Seahawks address Ruskell, Holmgren rumors

For weeks, the rumor mill has been buzzing regarding the possibility that former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren (and, for a few years, G.M.) could return to the franchise in an upper-level executive position like the one held by Bill Parcells with the Dolphins.

Fueling the rumors has been the tenuous status of current G.M. Tim Ruskell, whose contract expires after the current season.

Then there are rumors that Ruskell already has been told he won’t be coming back.

The latest?  Holmgren, if hired, would then try to lure Jon Gruden to become the new head coach.

The team had been silent about the situation.  According to Greg Johns of the, the team feels that the rumors don’t warrant a response.

Still, coach Jim Mora responded, sort of.

I have not seen those reports,” Mora said, per Johns.  “We’ve been pretty involved
with St. Louis Rams clean-up and San Francisco prep.  We live in a cave. 
We’re cavemen.”

(Geico just got a new idea . . . “So easy, a football coach could do it.”)

We don’t expect the Seahawks to acknowledge the potential merit of any of the rumors, especially since any suggestion that Holmgren has been targeted would make it difficult to comply with the Rooney Rule, which now applies to the top football position in the organization.

But the fact remains that Ruskell’s contract expires after the season.  If the team wanted to keep him beyond that, his contract already would be extended.  The fact that it hasn’t makes us think that he won’t be back.

11 responses to “Seahawks address Ruskell, Holmgren rumors

  1. Holmgren still throws so much heat because remember, in his 104 years of coaching he did win one Super Bowl when Brett Favre was his quarterback.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Holmgren back with the Seahawks but Gruden…i dunno.
    I think Chucky likes his little gig trading farts and giggles with Jaworski up in the booth. I think he might also have fat pig skin for Michele Tafoya…

  3. If he did bring in Gruden, wouldn’t that mean his first move would be to show he’s a poor decision maker as an executive? He hired Mora as his assistant and basically made him his hand-picked successor. So he’d get rid of him after a year?

  4. I’d guess Holmgren is gonna hold out for Dan Snyder’s big money. He, Cowher and Shannahan are all probably hoping to get that call.
    Whatever happened to the Holmgren to Cleveland rumors?

  5. Vito, Mora was hired by Ruskell and IMO he was given a Assistant Head Coach title by Ruskell as well to keep Mora from taking the Redskins job. Holmgren wanted no part of naming a successor and stated multiple times that was an awkward situation for him last year when some of the players didnt know who they should be talking to in a lame duck last year for Holmgren. The only thing here is what kind of a relationship did Paul Allen have with Holmgren, that is the question. If Paul believes in Holmgren then Paul will have whatever he wants as he has the $$$ to do it. Holmgren has all of his family (kids/grandkids) in Seattle now and he does not want to have to move again unless he has to. I almost think Allen and Holmgren had a back door deal before he took his year off.

  6. “So easy, a football coach could do it.”
    Reminds me of Barry Switzer inheriting a team that could’ve won four in a row.

  7. “Holmgren, if hired, would then try to lure Jon Gruden to become the new head coach.”
    Or Shanny, Or Cowher, Or……………….?

  8. The Glazer’s (Tampa Bay Buc’s) applied the Rooney Rule when it named Raheem Morris the coach and look what happened. Rooney schmooney. The Glazer’s football stadium could close the upper level on game day and still not sell out.

  9. Ruskell built this catastrophe that is the Seahawks, he drafted smurf corners to cover Fitz and Boldin twice a year, Built this very Offensive line, thought Julius Jones and TJ Ducket are superior NFL RB’s(despite, you know, the fact that they suck), biggest idiot move of all was not FTing Hutchinson(yeah Hutch pulled a lowlife, slimebag, no character, not much of a man move with the poison pill but it never should have come to that). In short(like his DB’s) he sucks. Hope the door hits in the butt on the way out.
    Not sure Holgren is the answer as GM, but after the first go round hopefully he has learned his lesson and wouldn’t draft the crap he did.

  10. VASeahawk says:
    Ruskell built this catastrophe that is the Seahawks…
    If you ate Ruskell that much, would you rather still have Thompson?? We can trade you straight-up…

  11. Holmgren will need to do much better on his draft sellection. His record is not that good.
    Another question would be what will he do with his protégé, QB Haselbeck? That will be interesting. Maybe time for a change. How about a trade for Dixon of the Steelers?

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