With defense on top, Zimmer enjoys holiday

After holding the Browns to seven points Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals defense is officially the toughest unit to score against in the NFL.

Numbers like that usually get attention from owners looking for new leaders. That’s why it’s fair to wonder if Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will make the head coaching interview circuit this January.

Zimmer has been approached for a contract extension to stay with the Bengals, but says that “nothing came to fruition . . . we’ll see.” 

No matter what happens with Zimmer’s future, he is making sure to appreciate the present with his family. 

Six weeks after the sudden passing of his wife Vikki, Zimmer’s daughters flew to Cincinnati to have Thanksgiving dinner with their father.  The family dined at the home of Bengals offensive
coordinator Bob Bratkowski; the two men have known each other since coaching
together 30 years ago at the University of Missouri.

Zimmer is taking on some of his late wife’s roles during the holiday season. He told his team’s website he got his nails done with his daughters Friday, something their mom traditionally did with them.  He also went makeup shopping with them.

“I really needed to see them,” Zimmer said. “Probably more than they needed to see me.”

49 responses to “With defense on top, Zimmer enjoys holiday

  1. Zim has had more to do with the change in attitude in Cincinnati than anyone else. He has taken one of the youngest defenses in the NFL and with a smattering of veterans made them sound fundamentally, and tough physically. For the first time in my lifetime the Bengals defense has swagger and I actually believe in them.
    I wish nothing but the best for Zim and his family where ever he ends up next year, hopefully back leading the Bengals defense!!!

  2. This was a great story to hear. Godspeed Vicki Zimmer, your kids are in great hands.
    Have a little cooth here Pervy. Or do you just lack that skill, being a Vikes fan and all…

  3. Honestly, that’s as much credit to the running game as it is to the defense. They are third in time of possession. Not that the defense hasn’t been good, especially the corners, but it helps scoring defenses when you have a ball control offense. Of course, the offense could also help the defense by scoring a ton of points and putting pressure on the opposing teams to score the same amount and make mistakes trying to keep up, but that doesn’t seem to be Marvin’s plan this year.

  4. He has found a surrogate family here in Cincinnati. Mike Brown may be a bad terrible owner but, it is a FAMILY business around here. The Browns lookout for those considered within that “family”. I do not foresee him leaving at least for another year or two, maybe three. I would think the last thing he wants to do is up and leave and create more instability in his family life. He is looking for stability and he has found it in Cincy. He also cares about the players and they care about him. They have experienced tragedy together and that is more than money can buy. There is no way he leaves this year. Mark my words.

  5. The Bengals play to their competition. I would jump all over that bet. Not saying the Bengals will win or lose, but the Viks dont score 38

  6. PervyHarvin, why is it that so many people put so much stock in their ability to tell the future? All these sad, sad “analysts.”
    Well, at least we get to laugh at you when it doesn’t come true. Not saying your prediction won’t come true, only that when someone’s foolish prediction doesn’t come true, it makes them a ripe target for ridicule. And if it does come true, I’ll simply laugh at you for pretending you knew it was going to happen. And then I’ll forget the Bengals played the Vikings and start thinking about San Diego.

  7. Zim is a great coach but two things will keep him from getting an NFL head coaching gig next year…the first is the number of coaches with Super Bowl rings sitting on the sidelines waiting to get back in…the second is that while the defense has played well this year he’ll need to prove doubters wrong by doing it again next year. That said in the unlikely event the Bengals win their own Super Bowl ring this year he may receive some consideration.

  8. Wow. Vikings fans are worse than bandwagon jumping Squeeler fans. You’ve just made that quite obvious PervyHarvin. I have an old friend who plays for you guys, Ray Edwards, who grew up here in Cincy along with me, but I still hope we light you guys up and lay him out if need be. lol Sorry Ray! 🙂

  9. @PervyHarvin,
    Are you ever going to stop spewing your crap??? Every post is about how dominant the Vikings are going to be even when the article has nothing to do with them. You’re like every other typical Viking fan/bandwagon jumper. You’d think you would have learned your lesson with all the painful memories and history of choke jobs and letdowns that the Vikings are known for. That’s right, they are the oldest team in the league to never win a Super Bowl and nothing changes this year.

