized to Ben for that. Ben and I are cool and always will be. We will not let this come between us, our talk was very productive.”

But while Ward says he’s sorry for suggesting that the team wasn’t completely behind Roethlisberger, he still comes across as upset that the team didn’t find out until the day before the game that Dennis Dixon would start in Roethlisberger’s place.

“I was frustrated because there was no indication of Ben not being able to play because he practiced a normal routine this week (wed, thurs and fri),” Ward writes. “Some of the guys didn’t find out he wasn’t playing until Saturday and getting that news on the day before the big game didn’t go [too] well.

“Now as a veteran guy on the team you can see how upset that made a lot of us considering we were going down into the lions den in Baltimore without our fearless leader.”

Whether Roethlisberger can play Sunday against the Raiders will continue to be one of the major stories in the NFL this week. But Ward must be hoping his public and private apologies will be the end of this part of the story.

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  1. Hines Ward = Great player + moron who can’t keep his mouth shut
    If you used your brain once in a while, you wouldn’t have to apologize.

  2. Steelers should still roll regardless in OAK as long as Dixon plays like he did Sunday night. I don’t foresee a bengal/eagle-esque blunder for a team with it’s back against the wall. That’s coming from a bengals fan. I still hope you lose though.

  3. “We will not let this come between us, our talk was very productive”.
    Sounds like a fight with a girlfriend.

  4. He should have apologized; idiot. No game is more important than someone’s health! Ben used good judgment, something Hines Ward obviously lacks! ! !

  5. Any news on Baltimore? I thought they’d be pretty dissapointed to find out that the Steelers, with their third string zero experience qb, are about as good the Ravens with their “franchise” qb. Oh and I’m a steelers hater all the way.

  6. Like I said yesterday, Hines comments were more for the coaching staff than for Ben himself. He just didn’t express his position very well.

  7. After hearing that interview with Hines, I wasn’t left feeling like he slighted BigBen. If anything, Hines was a little too forthcoming, and admitted he (Hines) had made some choices to play at times when maybe he shouldn’t. True leaders and tough guys are also hopefully smart, and do what keeps them fighting for their team long term, and clear minded for their family whenever they eventually hang it up. If you haven’t heard the interview for yourself, listen first. Hines is a pretty classy guy, and perhaps his only real mistake was being a little too honest?

  8. The new concussion policies are a good thing for the player and the right thing to do medically. Big Ben wasn’t going to be allowed to play in that game , even if he begged to. Ward didn’t understand that. It’ll be interesting to see how many players try to hide concussion symptoms in the weeks immediately proceeding and into the playoffs, knowing that if they’re diagnosed with one, their season and their team’s season if the player is a key one, is over.

  9. hey- seuss, you’re an idiot. He didn’t sit out b/c of “fear”. Maybe considering he’s already had a concussion (motorcycle accident) and possible more, maybe he doesn’t want to have to suffer the effects of brain injuries when he is only in his 40’s. Get a clue. Did you hear about the friend of Michael Strahan who is in his 30’s. He is suffering the effects of Alzheimer’s in HIS 30’S. Seems as if you are as well. Grow up.

  10. Right, hey-seuss;) The same fear Ben had when he whipped the Raves 3 times last season, huh?
    Love the way the Saints destroyed the Pats last night. Tom Brady is a cheat and a *ussy.

  11. Funny, you don’t hear ANYTHING like this from Cardinals receivers regarding Warner. They don’t question his leadership. Love it.

  12. The whole issue would have been avoided if the team had been upfront about what had been going on all week. It wasn’t Roethlisberger’s decision at all, he just reported what he was feeling to the medical staff, and he had been suffering concussions all week long.

  13. But Ward must be hoping his public and private apologies will be the end of this part of the story.
    It probably would be if the “media” didn’t bring it up every 10 minutes.

  14. Wines Hard is a douche. He’s been getting in cheap shots for years against players on other teams. Now he got one in on his own QB the other day. What a tool.

