Eli cops to signing Cowboys locker room wall

Eli Manning ruined opening night in the House that Jerry Built with a 33-31 Giants victory.

And just in case anyone in Dallas forgot, Manning signed a concrete column in the visitor’s locker room for posterity.

“It’s a pretty common thing. I was asked to sign it,” Manning said. “It wasn’t
like I just went there and signed it. I didn’t have a pen on me or

Manning even added the final score, the date, and “first win in the new stadium” as a flourish.

“It was all me,” Manning admitted to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger Thursday.  “Yeah, I’ve heard a few things about it.  But they’ll eventually get over it.”

Apparently, the signature has caused a minor controversy in Dallas even though Manning says he was asked to sign it by a locker room attendant.  Linebacker Bradie James seems offended.

“We won’t forget that,” James said. 

The recent Cowboys-Giants rivalry has given the Cowboys more to forget about than a signature. The playoff loss after the 2007 season comes to mind.

This Dallas team has a unique chance to push New York’s season to the brink in what should be the Cowboys’ last trip to the Meadowlands. 

Then they can do whatever they want to the locker room afterwards.

UPDATE: Wade Phillips isn’t buying Eli’s excuse

“It wasn’t anybody from our organization that asked him,” Phillips
said. “Things come back around in this league.  I respect the
team we play.  That’s the way I approach the game and I expect our
players to do the same thing.”

Really?  This is what the Cowboys are talking about during the week of a big game?  We’d think knocking out the Giants when they are down would be motivation enough.

48 responses to “Eli cops to signing Cowboys locker room wall

  1. The Cowboys should win this week, no excuse for losing, none, nada. That said, it is December………….. 🙂

  2. Eli is such a boner, but this is great!! I love it!! This is the kind of stuff that Chad OchoCinco does and it all cracks me up! Eli has never done anything cool in his life until this simple signature.
    I hope Jerry tried to scrub it off, a video of that would be even funnier!!!

  3. I may be a Cowboys fan, but I figure if you don’t want them to have something to brag about, defend your damn home turf and win the damn game.
    Don’t get all mad afterwards.

  4. “We won’t forget that.”
    WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Are all Cowboys babies? Just try to win a playoff game jerkie.

  5. Maybe in return Tony Romo will dig up Jimmy Hoffa from his place in the Meadowlands, or “Giants Stadium,” or whatever they’re calling it this week.

  6. Teams with tradition have pride. While I never buy locker room material ever helping a team win, what it does is give the Cowboys a greater sense of satisfaction if they beat NY.

  7. If the cowbells need something like this to get motivated, well I guess that explains a few things.

  8. Whatever Bradie James you’re such a fag. I hate both these teams and their fan bases equally but you know what? The Giants went into that big shit pile of a stadium and christened it by punking you and your team Bradie. Know it, accept it. Your owner and everyone was making such-a-big-deal about this stadium, you had to know you were opening your team up for some ribbing had you lost your first game in it. And btw, that trillion dollar stadium or however much it costs aint nothing when looking at it on TV. I’m sure its a swell experience actually being there but when you are watching a game on television, its not aesthetically pleasing. I hate looking at that stupid carpet they play on for one. It’s uglier to me than that old school astro turf.

  9. This is why the Cowboys always collapse in December. If this is what they’re worried about, they don’t deserve to win these division games at the end of the year.

  10. “Phillips said. “Things come back around in this league. I respect the team we play.”
    An absolute lie. Was it “respecting” the Giants when Jerry Jones placed tickets to the NFC Championship game in all the Cowboys lockers PRIOR to playing NY in the playoffs (and then losing!)? No. Was it respecting Baltimore when Jerry Jones handpicked the Ravens to close out Texas Stadium because he thought it was a sure win? No. Was it respecting the Giants for Jones to handpick NY to open the new stadium because, again, he thought it a sure win? No. What team has a rule that was instituted because of the behavior of one of their former players? Dallas, who gave us the Roy Williams rule. Good ole Roy respected his opponents right onto the IR. How many times has Flozell been fined for tripping this season? A fraction compared to the number of times he’s done it. So, yeah, Wade, things came back around to you and your POS owner. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys. 1996, boys, 1996. Harbaugh might have apologized to soothe Jerrah’s fragile ego, but he wasn’t wrong.

