AFC defensive player of the month should get Robert Mathis a cash prize

The Colts lead the AFC with an 11-0 record.

And a key member of their defense not named “Bob Sanders” or “Dwight Freeney” has been named AFC defensive player of the month.

Defensive end Robert Mathis won the honors, via 16 tackles, two forced fumbles, one pass defensed, and 4.5 sacks in five November games.  Mathis had two sacks in the 35-34 win over the Patriots, and he forced a fumble via a sack to seal the recent come-from-behind win over the Texans.

He’s tied for second in the league with five forced fumbles, and he’s tied for fifth with 9.5 sacks.

It’s the first player of the month honor of Mathis’ seven-year career.  No Colts player has been named defensive player of the week in 2009.

And before any interested teams begin pondering the possibility of prying Mathis away from Indy, he’s under contract through 2011.  But he might be in line for a big raise; per NFLPA records, his salary for 2009 is $2.3 million.  Next year, he gets a $10,000 raise.  In 2011, his salary increases by only $100,000.

7 responses to “AFC defensive player of the month should get Robert Mathis a cash prize

  1. Jesus give me that $10,000 raise in one year. I wish I could say a 10k raise was stripper money.

  2. He also gets 1 million in roster bonus both in 2010 and 2011. Plus other bonuses. This year’s roster bonus is 2 million.

  3. He definitely should get a cash prize…especially for his 0 sack 0 tackle effort against the Ravens. Just like Dwight Freeny.
    Shame the Ravens blew that game, they completely outplayed the Colts.
    Saints are clearly the better of the two undefeateds. I kind of hope that the Colts and Saints meet in the Super Bowl with both being undefeated. That would be intense!

  4. Exactly what time between Brackett intercepting Flacco and Addai juking Ray Lewis out of his jock did the Ravens outplay the Colts?

  5. Anyone who watched the game saw the Ravens outplay the Colts…
    1) OZZ – Yes teams can outplay another and still not win on the scoreboard. It’s happened plenty of times. One actually comes to mind against the Ravens in the playoffs of 2000-2001. Tennessee completely outplayed the Ravens, but still didn’t win. So I’m not really going to go further into that comment – jackass.
    2) Reptar – Addai didn’t juke Lewis out of his jock, either. It was overpersuit. It was a nice run though, and it’s clearly a play that Lewis makes 95% of the time (100% of the time 5 years ago). Also, bad decision by Flacco, not a great pick by Brackett. The Ravens were in game winning field goal range at that point. And their kicker missed a 30 yarder earlier that would have given them the lead anyway.
    Manning had 1TDs and 2INTs against a suspect Ravens secondary.
    Also Mathis and Freeney had a combined 0 Tackles and 0 Sacks against a rookie RT and a 23 y/0 LT. I’d think of a Defensive player of the Month, you might want to actually have a good game each game.
    Ravens definitely outplayed the Colts.
    That being said, I think the Colts are going to go into Tennessee this weekend and shut up all the Vince Young lovers – and end Tennessee’s season.
    Colts vs. Saints in an undefeated Super Bowl – that’d be sweet.

  6. that would be a great superbowl.
    but seriously, how can you make that arguement about outplaying the colts? i’d at least entertain those thoughts from the pats and texans, but not the ravens game. you said it yourself…
    ray lewis – poor tackling, usually makes that play
    flacco – poor decisions, bad passes
    brackett – in position, good hands
    addai – good running
    and your secondary is suspect.
    but all this is meaningless. the only legit smack ever is – – – – SCOREBOARD!

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