Jack Ikegwuonu visits with the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals, who continue to have a soft spot for second-chance players with past legal issues, visited Tuesday with yet another high-talent player whose career has been undermined by off-field troubles.

Per a league source, cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu met with the Bengals on Tuesday.  To date, he has not signed a contract.

Regarded as a possible first-round prospect in 2008, Ikegwuonu tore an ACL while preparing for pre-draft workouts.  The Eagles drafted him in round four.

Earlier this year, Ikegwuonu was acquitted on burglary charges arising from a claim that Ikegwuonu and his brother entered an apartment and stole a non-360 Xbox.

The Eagles cut him in early September, signed him to the practice squad thereafter, signed him to the active roster on November 11, and cut him on November 24.

The Bengals also visited with safety Marcus McClinton, who signed with the Patriots earlier this year as an undrafted free agent, and who recently finished a stint in the UFL.

24 responses to “Jack Ikegwuonu visits with the Bengals

  1. Problem with second chance players is they are grateful for a year or two and play their arse off then revert back to old ways or move on.

  2. The Eagles cut Jack b/c he never really became the player he was so highly touted to be.
    Supposed to be 1st round cornerback, got hurt, got in trouble, got nowhere.
    I was at Lehigh and saw him get burned and made a fool on a number of occasions by wideouts that didn’t even make the Eagles practice squad. Good luck Bengals

  3. Prediction – in the onslaught of coming Bengals-are-criminals joke, the fact that the Eagles signed him knowing about his past will go unmentioned.
    I’m more concerned with that ACL injury.

  4. Hmmmm interesting I wonder who they plan on replacing a DB with…Practice Squad?
    Vakapuna & put him on PS? Another DB injured who may get ir’d? Just wondering because our DB’s haven’t really been a big problem.

  5. You neglected to mention that he was posted on a relative’s facebook page with some crushed up pills and a bong, while holding a snooter…… with appropriately glazed eyes to match.

  6. This isn’t a talented player whose career was undermined by legal troubles. His legal troubles were in the past and he got cut because he’s just not that good.

  7. Bird Man said it all. This post makes it out that he was having legal troubles this year. He was arrested over 2 years ago but never actually got to court until this year because of various reasons.
    I went to Wisco and saw him play. He was a good corner in college but he never panned out in the NFL (like a lot of players). He had his shot. The Eagles lost 2 corners (Hobbs to IR and Hanson to a 4 game suspension) recently plus Brown has been playing with a torn hamstring and Samuel a stinger. To say he’s had an opportunity would be putting lightly. He got cut becuase he couldn’t play better than a guy with a torn hamstring or a neck injury. Simple as that. Maybe he’ll take this opportunity the Bengals might give him and prove himself.
    The Eagles don’t hold on to a kid for 2 years and then dump him because of legal issues he had before he signed with them (and was acquited for).

  8. Oh shut up PercyHarvin, the ‘second rate team’ will show you what a real defense can do come December 13!

  9. Pervy,
    What is your deal?? As far as I know the Bengals and Vikings have the same number of Superbowls. Keep in mind your best defender has atleast 2 DUIs if I remember right…. Oh and the “Love Boat” incident was super classy. The Vikings might be the only team that should hold their tounge when it comes to talking trash about the Bengals legal issues.
    ps WHO DEY!!!

  10. The Eagles got rid of a druggie no show for a corner for the Bengals corner that has yet to show up…
    Eagles at least have a little more hope in their player than the Bengals.

  11. Earlier this year, Ikegwuonu was acquitted on burglary charges arising from a claim that Ikegwuonu and his brother entered an apartment and stole a non-360 Xbox.
    Just in case some of you racist missed it. The man was acquitted.

  12. This is Pervy’s lawyer Miles Headly from Weiners & Cox Attorneys at Law. Just here to inform you that the punchdrunk,washed up boxer was taken in to custody last night for disorderly conduct and will be sent back to prison. He wanted to express his sorrow at causing Bengals fans hardship. He will be out of your hair now.
    Miles Headly
    PS- He was wondering if one you fine folks could hook him up with a Bengals job when he gets out?

  13. Pervy! What did I tell you? Get in your room and stay off the internet! I am really sorry guys due to the economic down turn, the prostitution business has really taken a down turn lately and I just can’t afford to buy Pervy his required meds anymore. Don’t take anything he says offensive as he is mildly retarded. We didn’t try to raise him as a Vikings fan, he just liked their “purty colors,” as he so innocently puts it. I will try to moderate what he says from now on. My deepest apologies. Also, if any of you know any friends in the Minneapolis area I would love to service ALL of them ;).

  14. Second-chance players for a second rate team. Hey,if the shoe fits,wear it!! you guys are punks!
    Hypocrite, you have no right to tell anyone not to “bring drama into” sh*t talking. Second day in a row you’ve contradicted yourself. Perhaps you ARE “punch drunk.”
    I don’t understand this move, we have four good corners, and two pro bowl talents, I like depth, perhaps we’re looking to spell Trent and Jones from the ST work? Safety spot I understand better, little thin there, and on second thought, four corners is a but thin too, I understand.

  15. Did he steal their (non-360) XBOX? In the guy’s defense, he and his brother didn’t steal the XBOX, they merely broke into the apartment and ran away when the guy got home, leaving the XBOX unplugged in the middle of the floor, giving the appearance that they were going to steal it. I’m sure they were just going to mod it for the guy so he could play Tecmo Bowl on it and help the Eagirls not lose to the Raiders again.

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