Revis, Owens meet again

T.Owens1.jpgSometimes it’s hard to come up with reasons to watch a 4-7 team play a 5-6 team, especially when Oregon and Oregon State will be squaring off at the same time for a berth in the Rose Bowl.

(The fact that the Jets-Bills game will be played in Toronto is irrelevant, unless the national anthems will be replaced by Bob and Doug McKenzie singing The Twelve Days of Christmas.)

Here’s one tangible reason for watching the game on NFL Network (available via Sprint handsets with Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live):  Bills receiver Terrell Owens will be covered by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis is one of the best young corners in the game; Owens is one of the best aging receivers.  Lately, Owens has been getting back to the form that he displayed in past years — including the public insulting of (sniff) his quarterback.

“I know it was pretty physical the last time we played them,” Owens said Tuesday, per Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News.  “But they are not going to be faced with the same team that they saw the first time.  
I hope they don’t think they are going to see the same me that they saw the first time.”

The “first time,” Owens caught three passes for 13 yards in an unlikely Buffalo win, with Ryan Fitzpatrick replacing Trent Edwards, who suffered an early concussion. 

This time, Revis might have inadvertently stirred up a proverbial hornets nest again, in comparing the self-described original 81 to the “other” 81.

“I use different techniques at times for different guys,” Revis said Tuesday, in comments distributed by the team.  “Randy Moss is faster than Terrell Owens, so you have to play them different.”

Randy Moss probably is faster than Terrell Owens, but the last guy who would agree with that is Terrell Owens.  And whether Revis realizes it or not, he has just given Owens extra motivation to help “North America’s team” complete the sweep of the Jets in the game that will be played in Ontario’s answer to New York City.

Still, Oregon is playing Oregon State.

14 responses to “Revis, Owens meet again

  1. “Lately, Owens has been getting back to the form that he displayed in past years — including the public insulting of (sniff) his quarterback.”
    Actually, Ryan Fitzpatrick is “his quarterback”. When exactly did T.O. publicly insult him? I’m pretty sure he publicly supported the fact that he beat out Trent for the starting job.

  2. Revis is definitely a good CB, but if he covers T.O., who will cover Buffalo’s fastest WR – Lee Evans? Since Ryan Fitzpatrick took the starting job from Trent “Captain Checkdown” Edwards, both T.O. and Lee Evans are better able to get long receptions. Although T.O. has put up better numbers the last two games, do not forget that Lee Evans had a 53 yard TD called back due to a penalty against another Bill. If the Jets focus on shutting down T.O., then Lee Evans should have a big game.

  3. Revis is going to eat his lunch…sorry dinner. It won’t matter who the QB this week for the Bills Owens will be lucky to get 3 catches for 35 yards. Revis already has his popcorn ready!

  4. Who cares!! This will be like watching the Chiefs VS. the Raiders! Why do crappy teams still talk smack after week 12. I think there are some old Matlock epsiodes I will watch during this game instead.

  5. Insulting our QB?
    Trust me, Owens is DEAD ON…
    When thinking about Trent Edwards execution, I can only think of what coach John McKay had to say…

  6. Everyone talks as if the Bill are that bad of a team. They have the lead or been within a TD of every team going into the fourth quarter every game except the first Miami game. I understand there is four quarters in a game, but people group the Bills with the lower class of the NFL all the time. I guarantee you that no team ever assumes a victory against the Bills. I live in St. Louis, MO and have always been a Bills fan and always will be( unless they move to Canada, LOL) because they always have a chance to win. And every year I will be disappointed with the final result, but each game is interesting because they have a chance.

  7. @ rozmols, until the Bills can show they are capable of playing a full 60 minute game and not disappearing in the 4th quarter people aren’t going to take them seriously.

  8. Mike Florio said:
    “Still, Oregon is playing Oregon State.”
    Yes…Yes they are…Which brings us to the question of the week.
    Would a Duck or a Beaver be the preferred team mascot if given the choice?

  9. Having tickets to this game, I really hope T.O. can show some flashes of emotion and get the crowd riled up. Last year was the most pathetic display of fan support I have ever seen. If not, I’m just gonna hafta drown myself in delicious Canadian beer.

  10. Hey Florio,
    I know you like to bash the Bills and specifically enjoy bashing T.O. but you may want to go back and look at the Bills/Jets game earlier in the year. I know that the stats say that T.O. only had 3 catches for 13 yards but what you forget (conveniently I might add) is that Revis gave the Bills 4 free first downs on plays where he held/interfered with T.O. in that game. I like Revis so I am excited to see what’s going to happen in this one but last time I’d say T.O. got the best of him and the team came away with the win. Revis is great but you gotta throw in the penalties if you’re going to grade him on how he played. “If you can’t cover him, hold him!” shouldn’t be the motto for a “shutdown” corner.

  11. @ cleveland sucks. An 8-8 team doesnt suck in the NFL. The fact that you are a Browns fan gives you no right to bash the Bills. I understand you beat us but can you seriously say that the Browns have a chance to win every game , like the Bills do.

  12. Stewie
    go back and check the game log for jets/bills 1. Revis got flagged for two 5 yard illegal contacts, not 4 hold/pass interferences. Big difference. Given that he’s shut down Andre Johnson, Colston, Steve smith and Randy Moss x2 (with zero penalties in any of those games), I think he got the memo that shutdown corners don’t hold.

  13. Florio: The fact that the Jets-Bills game will be played in Toronto is irrelevant
    No it’s not. Here is America’s chance to see a city who has cried for years to get NFL football, only to be totally indifferent to it when it does come.
    Toronto has not been a football city since the 1960s and don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

  14. I agree with rozmols, with the exception of the first time we played miami this year we had a very good chance of winning every game we played. Unfortunately for us, the Bills are their own worst enemy. But us bills fans are dedicated and we watch every game believing the bills can win, because they can. They have potential to be much better than they are. Personally I very much enjoyed watching the dolphins game last week. I love the emotion that Perry Fewell brings and i completely support Fitzpatrick playing instead of Edwards. And it was definitely nice to see Jackson instead of Lynch…of course if i had my way it would always have been Jackson instead of lynch and fitzpatrick over edwards would have happened weeks ago…but still they can and should beat the jets…..

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