  11. “Really? This is what the Cowboys are talking about during the week of a big name? We’d think knocking out the Giants when they are down would be motivation enough.

    No. It’s what the idiot reporters are talking about *looks at Gregg*
    Wade was responding to a question, he didn’t bring it up. What should he have done? cuss out the reporter and refused to answer or given him the ‘next question’ treatment?

  12. Maybe Manning should’ve been trying to make his team better than 6-5 instead of playing dumb pranks like this one. If he hadn’t been so full of himself maybe they wouldn’t have lost 4 straight games. He loses Plaxico and he turns back into that terrible qb he was before Burress turned into a top wr. It’s not motivating, it’s just sad.

  13. I’m a die-hard Cowboys fan.
    Who cares if a Super Bowl MVP signs a concrete slabb in the locker room after beating you. Boo-hoo.
    Seriously, if Dallas had played tighter defense on the last drive and not let the Giants walk up the field for the game winning kick then Eli wouldn’t be signing anything.
    Untill these Dallas Cowboys start wearing their bullzeye with pride, they’re never going to do Sh*t.

  14. “Wade Phillips isn’t buying Eli’s excuse.”
    Kind of like how Jerry Jones isn’t buying Wade a new contract.

  15. “Maybe Manning should’ve been trying to make his team better than 6-5 instead of playing dumb pranks like this one. If he hadn’t been so full of himself maybe they wouldn’t have lost 4 straight games.”
    They won 3 straight after said transgression. But you probably earned your GED so what do I know.

  16. Yep, football is def second on Eli’s priority list now.
    He’s rich, doesn’t care, got his ring. I hope he sabotages the Giants for years to come.

  17. Im not sure why this is a big deal. Isnt there a neat invention called paint to permanently remove it? If it bothers the Cowboys so much paint over it.

  18. Actually, what the boys are talking about is the quality of the lap dances Tony and Austin got in Veags last weekend…

  19. Actually, what the boys are talking about is the quality of the lap dances Tony and Austin got in Vegas last weekend…
    typo kids 🙂

  20. Dumb ass cowboys couldnt win the last game in the old stadium and then turned around and christened the new stadium opener with another loss. What a disgrace to all the old great games in the old stadium by some great players. They probably are still rolling over in their graves about that.
    Quit crying about the little note Eli left. Really, what are you going to do, dont you think that team disgraced the whole fan base and with those historical losses? Eli can go down in the books as having beat your ass in your new stadium and all you can do is bitch about the note. Try winning not whining.

  21. I personally like this sort of motivation. But the problem is that the stay pufft mashmallow man doesnt know how to use motivation. wade phillips is hands down the worst coach in the history of sports. i dont understand how this clown still gets considered for head coaching jobs.
    eli on the other hand has no room to talk. he licks oreos with his brother for money. the guys a clown. i dont know who will win but this game is going to be exciting regardless of what is written on walls. maybe the motivation of being in a playoff game should be motivation.

  22. You said it rigth nfcbeast “eli has his ring”. Let me see who else in the division does? And don’t give me that stuff from the last century.

  23. Dallas has gone since 1996 without a playoff win and they still lead the NFL with 32 postseason wins. Sorry, I know most people on this site prefer trashtalk instead of facts, but the back and forth yapping just isn’t my thing.