  15. People don’t like Hines Ward for various reasons. Fine.
    Ward is a competitive athlete. He’s a bit of a throwback player who will do anything to win. I’ll bet the locker room was divided on the decision to sit Big Ben. They live in a culture where they have been coached to suck it up and get ready every week.
    Ward’s comments on Rothlesberger seem to be honest and forthright. Its refreshing when he says that he and Ben talked and that they will always be cool. With greater emphasis on concussion syndrome he’s not the only one who will have to get used to letting competitive emotions cool.

  16. Too late Heinze Ketchup. You said what you said. You called Roethlishomo a p*ssy, which we already knew he was. He was afraid of the pass rush the Ravens would have put on him, and scared of getting knocked out. He then backed out of the game. Now the Ravens are in front of the Squeelers in the playoff race. Don’t worry though, Dipsh*t Ben will have time to recover in January, while he’s watching the Ravens in the playoffs.

  17. Ward doesn’t want the Steelers to win the SB and then miss the playoffs. So he’s eating shit and hoping to keep the team together and salvage a WC spot.

  18. Fed Up: I guess if you call the 3 wins last year whippings…I guess the Ravens whipped the steelers Sunday night!!!! Thanks.

  19. A person admitting that they are wrong and apologizing for it? More than I can say for most people in our “blame first/point the finger/sue happy” society we currently live in.
    Can’t wait to see Wines Hard’s face enshrined on a bust in Canton.
    What a great “team” player. Some of the “great” receivers around the league could learn a lot from him.

  20. Wrong to call out Ben but 100% right to call out the coaches if they knew Monday he wouldn’t play…with a whole week of reps for Dixon the Steelers win that game going away

  21. Do you think it’s possible Ben and Hines are having some sort of a spat? Oh never mind, I’m sure it’s only football related.

  22. I never heard Ward say he was wrong about what he said at any point. he still believes Ben should’ve played and that sucks.
    Steelers of all people should know the effects of concussions as its players have more guys from the 70’s completely messed up than anybody.
    Ward’s attitude is ignorant and unfair.
    MMA/Boxing commissions have mandatory suspensions following concussions and the NFL should implement something similar. it’s too easy for players to call others pussy if u leave it up to them to sit out. Just make it mandatory and they can talk tough all they want and their brains will thank everyone in 20 years when it still works properly.

  23. Yeah, the Ravens won. Barely beating the Steelers with a third string quarterback. The Steelers may not be winning the Super Bowl this year. But, trust me, neither are the Ravens.

  24. It’s funny. I absolutely loathe the Steelers. And Big Ben is absolutely a drama queen. BUT, he’s also tough as s*it! he may whine & cry a lot, but the dude is tough as nails.
    Hines Ward. Hate him too, but would love for him to be a Raven. Any team would love to have the guy. BUT even though Ben is also tough, Ward OBVIOUSLY thinks Ben is a p*ssy…and apparently there’s a bunch of other guys in the locker room who thinks he’s a p*ssy. Hines can’t put the ketchup back in the bottle: he said what he meant, and he meant what he said…and the one thing that makes me happy is that the Steelers have a locker room problem. Maybe that’s why they’re loaded with talent and still just 6-5???
    They’ll destroy Oak and make the playoffs, I have little doubt…unless – praise the Lord – the Ravens can beat them again!!!
    Thanks Hines – glad your latest cheap shot was on one of your own!!!

  25. Hines Ward, HOFer, Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, all-time Steelers leader in receiving.
    Jealous anyone? From the looks of it, many are.

  26. As I stated before, I knew Hines and Ben would put this behind them , that is what friends do. At least Hines manned up and went to Ben and they talked , you know that is what adults do. I commend him for that, no I am not happy about what he said, but at least he made amends.

  27. TMZ is reporting that Ben had a Concussion when he raped the ugly girl in Tahoe. He was afraid to let team doctors know at the time but now he’s admitted it in legal documents. His real love, hines ward, never really got over this and now is taking his shots in the media.
    There both idiots! One’s a tax cheat who likes to rip off his family and the other is a rapist!

