Prosecutor gets Antonio Cromartie assault case

Though it appeared that the whole thing would evaporate like the foam on the top of three fingers of bubbly, Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is still facing legal jeopardy after allegedly throwing a bottle of champagne in a night club during the early morning hours of November 23.

Debbi Baker of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that police have sent the case to the San Diego City Attorney, with a recommendation that Cromartie face a misdemeanor charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Despite conflicting witness accounts, Cromartie reportedly opted to ignore his Constitutional right to remain silent and admitted that he threw the bottle, claiming that the thing slipped out of his hand.

And that’s a key concession. 

If Cromartie had opted merely to shut up, the morass of contradictory accounts arising from perceptions made by persons of varying degrees of inebriation in a darkly-lit room would have prevented a finding, based on evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, that Cromartie threw the bottle.

Now that Cromartie has acknowledged that the bottle came out of his hands, a conviction hinges only on whether a jury will accept or reject Cromartie’s self-serving explanation that he accidently sent a glass bottle flying through the air.

13 responses to “Prosecutor gets Antonio Cromartie assault case

  1. so your message is that he should have denied his wrong-doing or just shut up so he didn’t have to take responsibility for his wrong-doing. I wonder if it were you who got whacked in the head by a flying champaign bottle if you would feel the same way? I think it’s pretty incredible that he took responsibility and I hope the judge takes that into consideration.

  2. Maybe they can plead he was under duress, and that he felt threatened by the drink server and thought he was reaching for a gun when he was pouring a child some juice. Then without thought threw the bottle in defence of the child.
    Though we all know this wouldn’t pass because everyone knows that Charger and Raider fans will stab a child in a second.

  3. # CanadianVikingFan says: December 1, 2009 6:25 PM
    Though we all know this wouldn’t pass because everyone knows that Charger and Raider fans will stab a child in a second.
    I can show you video evidence of a Raider fan stabbing someone.
    What proof can you show me of a Charger fan stabbing someone?
    Shame on you for lying like that.

  4. It’s funny, ’cause Cromartie is well known for having great hands on the field.
    Blame it on the a-aa-aa-aa a-aa-aa alcohol…

  5. Remember when all you Charger-bashers were hating on Shawne Merriman Vs. Tila Tequila?
    You all said, “The Chargers are filth,” and “here we go again!”
    But where were you all when the charges were dropped (read: never filed)?
    And where will you all be a week from now, when Cromartie is absolved of all wrong-doing?
    You people are too quick to jump the gun and accuse these athletes of crimes which you no virtually no facts about. For denying someone their right of due process, and prematurely proclaiming their guilt, you should be truly ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Cro should get charged with a FELONY.
    This is intent and assualt with a deadly weapon. If this gets dropped it just shows how stupid San Diego is. What if it were your son or daughter that got hit in the head with a bottle and were bleeding like the young man whom did get hit.
    This type of behavior is unacceptable. If he says it slipped, he is automatically guilty. Just because he is an athlete does not make him superior to another individual. Lock him up and cut him out.

  7. Cro must have the same problem with wine bottles as he does they condoms: they both slip
    Joe in Toronto, Canada says:
    December 1, 2009 5:39 PM
    He’s just being a Charger, talking too much and not doing enough.
    isnt that the same thing Canadians do, Joe?

  8. Awe, did I hurt your feelings, 56lightsout56 ?
    I’m so sorry, what was it the Chargers have won besides preseason Super Bowls again?
    Oh, that’s right…..NOTHING, loser.

  9. Hahahaha. Love the haters who have nothing to say other that “Chargers haven’t won a SB”.
    We have a QB that averages more points per start than ANY QB IN HISTORY.
    We have had the best December record in the past half decade.
    We have had one of the top overall records of the past half decade.
    31 teams don’t win the SB in any given year. And no team has made as many trips to the playoffs as injured as we have been going in the past three years.
    So keep up with the only thing you can really say. Because when it comes down to everything else, we own you.

  10. So now that Cromartie has been officially cleared of all wrong doing…
    Where are all your apologies?
    Or do you still think you know better than the lawyers involved in this case?
    You guys are so stupid. So freaking stupid.

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