Steven Jackson fined $5,000 for throwing ball in stands

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson recently said that Seahawks rookie Aaron Curry hasn’t learned how to be a professional yet.

Now Jackson himself has been reminded of one of the realities of being a professional football player: If you celebrate a big play in a way the league office deems excessive, it’s going to cost you some money.

Bill Coats of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Jackson has been fined $5,000 for throwing the ball into the Edward Jones Dome stands on Sunday after scoring a touchdown.

For one lucky fan, Jackson’s celebration made for a nice souvenir. But for the NFL office, Jackson’s celebration was not the way a professional football player should conduct himself. And now Jackson’s paycheck will be $5,000 lighter.

23 responses to “Steven Jackson fined $5,000 for throwing ball in stands

  1. I don’t know the specifics of what happened, but my take is this. If a player angrily throws a ball at a hostile crowd, then yeah, he should be fined. But if he’s celebrating a TD and throws one into the stands, that should not be punished.
    How can tossing a ball into the stands be “excessive celebration” whereas a Lambeau leap (tossing yourself into the stands) is somehow ok?

  2. A $5,000 football ? That’s as stupid as the $1,700 water bottle in Cleveland. A fine for throwing a football to the fans is moronic. The No Fun League strikes again.

  3. I thought I remembered reading last year that any ball thrown in the stands, whether it be out of frustration or simply a nice gesture from a player to a kid, was always to result in a $5,000 fine. I thought that was crazy then, but I wasn’t certain if the NFL kept up with the fines for tossing a game ball to a fan.

  4. before it became the NO FUN LEAGUE it use to be the price of a football.
    I do have to point out that the score was 27-10 with 44 seconds in the game. A rather meaningless TD if you ask me

  5. That bullshit garbage-time TD cost me my undefeated season in Fantasy Football. They reversed a Kyle Boller running TD and called him out at the 1, only to give Jackson 2 tries from there, which he could convert in his sleep.
    If I were with the league office, I’d fine him $250,000 and then flip him the birdies.

  6. How can tossing a ball into the stands be “excessive celebration” whereas a Lambeau leap (tossing yourself into the stands) is somehow ok?
    Great point there, Jollyroger.

  7. If I played NFL football, aside from my first TD, I would chuck the ball into the stands on every score, fines be damned.

  8. Don’t all players who throw a ball into the crowd get fined? Rams were at home, so don’t think crowd was hostile.
    Imagine you are just linking something to Aaron Curry article.

  9. Goodell is attempting to ruin the game. Games and potentially team to London. Players can only hit people within the strikezone. QBs will soon be wearing flags on their hips and celebrating by giving fans a special souvenier brings about a fine.
    Damn I miss the days of Tagliabue.

  10. @ Go Browns
    You got laid off? In Cleveland? No way!!!!! Has the unemployment rate topped 50% yet in that town?

  11. I thought this used to cost $500. Emmitt Smith would pay this every time he scored a touchdown, so that he could take the football down to Florida and sell it as his memorabilia shop, or keep it, or give it as a gift.
    $5000 for a football? What, is it made of gold?

  12. Here we go again, another week of this BS.
    The NFL = the needless fine league.
    Florio, where’s the fine-o-meter?

  13. Adrian Peterson threw a ball into the crowd after his TD this week. I didn’t see this instance. Did he do it out of anger and was that what warranted the fine?

  14. The NFL should be greatful that people r even showin up to watch the rams. Now they fine sjax for thanking the fans for coming out to watch a team w/next to no wins. Nice! Good game plan NFL. The actual price of the ball and maybe a small transaction fee, i could understand, but $5,000???!!!!

  15. # JollyRoger says: December 3, 2009 9:15 AM
    How can tossing a ball into the stands be “excessive celebration” whereas a Lambeau leap (tossing yourself into the stands) is somehow ok?
    Just wait until a player jumps in the stands and cracks someone in the head with his helmet, facemask or shoulder pads and they complain. Then that will be outlawed as well.

  16. To ‘GoBrowns19’:
    ANY employment in Cleveland constitutes a ‘horrible job’. The words ‘horrible’ and ‘Cleveland’ used in the same sentence is being redundant…………

  17. that’s insane. how the hell could that have offended anyone? if anything, that’s one of the most amazing souvenir’s that a fan can get…

  18. It wasn’t a celebration, it was more like a throw of frustration. The TD was in junk time with 49 seconds left on the clock, Rams still training by 2 possessions. On top of that, Jackson only got the TD after a Boller TD run was called back to the one yard line. A Rams fan did get the benefit of a nice souvenir though.

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