  10. “LMAO …..until they show up in the Dome here in MN and Favre lights them up for 38. Wanna bet??”
    What an ignorant thing to say …. the piece was a very touching story about a very difficult loss the man just suffered. and how he’s trying to adjust to it and focus on being successful on the field despite just losing his wife and the girls’ mother.
    Show a little class, Vikes fan.

  11. The Bengals are relevant again. That is impressive all by itself.
    Have pity on the Vikings fans. Their team is about to change their name and go west coast so the last laugh will be on them.

  12. I’ll admit I do not personally know any Vikes fans. I just hope that most of them have more class than PHarvin.

  13. I liked Zimmer on hard knocks. Prayers and thoughts go out to he and his family during a tough holiday season.

  14. So, this “PervyHarvin” poster is at minimum 36 years of age? From his ceaselessly immature postings on every and all subjects, I would have assumed him to be 12 or 13 and using Mommy’s computer when she isn’t looking.
    Question though: “PervyHarvin” doesnt’ “have the time” to care about the Zimmer story, but he has the time to post his childish Vikings tripe on countless postings?
    Does “PervyHarvin” have a job and is he really no less than 36 years old???????

  15. PervyHarvin, that was classless. This was a nice story about a defensive coord. having success after the death of his wife. No one cares about the Vikings. Most people in Minnesota don’t even care about the Vikings. And if you’ve been a “fan” for 36 years of something, that means you’re way too old to use acronyms like “LMAO”.

  16. I retired from boxing at 36. Have lots of time to do what I want. Enjoy your offices .
    I’ll move on to fun threads,you guys here a a bunch of little girls wanting to bring drama into football. Feel for Zimmer,I have endured worse. PFT not the place for it. Bet you guys watch LifeTime network too??

  17. I am more surprised by the fact that PervyHarvin is at least 36 years old. Holy Crap! I could have sworn by the pure stupidity and immaturity of each post you were only 10 at the most. And I live in Minnesota, Twin Cities, I will gladly take that 38 point bet.

  18. Percy, you guys aren’t even in our conference. Act like you’ve been there before and you won’t come across as some bandwagen fan who is just oiled up over your 10-1 start.

  19. He got hit in the head alot.
    I heard it takes alot of smarts to be a boxer.. is it true?
    Wonder if you were that arrogant when it was you fighting?

  20. Boxing huh? That explains a lot.
    I live on the Wis/Minn boarder. I’ll tell you this much. Almost every Viking fan I know begins their hibernation about this time every year. All of a sudden, look at all the purple #4 jerseys running around town this year. Pathetic.
    All I can do is chuckle and wait for the big “thud” from across the river as the Vikings once again implode.
    I have two words for you Percy….Gary Anderson. Can you say…”wide right”?

  21. From multiple quotes and stories on Zimmer, and from seeing the man on Hard Knocks, on the sidelines (seats 4 rows back) and in news conferences, I don’t see him leaving his current gig for a HC position.
    Before his wife died I would have seen it, in fact I was almost sure of it. But when his wife died he committed to changing his life, spending more time with kids and less time with football.
    To this point that hasn’t hurt his ability to be one of the top DC’s in the league, but honestly I get the picture that he is looking at his options and realizing that even though there’s a big pay-day to be had if he took a head coaching job somewhere, he would be going against his commitment to hold his family together and fill the role his wife previously did.
    Besides, great DC’s don’t automatically make even remotely good HC’s… Dick Lebeau is a prime example, and if the Jets continue their slide Rex Ryan may be another.
    Zimmer is a great motivator and schemer, that is the prime job of a coordinator. Head Coaches are all about managing attitudes and relationships with players… Frankly Zimmer doesn’t seem to be that type of guy.
    I could be all wrong, and maybe it’s just because I hope he says on as the Bengals’ DC, but I think he’d retire after this season before he’d take a HC job.

