Portis says doctor cleared him, not playing anyway

Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis says he’s been cleared by doctors after suffering a concussion on November 8, but he’s not sure when he’ll return to the field and might sit out the rest of the season.

Both the Washington Times and Washington Post reported that Portis said on a radio show that a doctor cleared him to return. But his comments indicate that he’s not sure if he’ll play in 2009.

“I would love to be on the field trying to get out there and finish out the season,” Portis said on John Thompson’s radio show. “At the same time, I have to do what’s safe and what’s best. If I’m cleared and can get back out there for the last few games, I’m definitely going to try and get back out there. If I can’t, I’ll go into the offseason healthy and starting off fresh next year.”

Redskins coach Jim Zorn has already ruled Portis out for Sunday’s game against the Saints, which will be the fourth consecutive game he has missed.

The Redskins haven’t much missed Portis on the field, as Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright have filled in for him capably.

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  1. Hopefully he conditions properly in the offseason and actually practices with the team during the week. I don’t think he is done yet but I feel he has thrown in the towel on this year.

  2. Sounds like hes quitting. If hes medically cleared then he should be back out there; particuarly since we are down to the 3rd and 4th string rb’s.
    Looks like Clinton enjoyed sitting on his ass for a month collecting game checks and wants no part of playing since postseason is out of the question.

  3. So if he’s medically cleared but refuses to play what options does the team have for recovering bonus money / not paying his salary ?
    Sounds like he’s just given up on this year since the Redskins have been so bad.

  4. “Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright have filled in for him capably.”
    Doesn’t say much about Portis that a RB that is out for the season with a torn ACL/MCL is ‘filling in for Portis capably”.
    I’d be willing to put a large amount of money on the idea that, if Portis plays next season, it won’t be for the Redskins. He has an $8mil salary next season and he isn’t playing up to a league minimum salary imo.
    Even tho the Redskins ‘could’ redo his deal to give him lots of bonus for the salary, I don’t think they will because they, like all the other teams, will use the 2010 uncapped season to ‘get right’ with the cap for future years. This means that Portis most likely has worn his last costume for the Redskins.

  5. He’s done in DC, so why bother playing another down for that rotten franchise.
    But he’s far from over as far as his career goes. Put him on a team like NE and watch him have a very good season next year.

  6. Portis is paid way too much for his type of production. The Skins need some new young RB that can play with them for a long time.

  7. It’s already quite clear that players have found a new loophole to get paid and not have to play….while there should be a concern about legit concussions, the league has lost control and given the players a extremely valuable chip. I predict we have seen the last of the nfl as we know it. “Team first” players are rare to begin with, now if a player is on a team that isn’t a SB caliber team, he will suddenly come up with a “concussion” to get paid without playing. By making such a big deal out of concussions, the NFL may have created a much bigger problem. With all the rules already in place that basically puts skirts on QB’s and pushes the NFL more and more towards “entertainment” vs. sport, the game is moving in the direction of “pro rasslin'”. Today’s players want BIG money to pretend to play a sport that has become so diluted. Have a hangnail?….take a couple weeks off!!

  8. Portis has one more good year in him…if he makes the effort…..you can have em’….we’re done with em’. Hail beacthes!

  9. WTH? He should be out there! No question about it! He is one of the top paid guys in the league. There is a lot of dissension on this team right now, especially between him and Sellers. I know that he really doesn’t want to run behind this offensive line. Since he is the owner’s pet, he is going to do what he wants. He knows that Zorn can’t make him play, Zorn learned that last year after the Ravens game. Until this team gets some discipline and the owner stays out of the way, we are doomed to this type of situations. It sucks for me being a skins fan.

  10. he is quitting plain and simple. Another spoiled brat player who doesn’t want to play if he can’t win all the time.

  11. Look at all the “concussed” players all of a sudden…..and it’s about to get worse now that the freakin nfl has made it into such a big deal. if a player isn’t on a SB caliber team, why get beat up week after week when they can “claim” a concussion and thus get paid, stay healthy, and extend their phoney careers.

  12. Portis’s salary is guaranteed for 2010. I hope he never takes another snap.
    When your third string running back is better than your starter you have real problems.