  24. I think it is hilarious that Eli signed the wall, and left a little note. Why is that soooo disrespectful.
    To take it a step further, instead of simply painting over it, they are going to cry about it, hahahahahaha
    Everyone of you Cowboys fans that are bitching about, will praise Romo when he signs the locker room wall of the new Giants Stadium. Relax, and remember that your time is coming.
    Come on Commish, make the Giants open up their new stadium against the Cowboys……

  25. lol bigrig, comments like that are just beggin for a Pissburgh fan to come in here and start yapping about their 6 Lombardi’s……..because Stooler fans LOOOOOVE to make it all about them. Havent heard anyone talking about the “curse of the terrible towel” lately, I guess it wasnt a curse after all, it was just Kerry Collins sucking……..

  26. “We won’t forget that,” James said
    Ok…….. Let’s see if the Cowboy’s can back that up this Sunday?

  27. “Really? This is what the Cowboys are talking about during the week of a big name?”
    What do you expect the guy to talk about when he’s asked about a particular subject? Don’t be an idiot.

  28. danielcp0303,
    Eli is having a career year despite an ankle injury and with receivers that many were calling the weakest in the league. Have you just started watching football?

  29. “I respect the team we play. That’s the way I approach the game and I expect our players to do the same thing.”
    Really Wade? How many times did you give Roy Williams a pat on the back for horse collaring a guy? Or how about when Flozell Adams tries to trip Justin Tuck? Didn’t Adams go 3 for 3 the first 3 weeks of the season for trying to injure players? Yeah Wade you’re all about respect.
    Besides Jerry chose who to play for the first game in the new stadium. He picked someone he thought his team would beat so dump the “we respect everyone” bull.

  30. Eli had to do something. His first plan was to drop a dook in Jones’ personal crapper but Jerry had locked himself in there to have a good cry.

  31. I hope all the winning QBs don’t decide to do what Eli did.
    They’ll soon run out of space on the walls & have to expand the visitors locker room.
    I don’t know if Jerry can afford to do that AND raise the JerryTron.

  32. The Cowboys are pathetic.. what a bunch of panzies they’re more worried about a guy signing his name than the guy actually BEATING them on the field.. which is why the Giants will beat them again

  33. This is a dumbass story, They were asked about it and they answered the question. Please move on and post here when the Cowboys win and only team standing in their way in the Saints. If you look at the points per game a D gives up I beileve Dallas would be in the top 5.
    The Giants won the game, but it’s not like they Beat them down. Dallas had 4 TO’s. One was for a pick 6 and 2 others put them inside Dallas’s 30 yard and Dallas ran for 250 yeard against them.

  34. Whoever said Jerry Jones handpicked the opponents to close out the stadium and open the new stadium is wrong.
    Owners don’t get to choose who they play or when they play them.
    The NFL sets the schedule. It is based on a lot of factors such as records, division, out of conference division, travel, and others, but I don’t think the its based on stadium opening and closings.

  35. K-Rock says: “Whoever said Jerry Jones handpicked the opponents to close out the stadium and open the new stadium is wrong.”
    It was widely reported in newspapers, TV, and even this blog. Jones never once denied it. In fact, several Ravens were quoted after the game as saying that was what really fired them up and no one with the Dallas organization issued any denials. Given that Jones freely talks to the press about, well, everything, it’s a strange time for him to turn completely silent.
    “We had a lot of politics that really made this game more fun,” said Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. “They personally recommended us as their homecoming opponent. We fed off it the whole game.”

  36. Beezer,
    I thought his career year was that year Plaxico and the defense won him a SuperBowl. It’s about winning, and 6-5 isn’t something to be proud of. Have you just started watching football?

  37. I guess Beezer thinks all of those Marino career years meant something while they were losing.

  38. tleg81 said “Eli has never done anything cool in his life.”
    I think leading a game winning drive in the final seconds of the Super Bowl is pretty cool.

  39. I dont see the big deal…its Eli Manning. That means it has to be signed with Crayon…just rub that shit off!!!

  40. lol… Ok Wade, you don’t forget some magic marker on a column in a room your players don’t see, and we wont forget the shady, career ending play attempt by one of your players on one of the Giants players that he has become famous for- under your watch.
    Sharpie is soooo much more of an insult than an intent to end someone’s season! Get over it and manage your team appropriately in the first place!

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