UFL players getting sniffs at the next level

Now that the UFL season has ended, their players are free to join the NFL.

And several of them are getting their tires kicked.

On Tuesday alone, at least seven UFL players worked out for NFL teams.  They are:  running back DeDe Dorsey (Browns), defensive back Michael Grant (Browns), tackle Jeremy Parquet (Browns), receiver Taye Biddle (Vikings), kicker Graham Gano (Giants), punter Danny Baugher (Buccaneers), defensive back Matteral Richardson (Buccaneers).

Three UFL players already have been signed by NFL teams:  kicker Matt Bryant (Falcons), tight end Jake Nordin (Lions), linebacker Quinton Culberson (Panthers).

33 responses to “UFL players getting sniffs at the next level

  1. Lord Florio are you being paid to mention the UFL? I swear if it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t even know it exists.

  2. I actually enjoyed the UFL. I love football and want to see the UFL succeed. (I suggest Tuesday and Wednesday nights only.)
    I want the NFL to buy into this so we get more football.

  3. If they are getting sniffed by the Browns and the Bucs then you mean they are getting sniffed at the next level down.

  4. Florio,
    I like the UFL updates. It’s essentially the minor leagues of the NFL, so I like knowing who’s out there. Apparently, so does Eric Mangini.

  5. Keep up the reports on the UFL, Florio. After all, it is professional football, even if it is a “minor league”.

  6. Odell Thurman would probably get some sniffs but I guess he is still under suspension?

  7. We got a long way to go
    and a short time to get there
    We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done

  8. I wonder if going from the UFL to the Browns and Bucs can be considered a lateral move?

  9. I enjoy the UFL talk and am in accord with the PFT uniform plan. I honestly dont know how they arrived at that color scheme for seemingly every team unless each year they will change……but thats an even worse idea.
    Anyway, its good to see players being looked at. I do find it ironic though that my Bears arguably need help at 21 of 22 positions on the field (special teams excluded) and werent one of the teams mentioned among those looking at players. I know there is a left tackle on one of those teams better than Orlando Pace.

  10. Getting a lil UFL overdose today. The only thing people are going to “sniff” is how shitty all of these players are going to be during their limited time in the NFL. Besides the Vikings and Falcons, the other teams that have shown interest SUCK!
    It’s like…”hey we know we suck, lets try this longshot that nobody has film on and see if it works for a few weeks”

  11. I liked the UFL, it was nice to see football games during the week. I think they should have most games on wednesday and friday nights, or thursday when they’re not showing football on the NFLN.

  12. The NFL should embrace the UFL as a legitimate minor league. The advantage of playing games at the same time of year as the NFL is that borderline NFL players who are cut or don’t initially make it into the league have a place to go and keep playing to improve their skills.
    At the same time the NFL teams that have a lot of their players injured have an active bunch of players to sign replacements from who at least have been playing and won’t be coming in cold.

  13. I wish the UFL and NFL would be like European soccer. The bottom two teams from the NFL go to the UFL for a year and the two highest UFL teams come to the NFL. I think there would be more motivation for quite a few teams.

  14. I never thought about this at the time they announced the UFL schedule. It’s like a land rush once the UFL season ends for NFL teams — especially ones making a playoff run who maybe fell a bit in the standings due to a few injuries. I couldn’t see how a concurrent season with the NFL made sense, but now there is a pool of game-ready personnel with new game tape out there.
    Perhaps there is no worry that the UFL lost $30M, as they might be able to get the NFL to subsidize their operation either directly or indirectly. (Although, with a franchise in Las Vegas, good luck in getting the NFL to enter into any symbiotic relationship with you.)
    An indirect way to subsidize the UFL is to have player contracts include a buyout clause. If the NFL wants to hire a player, they can pay the UFL to terminate the contract. Call it a finders fee. There’s money to be made out there!

  15. See, the NFL is soooooo very threatened by the UFL that they are pilfering all their high quality talent.
    I get it. Thanks Florio.

  16. I suggest the UFL take a page out of the USFL book and play in the spring. It seemed as if the league would have succeed had they not tried to switch to the fall and compete head to head with the NFL and of course listening to Donald Trump was not the best either.

