PFT Daily: December 1, 2009

We didn’t have a new segment of PFT Daily on Monday, and no one seemed to notice.

But we’re still going to do the once-per-workday three-minutes-or-less video complement to all the stuff we post right here during the other 1,437 minutes of the day. 

Through the end of the regular season, we’ll do it most Tuesdays through Fridays.  Once the regular season ends, we’ll adopt a Monday-Friday schedule.

Today, yours truly talks about the impediments the Saints are facing to a perfect season, why the Patriots should hire Charlie Weis right now, and one of the biggest concerns the Titans should have regarding Vince Young.  (There’s another big concern that I wasn’t thinking of while the camera was rolling, and it’s a concern that I might be able to parlay into a full-blown column for

Anyway, here’s today’s episode of PFT Daily.  In less than two minutes and 30 seconds.  Or nearly as much time as you spent reading the intro.

12 responses to “PFT Daily: December 1, 2009

  1. Sorry, I didn’t make it past the commercial. Doesn’t this site make enough money from all the existing ads?

  2. Could you at least put on a clip on tie or fix your hair or something?!? To rub it in that you are hanging out at home, watching replays on NFL Network and dipping Fritos into your homemade chili is really demoralizing…….
    At least try to make the rest of us feel like you’re working…….however, I agree on VY. He may conveniently forget the past year and a bit and say “I could’ve been doing this all along.”

  3. Why does VY need to be humble?
    You think he was humble as the BMOC at UT? As long as the team is winning he can be as cocky as he wants to be.
    Was MJ humble?
    Is Kobe?
    Is Brady humble?
    Does them being super egomaniacs make them worse performers, or better?
    Shut up Florio, you don’t know football as much as you think you do, you just have to find a reason to hate…

  4. Whats with the video player?! I have to keep my cursor within the image to keep it playing?! HAHA between that and the commercial, i moved one.. That was weak florio.

  5. Whats with the video player?! I have to keep my cursor within the image to keep it playing?! HAHA between that and the commercial, i moved one.. That was weak florio.

  6. So NBC sent someone from NYC to rural WV just to hang a sheet behind a chair and setup a webcam? You took those already cheesy PFTV spots and made them even cheesier. Any chance we can get a sheet big enough where Brocato can pull up a folding chair and join you?

  7. Why is it so hard for people to comprehend that the ads make it possible to read PFT for free ?
    And yes…..the video player is a POS, I had the same problems and that’s the reason I didn’t watch it.

  8. Hmmm so in other words, Lord Florio can’t handle doing what is left of the morning aftermath and do a daily video at the same time.
    As if he has anything better to do……

  9. Florio, I hope you flushed the John before you left that bathroom.
    Any updates on Cromartie?
    Perhaps you could talk about Tiger Woods?

  10. PFTV Daily?! Yippee!! I thought they really only got posted once a week. I can tell because you guys wear the same clothes for 4 consecutive segments. AND, cause the clips on youtube are date labeled. So, now we can expect to see daily postings, wherein you discuss new things, pertinent to that day’s news? AND, you’ll wear different clothes in each one? We’ll just see about that! I think you’re still just gonna record 4 at once, and post them daily. Better bring 3 changes of clothes to that studio, Florio. And plan on brushing your hair (changing your wig) 3 times, too.

  11. Love how everyone assumes it will be Saints – Vikings.
    Vikings have a history of choking.
    Saints will be there, Vikings….maybe.
    Look better now, no use trying to put on a jacket and no tie, just go with the sweater or t-shirt. Rub it in you can work from home.
    Could be a bit longer, wait through the commercial for a short clip. Responding to a comment on daily would be nice, even a smart-ass remark to a comment would be great. Could add another 20-30 seconds with that.

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