Antonio Smith fined $12,500 for hit on Dallas Clark

For the second consecutive week, Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith has been fined.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the NFL fined Smith $12,500 for a hit on Indianapolis tight end Dallas Clark during the Texans’ loss to the Colts on Sunday.

Smith was flagged for a personal foul for hitting Clark away from the play while Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was returning a Peyton Manning interception. Clark wasn’t attempting to make a tackle.

Under a rule put in place in response to Warren Sapp badly injuring Chad Clifton with a block away from the play during a 2002 game, it’s illegal to hit an offensive player after a turnover if he’s away from the play and not trying to get into position to make a tackle.

Smith was fined $10,000 for a cheap shot on Titans center Kevin Mawae last week.

6 responses to “Antonio Smith fined $12,500 for hit on Dallas Clark

  1. If I remember right this guy had a couple of personal fouls called against him in this game. Can’t remember what else he did, but I do remember thinking how bad of a game he was having.

  2. That’s two sacks and three personal fouls on the season. The Texans’ D-line scouting department strikes again!

  3. I agree with the league, if a player is obviously nowhere near the “action” of the play he can’t just get blown up. I remember when Sav Rocca got lit up on a special teams play…tough guy he got up, but damn did he take a shot.
    It’s on YOUTUBE, Eagles-Ravens game…you know, the one that McNabb got benched..

  4. Out of curiosity, how much was Mawae fined for that chicken**** chop that prompted Antonio’s kidney shot? For that matter, was I the only person who thinks Mawae should have at least gotten a flag for trying to take out Amobi Okoye’s knees a couple of plays later?!

    $10K for that pu$$* @** hit?! Smitty, you should have given him a swift kick in the ‘nads and earned that fine – he got off WAAAAAAAAAAY too easy.

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