Scott looks unlikely to play

It will be interesting to see how Bengals coach Marvin Lewis divides up carries in his backfield when Cedric Benson, Bernard Scott, and Larry Johnson are all healthy at the same.

That’s just not likely to happen this week.

Scott was still is on crutches and in a walking boot Wednesday because of a toe injury.

“I think I can play, but I don’t think they’re going to let me play,”
Scott said.

Benson returned to practice and his injured hip doesn’t appear to be a problem

“It feels real good and long awaited. I was hoping to get out there last week but that wasn’t the plan,” Benson said.

Scott’s injury highlights why Larry Johnson’s signing was ultimately a good move.  The Bengals are a run-heavy team, and they have ensured enough healthy legs to get the team to January.

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  1. With Benson and Johnson running the ball Scott won’t be missed that much. They will be just fine. I think they still have Brian Leonard at Fullback/Runningback and he is a thumper kinda like Mike Alstott…at least he has the potential to be. I think he also hurdled a defender in the preseason too…Bengals got nothing to worry about.

  2. The Bengals have plenty to worry about, but probably not at the RB position. It’s funny how this team faintly resembles the “Undefeated Dolphins” with their Csonka, Kick + Morris backfield, in the way that the Bengals utilize C. Palmer almost like the ’72 Fish made the most of Bob Griese, by passing the ball as sparingly as possible. In spite of the fact that Marvin will deny it, i think the main reason that the”Orange and Black” are so adamant about emphasizing their running attack is to ensure that they don’t have to go another “close to full” season without #9 running the offense again, like they had to suffer through last season with Fitzpatrick trying to “run the show”.

  3. “Scott”
    Weve got to stop this crap – Every team in the league has at least one – Im a dumass bills fan – And weve got 2 scotts – Otherwise I dont click this link.

  4. Chap, don’t count on it going forward, LJ is a stop gap, he doesn’t get more than ten carries tops from here on out barring injury/huge lead/playoff resting of starters.
    mikeyboy, I think that you’re right on some level, the O line is showing increasingly that they are not too great in pass protection, they ahve had some good days/halves, but are far from good enough to depend on week in and week out, they better get primed for MIN,, I feel like we are going to need to be a complete team to win.

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