  22. @ bakler5- I’m embarrassed you live here. Move to Cincy tool. We don’t need trader fans like you. I’ll let the good ones know,you just been outed fool!! That is if you are a Vike fan. If Bengal fan…leave too

  23. @pervyharvin-
    youve been through worse? wow you must be really tough guy if you’ve managed to brush off personal tragedy like a feather on your coat. The pain scale of loss is something you can’t quantify by reading a news story so pretty ignorant stuff from you. hope you’re happy with the way you conduct yourself b/c not many other people ought to be.

  24. Harvin, again, if the Vikings beat the Bengals, I will laugh at you even harder than if the Bengals win. In the Vikings win, you will see some false delusions that you can predict games that have yet to be played. If the Vikings lose, at least you will be humbled into knowing that no trash you talk nor predictions you make matter in the least. If they win, whoa man, you’ll just be built up even further for the fall. Sad to see really, especially from someone so desperately in need of tempered emotions.

  25. “I retired from boxing at 36. Have lots of time to do what I want. Enjoy your offices ”
    Right. We’re supposed to believe that not only were you a boxer, but in the minority of those who were successful, AND kept his money. I believe that as much as I believe Adrian Peterson won’t fumble again this year.
    We all know by boxing you mean prison.

  26. The Vikings are the biggest frauds in the NFL. Who have the beaten? The best teams that the Vikings beat were the Packers and the Ravens. (And they were a botched FG away from losing to the Ravens). Is anyone impressed by yhe Packers and the Ravens? The one and only time they had to face a good team (the Steelers) they lost.

  27. @PercyHarvin: Learn to spell right first before you post stupid posts. But coming from an ex-boxer it’s no surprise!
    Bengals spanked Favre’s ass when he played us in Cincy, and we’ll do it again (and I like him, by the way). Wait until you play the #1 defense in points scored against, it’s not like some lame-ass NFC ‘D’ you’re used to!

  28. “I retired from boxing at 36. ”
    Obviously, from your postings, you should have “retired” (read: been thoroughly knocked out of boxing) at age 23.
    Thirty six is ancient for a hack boxer, and the beatings have obviously taken their toll on your head. You probably once were more sensitive than your post showed, but it was beaten out of your skull years ago.
    We’ll all have to excuse any moronic posts you make in the future.

  29. Howie Handles says:
    December 1, 2009 11:44 AM
    We all know by boxing you mean prison.
    Finally,someone on here with humor!! Things must really be tough in Ohio eh?

  30. “We all know by boxing you mean prison. ”
    OK, best laugh of the week. After the game last night, just what I needed. Thanks.
    Can we all just ignore what this brain-damaged ex-prison boxer is spouting, and get back to talking about Zimmer’s personal and professional challenges now?
    I hope Zimmer is rewarded for staying on as coordinator – not just for what he’s been through, but to be so focused despite his personal loss – and can fulfill his responsibilities to his family.
    Any guy who gets his nails painted with his daughters, to fill the loss of their mother, is a strong man in my book.
    And I’d have to agree with preludetosmack; the NFL is littered with D cordinators who made lousy head coaches. But a couple of successful ones come to mind as well.

  31. On a closing note, I have donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses more over the years than most of you make in 5 years.
    I play Santa at the childrens Hospital.
    All you great people that claim to be so much more Christian then I, put your money and time where your mouth is!!
    All this over we gonna score on your D? Whats this world come to??? OUT

  32. PervyHarvin, I won’t laugh at you if the Bengals win. I probably won’t remember you even existed at all. Fact is, if they win, I’ll probably turn off the television, have dinner with my family, kiss my wife and ask the kids if they have their homework done. Sounds a lot like what I’ll do if they lose.

  33. If you HAD to choose to keep one coach in Cincy, would it be Brian Kelly or Mike Zimmer?
    I take Mike, UC’s set for a few years with Kelly’s classes and without Mike I fear that the Bengals are half the team they are now.