  28. FedUp….how did I know you would say this……
    Remember last year when a rookie QB (who was supposed to be a 3rd string QB) played the steelers at heinz field on Monday Night in only his 4th start…..lets see… he kept the game close and in the closing minutes of the 4th qtr drove his team 70 plus yards (on your “great” defense) and tied the game….yes we lost in OT…sounds familiar huh??????
    Also remember 2 years ago, the Ravens beat your steelers with a 3rd string QB named Troy Smith….steeler fans like you are soooo predictable…
    I bet you did not even watch any of the games last year….did you….steelers did not win by much in any of them!!

  29. Whoever called Hiney “a consummate pro” and a “classy player” , is probably a serial baby-puncher as well. Nevertheless, it’s great to see the Cheaters in turmoil. BTW, the bengals are 4-0 this year against the dirtbirds and the cheaters. That sound you hear is a broom sweeping.

  30. First of all, the Steelers have 7 Super Bowl appearances and 6 wins. What do the Ravens have? I’ll tell you what they’ve got. A man playing on their team that should be in prison for murder.

  31. FedUp….just what I thought…you have nothing…..
    What web-site did you get your steelers info from…I know you didnt already know that info……

  32. @jamaltimore TMZ is reporting that Ben had a Concussion when he raped the ugly girl in Tahoe. He was afraid to let team doctors know at the time but now he’s admitted it in legal documents. His real love, hines ward, never really got over this and now is taking his shots in the media.
    There both idiots! One’s a tax cheat who likes to rip off his family and the other is a rapist!
    I bet when you wrote this and finished it you just sit back and smiled and was patting yourself on the back..I bet your mother is so proud..
    And people call Steeler fans classless.
    So here I go being classless, I do not think 1 win after being completely dominated last year by the Steelers makes us your bitches. We still have another game left..Keep believeing that there is distenstion in the Steelers locker room That just will make it all the sweeter when we own your asses again and knock you out of the wildcard hunt.

  33. Who cares if your team makes the playoffs? No one gets a trophy for making the playoffs. The point is to win the playoffs. If beating the Steelers once or twice this year is all you care about, I encourgage you to reexamine your priorities.
    The way things look now (I know its only the beginning of December) if you really think that the Ravens, Steelers, or Bengals can compete with the Saints then lemme get a hit on whatever you are smoking! LOL
    I’m just glad the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year cuz this year the competition is much more challenging. Enjoy your playoff failures! I sure will.

  34. Bens attorney….its dissension and yes there is plenty….but I do think Tomlin will keep under control.
    Completely dominated?????? 2 regular season games with a total difference of 7 points and 9 in the AFC championship game…DOMINATION!!!

  35. Charlie……maybe look at your cushy schedule this year as compared to the Ravens….
    Imagine if you had your schedule from last year…..although I am still not sure how it was the toughest……..
    I am still holding out hope that the Ravens and steelers will make the playoffs. as wildcards…..

  36. Ravenmaniac – the Ravens had to play the Colts and Patriots this year as opposed to the Steelers having to play Miami and Tenn. That really does make a difference, but the Ravens were close in both of those games. I’m not going to sit here and make excuses about the Steelers losses, they just didn’t close the deal. I’m just happy they are competitive and every game has been an entertaining nail biter that came down to the wire(even vs. Detroit/Cleveland wtf! right?) The Steelers only blowout win came against the Chargers…hard to believe.
    If everything was fair I think the Ravens and Steelers would be the most entertaining teams that are still wild card eligible w/ Denver a close 3rd to make the playoffs. I really would have a hard time watching the Texans or Jaguars in the playoffs. At this point the wild card race is wide open. Gotta keep an eye on Tenn, Jets, and Dolphins though. This league is crazy and every month can tell a different story. The next Ravens/Steelers matchup is going to be huge.
    Either way it will be fun watching the Bengals lose in the playoffs. Their fans are so proud of themselves for sweeping their AFC bullies. Little do they know winning the AFC North means nothing if you cant hoist Lombardi when the confetti settles.

