Derrick Thomas gets another overdue honor on Sunday

As the team first announced in June, the number worn by Derrick Thomas for more than a decade in Kansas City will be retired during Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.

Thomas was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August.

At halftime, 58 will join the rest of the numbers the franchise has set aside:  3 (Jan
Stenerud); 16 (Len Dawson); (18) Emmitt Thomas; 28 (Abner Haynes); 33
(Stone Johnson); 36 (Mack Lee Hill); 63 (Willie Lanier); 78 (Bobby
Bell); and 86 (Buck Buchanan).

If a few of the players honor Thomas’ memory by playing like he once did at Arrowhead Stadium, the Broncos could be facing the same fate the Steelers suffered during the last game played there.

21 responses to “Derrick Thomas gets another overdue honor on Sunday

  1. He was a freakin nightmare, coming off the edge.
    I can’t help but think about all those kids, with all those different mothers though.

  2. Regardless of his personal life, this honor is overdue. The man was a beast on the football field and always made the Chiefs defense something to be reckoned with.

  3. Maybe the Chiefs fans can show the same kind of support and determination to take up a collection for all his illegitimate children that he left no means of support for.
    You the same way they did persuading management to dump Larry Johnson………funny how the talent levels control the perspective of the player’s image.

  4. Shannon Sharpe owned him during our 2nd title run, and made him flip out and disgrace himself in Arrowhead. As great as he was, I’ll always remember him for that, his 6 sack game vs Chiefs, that crazy game in the rain and mud, and not wearing a seatbelt going 70 on an icy highway.

  5. “and not wearing a seatbelt going 70 on an icy highway. ”
    I think he was racing to get to one of his sick children.
    No wait, he was racing to playoff game……as a spectator!

  6. Wow, way to pile on a guy that’s not here to defend himself….bunch of classless internet posters….

  7. Just when you thought you were safe the buck and donkey show shows up to remind you that there are plenty of idiots in this world to ruin your day.

  8. Back off guys. DT wasn’t perfect, but since Len Dawson, he’s really all we have had in KC. And the work his “Third and Long” Foundation has done has been invaluable to the city. There’s a reason he was the NFL’s Man of the Year in 1993.
    I know there’s no accountability online, but show a little class.
    I’ll be there Sunday. RIP Derrick and thanks for the memories…

  9. You’re missing a number. The Cheifs have also set aside #37, Joe Delaney. The guy should get all the props he deserves for what he did.

  10. The proof is in the pudding pal, there is no defense.
    The Chiefs should set aside Joe Delaney’s number……..

  11. @Buckowski …
    The guy was an incredible football player–which is all that matters in this discussion–and did a lot for his community and for charity. If you watched the Hall of Fame induction, it’s obvious that his kids loved him and miss him terribly. A lot of people fail to wear their seat belts–it’s sad, not evil.
    I wonder whether your personal life would stand up to the scrutiny and judgment you’re giving his. But wait … no one cares to hear about your life.

  12. Jesus…how many tools feel the need to trash a guy who’s been dead for 10 years.
    I always loved watching DT play…all but 2 weeks of the year. He did it the way you’re supposed to. You guys act like he was right in line with Travis Henry. Furthest thing from the truth.
    Get a life…or just stick to pounding nails or passing out mail to the office. But keep your garbage to yourself and don’t dump it on the grave of a man who’s had more of a positive impact than all of you will, collectively in your entire lives.

  13. “You the same way they did persuading management to dump Larry Johnson………funny how the talent levels control the perspective of the player’s image.”
    I don’t remember DT ever trashing on fans nor his coach. I also don’t remember him ever being in the police blotter on an annual basis. Talent level has nothing to do with it. LJ is an all around douchebag and a locker room cancer, the complete opposite of what DT was on the football field.

  14. “A lot of people fail to wear their seat belts–it’s sad, not evil. ”
    A lot of people cannot afford life insurance for their children as well.
    I am glad the tide is slowly starting to turn in that people are beginning to make these wealthy, spoiled athletes show some kind of accountability for their actions.
    You will get there as well people, football player….a mail person is much more valuable to the community. I am sure to tip mine every holiday season, I’ll bet that thought never crossed your simple minds……….

  15. @Buckowski …
    Well, Mr. Condescending, since you have such obvious disdain for professional football players and their fans, why are you posting on Many of these “wealthy, spoiled athletes,” including DT, grew up anything but wealthy or spoiled. They’re physically gifted, but that doesn’t mean they should be held to a higher moral standard than anyone else. By all reports, Thomas was a kind, generous person–flawed, but decent.
    You, however, have come to a thread honoring an athlete who’s been dead 10 years and indecently pissed all over his fans’ memories by posting infantile rants maligning him for absolutely no reason. Yet somehow, the fact that you tip your mailman each Christmas is supposed to be evidence of your superior character and intellect. Who are you to judge one person’s value over another’s, you sad, silly little man?
    You’d have to step up to get to simple.

  16. I will be at the game on Sunday and am looking forward to this ceremony as much as I am looking forward to the donkies getting exposed

  17. @Buckowski …
    Well, if you’ve done that Bob, that’s admirable. But it has absolutely nothing to do with you making these childish rants about Derrick Thomas. This is a football blog, not Save the Children. And it’s not the forum for a pissing contest about which of us works harder at loving thy neighbor. Let the man rest in peace. And if any of his kids happen to read PFT, let them decide whether he did right by them.

  18. If Derrick was such a terrible person to these children, then please explain why his son Derrion was at his induction to the Hall of Fame.

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