Bengals get another extension to sell out

Despite an 8-3 record, the Cincinnati Bengals continue to have trouble selling tickets.

The team has announced that the league has granted a 24-hour extension of the deadline for moving all non-premium tickets for Sunday’s game against the Lions.

“We hope to avoid a blackout,” said Bengals ticket sales manager Andrew Brown, “but we will need strong closing sales to clear the remaining ticket inventory.”

The Bengals have sold out 50 straight regular-season and postseason games, but extensions have been needed for several of the team’s 2009 home games.

The other Ohio team — the Browns — could be facing a blackout of its Sunday home game against the Chargers.

36 responses to “Bengals get another extension to sell out

  1. Yes, another post about how bad we as Bengals fans are for not selling out the game. Yep cause a lot of people want to shell out at least $65 to watch the lions. The product on the field would be the reason for a sell out. We are winning, but their offense is down right boring to watch. So, another reason to go see the game is the opponent…..Detroit hahaha. The browns and detroit game didnt sell out, so they are bad fans as well. Honestly who cares if they dont show the game it will be a 17-7 win for the bengals prob with Carson handing the ball off about 55 times and throwing maybe 10.

  2. Hell just might be frozen if we sell this game out…..Its is what it is in CIncy this year…As mentioned with many past problems the fans have been slow to return also YOU HAVE to include the recession issues caused by job loss…..Two years ago you would have a fan buy Bearcat and Bengals ticks……Now with UC in the top 5 SOME fans are choosing UC over the Bengals as they HAVE to make a choice now do to their spouse is now out of work……I hear these stories everyday and I have been out of the city for 13 years and only make routine visits….Hopefully next years things improve….That means we have 60K + ticks sold…Bengals WILL SHOW UP even if it doesnt make sell out by 1 on Friday…..

  3. Of course they’re having trouble. Everytime they threaten a blackout a local business swoops in at the last second to buy up all the tickets to save the day. Why would any sane person feel pressured into buying tickets?

  4. I doubt this game will sell out unless Ochocinco buys up the remaining tickets like he did for the Texans game.

  5. Hey Frank Burns. You have no clue what you’re talking about.
    We’ve sold out the stadium for years whilst we sucked on an epic scale. We live and die (mostly die) for our football here. It’s called a “recession” smart guy.
    At least you’re tops in making baselessly inane, cliche comments.

  6. Listen people, the rate at which fans buy tickets is not a direct indicator of how “loyal” a fan base is, especially in an economy like this. Most people prefer the TV experience in an age where we have HD – you get more of the action, and obviously it’s cheaper. I realize that lack of a sellout = blackout and defeats that purpose, but you have to realize that less and less people can afford the full NFL live experience when you spend upwards of $100 per person (including parking and food).
    Think outside your tiny boxes for a change.

  7. Ahh Frank Burns strikes again. I guess he’ll be on here running his c**k sucker until we go play the Vikes and beat them. Even if we lose to them I personally wouldn’t care. But this guy apparently lives his life around trash talking the Vikes’ opponent’s fanbase. Not realizing they have a QB that will only be there for a year and next year they’ll be back to the mediocre team they were last year.

  8. Frank Burns, Radar is looking for you and Potter.
    The Bengals should be 10-1. The Denver Tip and the fumble at the Raiders game cost this team a superior record.

  9. Hi my name is Frank Burns and I sound like a jackass who probably lost to us…..
    Bet he is a Pitt fan……..Bitter people I tell ya

  10. Frank Burns=the embodiment of every idiot fan that posts on this site.
    The worst fans in football don’t sell out for six plus years to watch a craptastic (love that term) team hindered by it’s miserly and clueless owner and his dumbass family. name another fan base that has done that Frank, please? Would you?
    Also, screw you comment moderator, can I not include a link to a non NBC site in my comment? Damn it was perfect for these “Bengals fans are bad for finally growing a backbone in the face of the Brown family” go to, you can read it for yourself, it will be self explanatory.

  11. Wow! 8-3, swept their division, most likely playoff bound… and they can’t sell out their stadium? Pathetic.
    Worst fans in football.

  12. for the past 3 years the Bengals have been marginal and down right awful. We lost about 2500 season tix holders last year therefor, the margin of sellable single game tix increased by about 5000. That is the margin week in and week out that the tix office must overcome. Coupled with a bad economy, a boring , albeit kick ass offense and playing the lowly Lions (insert Oakland game reference here) It is a tough sell. Im going to the game and I hope to watch it afterward on DVR, so I hope it sells out, but I dont think we are ‘bad fans’ because of it. I challenge ANY other teams’ fan to have the terrible history we had with their team and still be optimistic. I think there is an argument that we have the BEST fans in the nfl. On a side note,
    Id like to see how many Bengals Playoff tix have been sold?

  13. Trickbunny is joining Frank Burns. Why don’t you two go find other guys to have your circle jerk with. Frank will be the pivot man I’m sure. We’ve paid for high schoolesque football for 20 years now. And we haven’t complained too much. But now that we’re getting fed up and telling Mike Brown to make this a habit (winning I mean) then that means we’re bad fans. GTF out of here.

  14. Trick Bunny has joined in the mindless ignorant babble.. 50 straight games you moron, what’s your team??? So we may point and laugh

  15. “worst fans in football” ??? although they’ve sold out 53 straight games with many losing football teams…ignorant statement.

  16. Thats right worst fans in football. I would love to see our boring O play against a playoff caliber team in the lions play. If I had not already plunked down my $72 per game for the season I sure as hell wouldnt be there. Sure I can sell them for about 25 each. FRANKBUNNY, both of you talk all the smack you want as we keep winning. Both go back into your mom’s basement and cry that your team lost to us.

