Ryan says Sanchez "absolutely" will play on Thursday night

A knee injury suffered by New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday left coach Rex Ryan sounding a little equivocal on Monday regarding Sanchez’s availability for the league’s annual regular-season foray to Toronto for a Bills home game.

On Tuesday, there’s no ambiguity.

Ryan says Sanchez will play.

“Yes, absolutely,” Ryan said in comments distributed by the team.

“We had him rolling to his left quite a bit at the end of practice.  I think he looks great.  Again, the injury, when I say it’s a tweak, that’s really what it was.  He tweaked his knee.  I think he’s fine.”

Perhaps a bigger problem than the knee is the opponent.  The last time the Jets played the Bills, Sanchez threw five interceptions.

Predictably, Ryan sees the glass as ten-percent full.

“He went through that and I think he is a better quarterback now than he was then,” Ryan said.  “You play this game long enough, bad things are going to happen to you unfortunately.  I think he’s growing in the fact that he understands what we want from him.  Don’t force the issue.  If it’s not there, then find something else to do with the football.  Check it down.  Throw the incompletion.  Run with it.  Take a sack.  Anything is better than forcing the ball in particular times and I know he learned from that.”

Since it happened barely more than six weeks ago, we’re not sure how much Sanchez has learned.  We’ll all find out on Thursday night. 

14 responses to “Ryan says Sanchez "absolutely" will play on Thursday night

  1. “He’s a better quarterback now then he was then” ………Rex can talk him up and act like Sanchez is listening to him, but when he gets on the field he is still going to think he is ‘King of USC’ and can do whatever he wants.
    The kid forces the issue more than Kobe Bryant and an unwilling young girl.

  2. Everytime Sanchez throws an INT you need to post a video of Florio Jr. playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams and everytime Jarius Byrd picks him off post a video of Florio Jr. playing Holiday and everytime Sanchez fumbles post a video of Florio Jr. playing Basket Case. By the end of the game maybe Florio Jr. will have played the first concert on profootballtalk.com.

  3. Didn’t Sanchez win Rookie of the Year already? I thought he was the next Joe Namath or something. That’s what EPSN said, and why would they say something so unfounded and irresponsible?

  4. So… green then?
    Just a wild guess here… but did Sanchez spend more than 1 year in college?

  5. He is the next Joe Namath (maybe the worst QB in the HoF). He is overrated, throws more picks than TDs and his team has a losing record. That sums up Joe Willie’s career quite nicely.

  6. The truth is that the kid turns into a human turnover machine when he see’s the heat coming.
    He’ll come around but it’s gonna take some time.

  7. by no means am I saying Sanchez is even CLOSE to these guys, but I see a lot of ignorant posts about this guy. Probably by little kids who don’t know any better, but here are some facts about a few guys who were clearly “busts” in the NFL…
    Young QB stats
    J. Elway: 10 games, rec:4-6, td: 7, int: 14, QB rat: 54.9
    P. Manning:16 games, rec:3-13, td: 26, int: 28, QB rat:71.2
    S. Young: 14 games, rec: 2 – 12, td:8, int: 13, QB rat: 65.5
    W. Moon: 15 games, rec: 5-10, td: 13, int: 26, QB rat: 62.3
    T. Aikman: 11 games, rec: 0-11, td: 9, int: 18, QB rat: 55.7
    T. Bradshaw: 8 games, rec: 3 – 5, td: 6, int:24, QB rat: 30.4
    Sanchez has a long way to go, but do your research before you say a guy is garbage in his rookie year.

  8. quit knocking joe. he had the classic sideline moment with lil suzy.
    mnf crew ought to be namath, christian slater and chucky.
    let the f bombs and ‘passes’ at sideline reporterettes fly.


  10. nfcbeast – What position do you play again, oh yea just another another talker wanna be arm chair mouth with a keyboard.
    NYSports831 – Well Put……

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