  34. Did say I felt for Zimmer. Learn to read. My only insensitive comment I would like to apologize for is saying I went through worse. Things like this are horrible for anyone,I know too well. There is no worse for anyone,kills us all.

  35. Wow. What a waste of a good post about a great D Coordinator. I can only hope Zimmer hangs around long enough for Marvin to call it quits around here so Zimmer can take his job. Not saying I want Marvin gone but eventually he’ll want to go and we’ll need someone to fill his shoes. Who better than Zimmer? We all know Cowher won’t come here. lol Hang in there Zimmer. Brown will take care of you. He takes plenty of money from us fans to pay you guys so you’re ok. lol

  36. As a diehard Steeler fan, I have to give credit where credit is due. Zim lost his wife, yet works his tail off to help turn a moribund franchise around and sport one of the better defenses in the league. The thing that impresses me most is his commitment to his family and being Dad as well. Nice post Florio. Give the man his props. He deserves it.

  37. Actually Perv I am a proud Packers fan, you know the team that typically whoops on the Vikings, but for one year, this one. It isn’t very easy these days being a Packers fan in MN, but I just bite my tongue, because the Vikings are the better team, but also because I know that when the time comes the Vikings will implode. When that happens every Vikings fan will crawl back into their shell until the next offseason, when they make some outlandish free agent acquisition, and by golly what do ya know, Minnesota Vikings, offseason Super Bowl champs again, until December/January…
    And your last post says it all…”All you great people that claim to be so much more Christian then I, put your money and time where your mouth is!!”
    Typical, I am a Christian, I am perfect mentality. You think you can do whatever you want, because you are a Christian, more so than anyone.

  38. Sorry Bengal fans, I don’t mean to litter your story/comments. I just read what Pervy spews everyday and it has gotten to me. You guys are my second favorite team, and last chance I have to feel that slight bit of joy when the Vikings lose. And Zimmer has set a new standard for a guy being part of the NFL, class act, couldn’t be more proud to be a fan after reading every story this year about him and his family. True role model.

  39. Yeah I love the holier than thou. I’m a Christian so I can say what I want and I’m still a great person! Ha! I love that attitude. I have family that way. They were big stoners and boozers at once and now they’re reborn and you’d think they do no wrong. Gotta love em! Go somewhere Perv.

  40. @ Richm2256 – You have set the new standard of ignorant poster on PFT. I said my peace and you still use it as ammo to be who you really are, a childish lil prick who is not funny at all. Sounds you don’t know what helping children is. I would love to kick your dumb ass. Now get off this thread so I can and let them talk about their Cordinator!

  41. Cincy- Just cuz u are a lil pen pushing puke,don’t knock my boxing. I said we can score and you got all sensitive! See you in the MN threads,you still have to play us!

  42. Mr. Zimmer and family,
    I am sorry for your loss and only wish you the best. I am writing just in case you read this. I made an innocent post about the Vikings going to score on you and they turned into an unruly,name calling mob. Trying to imply disrespect towards you. Please don’t fall for their lack of understanding. Sure you would have laughed at my score big on you post,was all in fun.Have a good holiday season
    For you witch hunt bloodthirsty fans, bring it to Vikings threads game week.I am a popular Viking fan,that yes was a boxer. Be civil for they will all back me,rest assured.

  43. Bengals Fans, please remember Favre has never lost to the Bengals.
    It will be a tough game in the dome. Hopefully, our San Diego game isnt too much of a bruiser and we are healthy enough to play at our best.
    WHO DEY!

  44. Favre threw 4 straight picks in the 4th quarter to the Bengals in 2005 in a loss. Killed any chance they had of winning. Again.

  45. @ FightBack09- Are you stupid?? I wouldn’t give an email address on this nutjob website! 43-9 with 26 ko’s. Take it or leave it. I don’t get off on blind recognition. Never was a world champion,but did pretty damn good for a white boy as my Irish father used to say when alive.

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