  13. I think he knows that if there is no cap next year, he is going to be cut and doesn’t want to take any chances at being ready to get his next contract. If they keep him next year, it will be a HUGE mistake. He is a shell of the player he was 3/4 years ago and even then, I thought he was a little over rated as a pure running back. One heck of a blocker though.

  14. Thank you Portis. More fuel for us pissed off Steelers fans about Hines Ward’s comments on Ben. I hope Hines is reading this site right now. What a Jackass.

  15. Well it would be nice if Mr. Florio told the entire story in this case. Portis has been cleared by the Skins team Doctors, but he needs to get clearance from Doctors at some head trauma center in Pittsburgh. And he is not scheduled to meet with them until this coming Monday.
    And this is the same head trauma center that Brian Westbrook consulted.
    So as much as I would like the Skins to get rid of Portis, he is not bailing on the Skins by not playing this week. He is not officially cleared to return to action until he visits the folk in Pittsburgh.

  16. The idiocy of the comments above just again show that the average DUMB nfl fan doesn’t appreciate the gravity of concussions
    Portis has vertigo when he merely moved his head left to right for WEEKS.
    If I had that, and a study just came about about brain damage from this game, I’d be hesistant to hop back in too.
    Look at Westbrook – supposedly asymptomatic for weeks, comes back in, IMMEDIATE concussion.
    Stop hating on the man, most you out there don’t have the guts to take the hits these NFL players take. So shut your yappers.
    And this is coming from a Ravens fan who doesn’t even like Clinton Portis. But the comments above were mostly beyond stupid.
    Let the man’s brain heal so he can be lucid past the age of 40
    friggin kurt warner has vision issues. Concussions are serious. Grow up.

  17. I hate the skins and Portis, but I agree with WetHog, Florio is just making shat up right now, because him and his goofy douche hair cut have nothing else…welcome to
    ProFootballTalk-ESPN Style!

  18. My hope for Portis is the same for his concussions – go away in peace. Full respect for the man’s health, but let’s be really honest to the fact he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype (his own or others). Sherrifgonnagetcha does no more harm or foul than Riggins chatting up Sandra Day O’Connor, but Portis has done nothing for the franchise to leave a lasting mark. Kudos for going where the money was though, much love Dolla Bill, get your head straight, then your ass outta town.

  19. My hope for Portis is the same for his concussions – go away in peace. Full respect for the man’s health, but let’s be really honest to the fact he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype (his own or others). Sherrifgonnagetcha does no more harm or foul than Riggins chatting up Sandra Day O’Connor, but Portis has done nothing for the franchise to leave a lasting mark. Kudos for going where the money was though, much love Dolla Bill, get your head straight, then your ass outta town.

  20. I would be real interested what tests the team doctors gave him that he supposedly passed. If it was a CT scan (does not show post-concussion syndrome changes unless your brain is bruised/bleeding) and standard neurological tests (which does not detect post-concussion syndrome injuries) then the team doctor does not know what they are doing.
    If you have vertigo and they want you to go back to playing professional football, then that is a doctor who knows nothing about what concussions do to the brain.
    Neuropsychological tests are the only way to detect these things.

  21. Concussions are serious?
    Why doesn’t the league pay them millions and millions of dollars to play a game to compensate them for assuming the risk. Oh wait…

  22. Portis is gone. The Skins need to start preparing for next year. They’re probably going to have four new offensive lineman on the team in 2010. They should make Sellers the “Riggins”. Hand him the ball 30 times a game and Campbell would only need to throw about 14 passes. That would take the pressure off of Campbell and with that defense, the Skins could consistently win some games. They could use one of their big blocking tight ends to be the “Otis Wonsley”.
    They should put Sellers back there now a few times a game until the end of the season to get him used to the idea.

  23. Campbell will be gone along with Portis. Jason would have been history this year but they couldn’t secure a replacement.

  24. Who are they going to find who is better than Campbell? No, they’ll resign Campbell and they’d be crazy not to keep Zorn. Everyone is improving. This coaching staff is getting the players to play. No one is quitting. Campbell is not the problem. And neither is Zorn. The problem this whole season has been the offensive line, too many turnovers, and lately, the d-backs jumping routes on double moves. Everything is fixable. The Skins are not that far off.

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