PFT Daily: December 2, 2009

Better late than never, here’s today’s episode of PFT Daily.

We ran into some minor technical problems, but we persevered.

More importantly, we paid the bill for the Internet connection devoted to the PFT mini-studio.

Today, we look at the possibility of Reggie Bush leaving New Orleans, Bill Polian’s recent comments about momentum entering the postseason, and Tim Ruskell’s tenuous status in Seattle.

7 responses to “PFT Daily: December 2, 2009

  1. Reggie Bush sucks, and always has, and the Saints don’t need him for any reason, even to sell tickets or jerseys since he’s not even close to being the biggest star on the team. The only thing he’s good for is putting Kardashian’s in the seats, and who wants that.
    His roster spot alone would be better served for a backup punter than to be used for him.

  2. Some of those Holmgren pics were less than flattering. Nice segment, like the suit… but you’re still an ass.

  3. It’s not totally unheard of for players to restructure their contracts after they realize they aren’t that good..Alex Smith is a prime example

  4. Florio this PFT Daily is better then those stupid discussions you had before. I just want to ask, do you ever get tired of your job?

  5. Hey Florio glad some one else notice what I’ve been seeing for about 8 seasons now and that is the Colts are regular season bullies, other than that miraculous Superbowl run in 2006, the Colts are one and done in the playoffs EVERY YEAR, sorry Colts fan its the truth get mad if you want, but I have seen The Colts rack up big numbers in the reagular season before, only to go lose to the first team they play in the playoffs.

  6. Mike, nice to see you combed your hair.
    Reggie Bush will probably remain with the Saints. I agree with your analysis and Bush is worth more to the Saints than anyone else and the Saints are a better fit for Bush than any other team.
    The “Bush Problem” (boy, I could go all kinds of ways with that one……) is the same as the Vince Young problem. Once very highly drafted rookies get to the phony contract numbers on the back end of their rookie contracts, a decision has to be made by both the team and the player. Nothing new here.
    Bush was drafted higher than what has been justified by his performance on the field thus far in his career. If he wants to remain a Saint, he will have to take less money.
    If he makes a couple of spectacular plays down the stretch some team may be willing to throw some “stupid money” at him, but he has to decide if that team cares if he can walk when he is 30, because if he gets paid “stupid money” the team is going to want him to play hurt. And he will be hurt a lot.

  7. Suit and tie going to be standard now, makes you look professional if nothing else.
    Still waiting for the bathrobe daily though.
    Chargers and Pats are the two teams the Colts do not want to face in the playoffs.

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