  17. Worst fans in football?? As an outside opinion, I would say that right belongs to a team in Northern Florida that covers up seats and still can’t sell out.
    Not to start a war because maybe Jax really is too small to support an NFL team???
    They make the most sense to LA although another team could follow its former NBA team because of politics.
    It almost happened here in NE.

  18. Can you say Los Angeles Bengals? Most of their sellouts have been assisted by local media or companies not wanting to loose the advertising. Pathetic.

  19. BoJackson…”The worst fans in football don’t sell out for six plus years to watch a craptastic (love that term) team hindered by it’s miserly and clueless owner and his dumbass family. name another fan base that has done that Frank, please? Would you?”
    How about my Chiefs!

  20. BoJackson…”The worst fans in football don’t sell out for six plus years to watch a craptastic (love that term) team hindered by it’s miserly and clueless owner and his dumbass family. name another fan base that has done that Frank, please? Would you?”
    How about my Chiefs!

  21. This situation is not the same as the Vikings but there are similarities.
    Mike Brown has not treated the fans very well.
    Plus he has turned off fans by putting out a below average product for many years.
    Think of the people in their 50’s who were youngsters when the Bengals were formed. In all their years they have seen one season since the 80’s with double digit wins and 7 in the whole history of the Bungals. Anyone born in the 80’s already has learned better things to do on Sundays than pay good money to them lose.
    It will take a few years of winning to get the public interested again.

  22. C’mon….the worst fans? Seriously? Ohio’s economy just stinks. What needs to happen is the NFL needs to reexamine the blackout rules. Or how ’bout this……lower ticket prices. When there is a blackout it probably really hurts the local businesses. And on some level it alienates the fans who watch the games ever week.

  23. Trickbunny is a Squeelers troll….shows up on other moronic posts that talk of her most glorious 6-5 Squeelers.
    Get a life, chick!

  24. Hey poo eating monkey–ya finialy got a team with a winning record and you call the lions pathetic, go have seconds biotch!!

  25. As a cards fan, I know how this feels. Florio does the same things to them in this site. And, leave it to Florio to bash as much as possible. Why it this news? Only because people like florio like to pile it on as much as possible, kick a guy when he’s down etc.
    The Bengals are good Florio, get over it, get used to it.

  26. just a thought…. maybe there are two reasons why the bengals are having a tough time selling out. first it is against the lions. second…. um look at the unemployment rate in cincy or even ohio. it is among the highest in the nation. we are not bad fans plain and simple. it is just most of the fans are just broke, get off our backs. next time anti-bengal fans get a clue. and you florio i’ve been reading your anti-bengals post for a long time. plain and simple you are an idiot. you most of all florio get a clue and quit trying to put down the bengals anyway possible.

  27. its this simple. decent ticket= 82 per person. At home on 50 in hdtv= free. Beer at stadium=7 dollars per. At home 7 dollars per 6 pack. Parking= 20 dollars. At home= Free.
    If whoever wrote this article did some oh i dunno research!He would have discovered this. The Bengals game has been the most watched show on Cincinnati TV for 78 straight weeks. The rating for the Cleveland game was 40.4. That means 40% of households in Cincinnati were tuned into the Bengals.
    Dont call us bad fans. Maybe we spent our season ticket money on HDTV (at least i did). We support the team by watching them. watching the commercials that paid for airtime. The blackout rules need to be changed.

  28. @HamShitsBurghlar,
    Shows your ignorance and yur willingness to believe anyone someone throws on a blog. I work for a s[ecial trades construction company and have been blown up by our branch in Dallas asking for help due to them not being able to keep up with all the new construction in the area.
    Here is a fact, when new buildings are going up, your economy doesn’t stink.
    Here is another fact, Steelers have the most bandwagon “what have you done for me lately” fans in the world. Next would be Dallas.

  29. Read this:
    You just have crappy fans.
    James Walker is a no talent hack who has been spewing Anti-Bengal vitriol for years. One ESPN article does not a bad fan base make. I am sorry that I already bought tickets to the UC-Miami Ohio basketball game next week and put in for whatever bowl game the UC football team is going to. I won’t pay for a Bengals game to spite Mike Brown, who most of us know have screwed the fans for decades.

  30. @WhoPlaysWhere: I’m glad they put people like yourself to work at “special” trades construction companies. Good on you! And your grasp of the English language is great as well, especially your pun on my username. If you’ll read my post again, you’ll understand what I was getting at. I said the economy doesn’t stink that bad to have a good team on the verge of a blackout because their fans won’t pay to see them. Also, @shaunypoo, don’t make Mike Brown an excuse.. yeah he sucks a TON, but right now you should still be supporting your team. Just like Steeler fans would do in that case…

  31. At no point did I say I do not support my team. I do support my team, I just cannot make the justification to buy a Bengals ticket when there are other tickets to buy with a solid infrastructure to support the team. I also do not have the money or the time to attend the game this weekend. I apologize for having other things to do and having a life, unlike Steeler fans. Trust me, if your ownership ran your franchise into the ground, you would not support them, or you would be an idiot. I love the Bengals and support the players, but cannot support what Mike Brown has done to this franchise. 20 years cannot be undone by one good year. All we hear is fans of other teams telling us that the Bungles will show up anytime. Believe me when I say that all of Cincinnati fears the same thing, and cannot wholly support the franchise till the spectre of mediocrity takes its stench somewhere else.

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