Ginn gets recognized for special teams work

Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn, who delivered two kickoff returns for touchdowns during a game in which he’d been stripped of his spot in the starting lineup on offense, has been rewarded for his efforts via receipt of the AFC special teams player of the month award.

For the month, Ginn generated 646 yards on 21 returns, which equates to an average of 31.7 yards. 

For the season, he currently leads the AFC with a 28.8-yard average.

At a time when he was being called an “embarrassment and a coward” by former Dolphins great Bob Kuechenberg, Ginn became the first player in league history to produce kickoff returns of 100 yards or longer in the same game.  Absent his efforts, the Dolphins likely would have lost to the Jets that day, primarily since their offense sputtered throughout the contest.

It remains to be seen whether and to what extent Ginn fits within the team’s plans moving forward.  Per a league source, Ginn has a guaranteed base salary of $1.035 million in 2010, and a base salary of $1.394 million in 2011, more than $1.2 million of which is guaranteed. 

He’s also eligible for up to $2.9 million in escalators for 2011.  If the triggers relate in any way to performance as a kick returner, he’s surely already lined himself up to earn all of them.

10 responses to “Ginn gets recognized for special teams work

  1. Ginn also regularly struggles to get to the 20 yard line after catching a kickoff ball at the four yard line. The stats are bloated because of those two long returns; but as a return man, he’s the epitome of hit or miss. The only problem is he misses a lot more than he hits on kick returns.
    The even bigger problem is he is supposed to be a wide receiver, not a return guy. Returning two kickoffs for TDs is certainly awesome, but it should not absolve him of his issues as a wide receiver.

  2. I was watching Little Giants on TV last night. Was the receiver on the Little Giants Ted Ginn Jr. when he was a kid?

  3. Teddy “family man” Ginn isn’t even really that good of a kick returner. Take away those two returns against the Jets and he can’t be averaging more than 15 yards per.
    Next time you watch the Fins, check him out, I bet you a beer his next return goes exactly like this…
    Ginn catches the ball and runs straight up field to the 10-15 yard line.
    Ginn then turns right and runs horizontally, hoping to beat the defense to the edge.
    Ginn runs out of bounds at the 15.

  4. If anyone saw the Bills game last week, Ginn was putrid on the returns. The guy looked like he had never returned a kick in his life. The salaries don’t seem that high, so you might as well keep him. Not sure if he will ever become a #1 receiver though. That ship may have passed.

  5. Cameron drafted him because he was afraid that the Texans were going to take him with their next pick. 🙁
    I don’t even know what to say anymore about him. Why do they keep throwing balls to him? If we don’t get a receiver this offseason/draft, there will be a lot of unhappy Dolphin fans.

  6. F my life is the only thing I can say about Tedd Ginn as a Dolphin. I thought buying a Dolphins Tedd Ginn t-shirt last week would make him catch the ball but he only got worse as his kick returns against the Bills were terrible.

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