  17. Mr. Florio:
    There are what? 1,800 players in the NFL.
    That means that there are about 1,800 players who were last cuts. Just a nose hair away from playing in the big show.
    The CFL, The UFL and any other venue that is leading to the NFL is a damn good thing.. Know Why?
    Because some people shine in the game and not in practice or a combine. There are Players… Then there are “Game Players.”
    The UFL is all good. I agree with many of the posts above.

  18. NFCBEAST – Well let’s look at your comment a moment, you mention other than the Vikings and Falcons, the other teams that have shown interest SUCK!! Why would a team that has a good chemistry want any of these players anyhow? They don’t have winning records for nothing. Teams that are looking at these players are trying to IMPROVE, so why not look at these players….see former Arena League players…..that are now get this….. NFL players!

  19. i love reading about the ufl on this site, if you dont then go to a different site ya nimrods.
    anyways……WHERES ALMIGHTY, #1 PLAYER IN THE UFL, JP (STREET SWEEPER) LOSMAN? thats right same place tom donahoe is at home

  20. kinda suprised bollinger isnt getting more of a look, not to piss off the fine people of cleveland, but he could start for that team in an instant. he would be a suitable backup for a couple of teams right now, hell, maybe pittsburgh if batch is gone for a bit. plus the guy has experiance in the NFL, so why not take a shot on him? Biddle is fun to watch, but will take some time to develop should the vikes pick him up. the base is there, but he’s rough around the edges, still possibly a good pick up.
    for the folks up there clammoring for the UFL to be embraced by the NFL as a minor league system, it would be too perfect to actually happen, the NFL has something against that idea.
    Also, Thank you the authors for the updates on the UFL, its good to see some coverage from a (gulp) legitimate sports news site.

  21. I am happy to see UFL guys geting signed and looked at. Isn’t that the point of the UFL? The NFL needs someone else playing, especially with the Arena League out of business, because there are more Kurt Warners out there, and guys good enough to play but can’t show it during workouts.
    I hope the UFL makes it.

  22. J.P. Lossman. He is a UFL WORLD CHAMPION(ugh) Surely that translates to a chance to be a #3 QB on the Browns, Bucs or Rams. Oh, they didn’t offer a tryout?

  23. @ BearFan18
    The point was exactly what you/I said…the teams suck!! Thats why they are looking at the shitty UFL players. No shit good teams aren’t gonna look at UFL players.
    The best ? UFL players, the “standouts” are only being looked at by the worst teams in the NFL!! haha i don’t understand how you see this as such a great thing for UFL players
    ….its like being the biggest welterweight then moving up to middle weight and getting rocked/F*cked up every time you go in the ring….BUT your a weight class above!!…what a respectable achievement….
    You are an idiot, but i respect your right to an opinion. But your team sucks, your quarterback is terrible and you just signed June to “help”
    Thank God Chicago didn’t get the Olympics too.
    PS Forte ruined countless fantasy teams this year.

  24. @ NashvilleSeahawk
    That is actually a cool idea! The Browns and Bucs demoted to a minor league shortened season! That would help with rebuilding and getting the team healthy! It’s a longshot, but that is not a bad suggestion.
    But, I knew some of these guys would get serious looks by pro squads! They played for the last 5 weeks, so they are in game shape and getting some reps against competition.
    Team depth charts are dismal due to injuries and these guys have been playing, albeit against sub par competition, but they are playing pro style ball! I am glad they are being considered by some teams!
    This will probably be the UFL’s M.O.

  25. Crappy, second-tier city? Check.
    Re-tread coaching staff? Check.
    Empty stands? Check.
    Terrible football? Check.
    Nice signings, Cleveland. More proof you’re a lost UFL team.

  26. The NFL needs some type of develpmental league. They should buy into the UFL and market it as such. The should then work to get teams into small markets that might embrace it and try to avoid overlapping the season with the football season.
    South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Nevada, Utah, Idaho,…
    There are plenty of states where football is big but they can’t quite support a full blown NFL team. They might pay to see this stuff. You just can’t overlap it with their college teams that they love and follow.

  27. Why aren’t the Dolphins sniffing around the best UFL receivers? That’s what I want to know…

  28. Why do so many of you hate on the UFL? They are in no way shape or form going to threaten the NFL’s success. They only want a small piece of a multi Billion dollar industry……..can you blame them? Besides every year you have injuries in the NFL and these teams end up signing a “street” free agent. Wouldn’t you rather your team sign someone who has been playing actual competitive football over the last few months, rather then someone sitting on their couch eating pizza and watching football?

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