Jamal Lewis is the latest concussion victim

With Jamal Lewis believed to be heading for injured reserve, Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has identified the cause.

Lewis is the latest NFL player to be knocked out (literally and figuratively) with a concussion.

Per Grossi, Lewis was visiting a specialist on Wednesday.  The veteran tailback could be addressing the situation publicly on Thursday.

As we reported earlier today, the Browns are expected to sign UFL standout DeDe Dorsey to replace Lewis.

14 responses to “Jamal Lewis is the latest concussion victim

  1. Is the concussion amount really as high or higher than it has previously been, or is it all just blown out of proportion because it is big name players getting them, and only because of that they decide to make it a big issue… Why now, because all the stars are getting them? Where was the love for the 2nd and 3rd string? Was their lives not as important.
    At least they are showing concern now..

  2. i can’t believe that Browns fans have to watch this implosion. Fire Mangini trade edwards for a stick if bubble gume, just take the hit on that and back to the drwaing board.

  3. I’d guess one of the big reasons there are more concussions being reported is that we’ve got a far better idea today as to what a concussion is.
    You didn’t get “knocked silly,” you got a concussion. I’d say that’s the big difference.

  4. @goJags:
    Oh yeah, because playing for Jacksonville is SOOOOO much better.
    Tell me, where do you go to watch their home games?

  5. @CanadianVikingFan
    The reason is because the players want to show the owners how dangerous the sport is before the new CBA negotiations. Goodell is playing along because he wants to say: “See we are taking the steps to keep you safe!”
    It’s all about money as usual. The concussions will fall back down after the new CBA is signed.

  6. I think the concussion situation now presents a politically palatable option for players to sit, rather than risk long-term injury that could ruin a- the length of their careers & b- their quality of life post-football.
    Because of the “win-now” and “play-thru-pain” mentality of pro football, there are always pressures to stay on the field.
    At some point, a millionaire player has to do a cost-benefit assessment. John Abrahams, I think, was a Jet whom I recall was the 1st to broach this issue couple years back. His logic: “I don’t have a contract for next year, so I am not going to play in this game because I want to keep my ability to earn.” I don’t recall all the specifics.
    Some injuries, like concussions & strained hamstrings are easier to do worse damage by coming back to play too soon.
    I think players are realizing this & doing what makes most sense for them.
    I know football is a “team sport” and you want to do what is best for the “team,” but the team has the ability to cut off your pay once your utility has become marginal.
    Losing a career costs more than losing a game, but I guess it depends who you ask.

  7. Same number of concussions as normal, just more awareness now. Fine. Let’s figure out what’s going on and make the game safer.

  8. Big loss for the Browns…I mean with Lewis in the starting lineup they were able to win … umm 1 game. Now, they might not be able to win again this season. Wait, they weren’t going to anyway…might as well get an early start on that retirement thing.

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