  37. Here’s the deal, Coaches/Management should have notified the players as soon as possible.
    Ward should have kept his mouth shut, man’d up and talked directly to Ben.
    During overtime vs Ravens, coaches should have called a couple of plays early that had Dixon breaking containment and scrambling for yards. That would have forced the Ravens D to play closer to the line and would have made for soft coverage underneath. That would have very possibly kept the game deciding Pick from happening.
    Regardless of who is at the helm for the next meeting, Ravens Can’t feel to good almost losing to a man that had one NFL pass under his belt!!

  38. @rulz … great post!
    @Bens Attorney … You go, girl!!!!
    @Bazooka Joe … Who is Ben Rothelesberger? The Steelers QB is as close to being a rapist as you and jamaltimore are to being Secretary General of the United Nations.
    @Hey-suess … So all those articles about the neurologist and Tomlin refusing to let him start just whooshed right past you, huh? Well, seuss, guess PFT’s reading level is over your head. You’ll have to go back to “Hop on Pop.”
    @Ravenmaniac … I congratulate you on the win–great game. But why do you want to draw parallels between our squeaking by your starters last year and your squeaking by that green kid last night? Just enjoy the win and forget the comparisons–they don’t serve you well.
    @DemocratsAreStupid … You’re right. Hines won’t be eligible for the HoF until five years after he retires. How long have you been a Democrat?

  39. 1) I might point out that even the Ravens and Steelers were respectful to each other in this last game. Why can’t their fans be?!
    2) This dispute is obviously a media event, like this Tiger Woods thing.
    3) Steelers will beat the Ravens and make it to the playoffs.
    I don’t hate the other teams, just love the Steelers. F*** haters. No one has time for you people, not even the team you support.

  40. Ravenamaniac , i dont think beating us by 3 points is anything to be proud of either and we were with out our Beloved Ben, and our beloved Troy I think it will be a different game the next one, Good Luck the rest of the season, from what I have been reading the disstention is all but over.

  41. Deb…I beg to differ….going into the season last year…Flacco was the 3rd string QB. He ended up starting after our first string and second string had an injury and illness. When he got to you guys, he started 3 other games and never played in prime time let alone in such a rival game. A comparison is truly there. No excuses, Dixon looked really good.
    Besides, going into last week I think you guys were the #1 defense and #1 run defense so I think that kept it somewhat close more so than Dixon.

  42. @Ravenmaniac …
    I didn’t know that about Flacco. He’s like Ben coming in when Maddox was hurt–once he took the field, you just couldn’t see anyone else in that starter role. Last night, it was hard to imagine Flacco came into the league the same year as Dixon. I thought Dixon did a great job of handling himself–remember what you guys did to Sanchez in preseason? I was pleased with the performance and that he kept it tight. But he’s not in Flacco’s league or Ben’s. Still, I’m glad to know we have him for backup.

  43. Deb…I was at the game when Maddox went down…I will always remember saying to the guy who has sat next to me for 11 plus years, they are bringing in this rookie, I feel so sorry for this kid. The truth of the matter was if ben had 5 more minutes he would have beaten us that game and you guys would have been undefeated.
    I thought Dixon looked really good. Like I said, with the league starting to mandate when a player is going to sit after a concussion, how long would it be until the league tells a player with multiple concussions, ok it is time for you to retire. Could happen. I think this could be Charlie Batches last year as a steeler and dixon will move into the backup role. Palko stays on as a 3rd????

  44. @Ravenmaniac …
    You were at Ben’s first game? Okay, now I’m jealous!
    I think it could be the end for Charlie, too. Love the guy, but he sure seems fragile. Don’t remember seeing anything happen to Charlie in that OT period. It’s like the guy just walks onto the field and winds up on IR! So I could see the Ben, Dixon, Palko scenario playing out.
    I can also see the league telling guys to hang it up after too many concussions. Some of the college players are wearing special helmets that are supposed to minimize the concussion risk, and I keep begging Florio for some info on how good the helmets are and why the pros aren’t using them. But no articles so far.
    @MDS, how about an article on the concussion-resistant helmets? Bama’s Julio Jones has been wearing one. Do they work? If so, why aren’t the pros using them?

  45. That’s just half the story! What did Ben say about all of this?
    Ben: I will accept your apology Ward if……………. you fix my TV…………………….Bitch!
    Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver last night.

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