T.O. prefers Fitzpatrick to Edwards

Terrell Owens is coming off his two best games as a member of the Buffalo Bills, and he said today that the difference between how he played for most of the season and how he has played the last two weeks is mostly about the difference at quarterback.

Specifically, Owens says, current starter Ryan Fitzpatrick has been getting him the ball in a way that previous starter Trent Edwards couldn’t.

“If you kind of just think about opportunities that we’ve had during the course of the season, I’ve been open and I’ve been overthrown and I’ve been underthrown,” Owens told reporters today. “And those are some of those opportunities that were missed. Now, with Fitz back there, there are opportunities and I feel like I’m a part of the offense, whereas earlier those feelings and those opportunities, I didn’t feel that they were there.”

By Owens’ standards, those aren’t particularly inflammatory comments. But it was clear from hearing him speak that Owens thinks he would have much better numbers if Fitzpatrick had been under center all season. In the first nine games of the season, Owens averaged less than three catches and just 40.7 yards a game. In the last two games, he’s averaging seven catches for 146.5 yards.

Interestingly, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported that others in the organization echo Owens’ sentiments. According to La Canfora, Fitzpatrick is widely viewed as having a better arm and better pocket presence than Edwards. Not everyone will say so publicly, but it seems clear that most people think Owens is right in his assessment of the Bills’ quarterbacks.

40 responses to “T.O. prefers Fitzpatrick to Edwards

  1. T.O. not crying in defense ” That’s my quarterback…wahhh…that’s my quarterback” ? Wow, he has never failed to entertain….exceptioin being his Reality Show.
    Fitzpatrick should be scared now b/c T.O. has the hots for him…gonna butter his corn bread in the showers.

  2. Trent Edwards is not even close to being an NFL caliber QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick is barely good enough to serve as a backup QB in the NFL and yet he appears to be light years ahead of Edwards. Man, it must suck to be a Bills fan.

  3. Once again, Owens is saying something that doesn’t need voiced to the press. That’s what he fails to understand. Its not an insightful comment, anybody can see he’s right, but why voice it to the press?…so we can place the blame on Edwards and not Owens.

  4. Right or not, that’s pretty classless (and selfish) to throw Edwards under the bus like that.
    a former longtime T.O. apologist who no longer makes excuses for T.O.’s a-hole-ish behavior

  5. Regardless of what you think about him personally, he is 2nd only to Rice in many categories. His assessment of the QBs seems to be dead on.
    If only TO had Rice’s personality, he might have broken some of those records by living out his careers with a single good QB.

  6. And T.O is right because Edwards stinks and still hangs on to the ball too long when he does get protection from his line.

  7. The organization thinks Fitzpatrick is better? No kidding. How did you ever figure that out, with him starting and all?

  8. “If you kind of just think about opportunities that we’ve had during the course of the season, I’ve been open and I’ve been overthrown and I’ve been underthrown,”
    “I’ve been open, I’ve been overthrown, I’ve dropped a crapload of balls”
    There fixed your quote for you TO

  9. The Bengals probably would prefer him too, the way Palmer’s played lately. Seriously, this guy couldn’t put up the same numbers as Palmer, with the run support they DIDN’T have last year in Cincy?

  10. I hope Buffalo re-signs T.O to a contract. Believe it or not, he’s liked here in Buffalo and might enjoy a resurgence with the Bills.
    There is no better city in the world to play for…

  11. Did T.O. mention anything about the thousands and thousands of “opportunities” that he dropped?

  12. Fitz is a good QB. He’s smart, has good awereness and average arm strength and accuracy. Edwards has the potential to be a little better than Fitz, but only a little.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick will be a starter for subpar teams for some years, Edwards will backup good QBs. You decide which is better. I’m with Fitz.

  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t a bad QB. I am a season ticket holder for the bengals and last year you really saw an average NFL qb. His biggest problem was he became predictable with where he was going to go. He would really only go to T.J, thus the reason why chad had such bad numbers (of course other things went into that.)

  14. Like anyone thought any different. T.O. just has the balls to say it. Just admit that hes right.

  15. T.O. prefers Fitzpatrick to Edwards…and I prefer Crabs to Cancer…but I really don’t WANT either.

  16. “I’ve been overthrown and I’ve been underthrown.” He forgot about the part where he also dropped some balls.

  17. Maybe Edwards overthrew/underthrew T.O. so much because T.O. would give up on routes randomly throughout the game. Maybe he was a bit hesitant to throw to the guy who dropped 2 out of every 3 passes thrown at him.
    Just sayin.

  18. “# leatherneck says: December 1, 2009 5:43 PM
    Load up with Fewell, then get the TO if it Fitz.


  19. He prefers him, eh? Sorta like T.O. “fitz”patrick and Ryan “fitz” T.O.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Edwards went to Stanford. Marshawn Lynch to UC Berkeley.
    No wonder the Bills suck. They’ve got nothing but nerds on the team.

  21. Waiting for the article talking about Fitz having an “accident” in the shower where he “passes out.”

  22. the bengals also played like crap last year. fitz wasnt that much worse than palmer, and he did get game reps. he may yet progress. he didnt always look bad on a crappy st. loo team a few years ago.
    edwards simply hasnt progressed. he at first outplayed losman, who had actually regressed. then without the threat of losing the job to losman, edwards regressed.
    part of the fewell magic has also been starting fred over blingmouth.

  23. “If only TO had Rice’s personality, he might have broken some of those records by living out his careers with a single good QB.”
    Yeah, and if your aunt had a dick she’d be your uncle.

  24. I can’t blame him for this one. It’s no coincidence that T.O. is producing now that he has a QB that uses him as a deep threat. Trent Edwards only did short dumpoff plays. Fitzpatrick is opening up that offense and airing it out. For once, I actually agree with T.O.

  25. BillsFan27 says:
    I wonder what this team would’ve looked like with Jay Cutler.
    How sad is it that Bills fan is even thinking that.
    It must suck way more than any of us can imagine.

  26. Thats not a suprise tho that people are agreeing with Owens about Edwards. This has happened in every city so far that hes played in. He infects the pass catchers on everytime. That why he is so divisive b/c he is likeable. If it was just him going against these qbs it would be know big deal but b/c he always gets a group of players on his side thats how he does all that damage.
    I just dont get how pft didnt catch it, b/c you guys have always called t.o. out on doing that. It seems like you guys think this time theirs nothing wrong with it? Is that b/c Trent Edwards isnt a big time name like Donovan Mcnabb, Tony Romo, or at the time Jeff Garcia?

  27. Lee Evans said almost exactly the same thing two years ago during the Losman/Edwards “debate”. No one called him an asshole for it. Yawn yawn yawn.

  28. BillsFan27 just had to throw Jay Cutler’s name into the mix. 20 interceptions with 5 games to go…Not sure you want to cross that bridge. The Bears are in a really bad place right now. Yet, Jay Cutler may still be the best quarterback to ever play in Chicago. Glad I’m not a Bears fan.

  29. Trent Edwards ajka captain checkdown. His number 1 receiver was Fred Jackson.
    He has only gotten worse as a QB since his concussion in the AZ game in 08

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