Herschel Walker preparing for MMA debut

Herschel Walker, the former Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles and Giants running back, is preparing for his professional debut as a mixed martial arts fighter in January.

Walker is currently in San Jose, training with the American Kickboxing Academy team for the fight. Although the Strikeforce MMA promotion has announced that Walker will be part of its January 30 show, it has not named an opponent for him yet.

The fight will take place at BankAtlantic Center near Miami, and Strikeforce is hoping to get some coverage of the event from the football media who are in Miami for the Pro Bowl that weekend and the Super Bowl the following weekend. The fight card will be televised on Showtime.

Ex-NFL players have had mixed results when trying their hands at MMA. In the most recent season of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality show, ex-Buffalo Bills practice squad member Brendan Schaub won three fights and advanced to Saturday night’s live finale. A couple of other former NFL players, Marcus Jones and Matt Mitrione, did well enough on The Ultimate Fighter to earn a bout on the undercard fighting each other. (I’m picking Schaub to lose his fight and Jones to beat Mitrione.)

But there have also been some ugly results when former NFL players have attempted to fight in the cage. Foremost among those was when former NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton took an MMA fight in 2007. Morton was knocked out in just 38 seconds and had to be carried off on a stretcher.

22 responses to “Herschel Walker preparing for MMA debut

  1. He could join the WWE as multiple characters!
    How’s my man Whisper Goodman doing these days?

  2. What a freakin circus act! Pathetic. I don’t care how athletic or in shape you are,how much you practiced “buy your belt “self defense at the local dojo,to start cage fighting at 47 is a joke. Sure,he’s training with UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez but he would get murdered by any seasoned MMA guy. Hope he gets a total novice like himself so he don’t get hurt too bad. It’s not a joke in there.
    Brendan Schaub will get beat easily by Roy Nelson. Nelson knows MMA well even though he looks like a doughnut eating slob. Jones should win also.Not a bad call Smith.

  3. What about UFC champ Brock Lesnar who played for the Vikings during the preseason a few years back?

  4. “Big Country” is lucky that James McSweeny got so cocky in the fight. No way will he beat Schaub. Marcus “The Darkness” is going to kill Matt Mitrione.

  5. He should fight Gina Carano. And the loser should have to sit on my face.
    Or the winner.
    Wait….would he be expected to win that matchup? Because I’m not sure.
    And I’m not sure that’s a chance I’d be willing to take….
    Come to think of it, yes….yes it is.

  6. I knew when MDS came back to the site that the stupid MMA articles would come with him eventually…..

  7. I hope he runs faster around that octagon than he did up and down the field for the Vikings!!!

  8. I Love watching MMA so much! Right now my favorite sports are 1. NFL 2. UFC/MMA 3. College Football!! I hope Herschel does well! Who knows maybe he’ll be the next Fedor!! Hey You never know!! I love Mixed Martial Arts and I enjoy watching the different styles compete against each other!! Judo Vs Muy Thai or Russian Sambo vs Jiu Jitsu!! It’s all great and a guy like Fedor has made me an even bigger fan with the way he approaches each match!! Fedor treats all of his opponents with nothing but humiolity and respect!! Fedor is a TRUE class act in the sporting world!! That’s one guy I would LOVE to shake hands with!! Anyways I hope Mr. Walker has a good career in the MMA world!! Should be Fun with so many EX NFL players wanting to break into MMA!! LOVE it all!!

  9. Viking fans will just tell Brock,
    “Hershell Walker Trade.”
    Brock is a big Viking fan, that will set him off.

  10. Yeah. This is insane. I’ve got a black belt. It’s no fun getting kicked and punched, but it’s part of the deal. But what it teaches you besides the price that fighting exacts is that you can choose your pain, talk it out or walk away.
    That being said, the punishment MMA fighters can take is unbelievable. They are trained in mulitple disciplines, are freakin’ lethal and they only have to land one punch and you are sipping through straws for months.
    I can’t understand why anyone does it, let alone a guy in his late 40’s who has money and nothing to prove. I mean honestly, you can’t get a tee time where you live?
    I will, of course, watch, if it is broadcast.

  11. “Herschel Walker, the former Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles and Giants running back…”
    New Jersey Generals 1983-1985
    2411 yards rushing in 1985 (18 games)

  12. Herschel is braver than me. I am 53. I would not dare go try and fight in a judo tournament, and I have a black belt in that discipline. Young kids bounce better than I do. And an mma match is just a tad more dangerous than a judo match. Fears: neck injury, concussion, heart attack from adrenaline rush. I chose to watch Herschel be brave. Win or lose, he’s got cojones.

  13. # TFBuckFutter says: December 4, 2009 7:13 PM
    He should fight Gina Carano. And the loser should have to sit on my face.
    Or the winner.
    Wait….would he be expected to win that matchup? Because I’m not sure.
    And I’m not sure that’s a chance I’d be willing to take….
    Come to think of it, yes….yes it is.
    Dude…WTF?… That’s actually pretty funny… I think?…

  14. Let me know when he gets in the ring against Mangini or Dan Snyder. Then I’ll be there to watch that ass beating! Konichiwa Bitches!!!!

  15. Let me know when he gets in the ring vs. Mangini or Dan Snyder. I’ll pay whatever they want to watch that ass beating!!!
    Konichiwa Bitches!!!!

  16. I love me some Big Baby aka The Darkness aka Frankenstein aka Marcus Jones. The dude was in the NFL for eight years and now spends his off time growing roses competively. O ya and also beating people senseless. The Darkness takes people to the ground like its nothing. He should have beaten Shaub he had that fight but didnt pour it on hard enough and let him get and then he got caught on the chin. 4 out of 5 times I think Big Baby wins that fight. Dude is a “Munster”

  17. MDS I knew it had to be you talking about UFC. Florio strikes me as one of those uptight mma isn’t a pure sport like boxing type.

  18. i think the marcus matrione fight is going to be real nice. Marcus will win it….but how do you think fat ass cornbread is going to beat brennan? I donno, he’s made a living in the series thus far by laying on people. Difference is marcus (and the guy who beat him, Brennan) are strong enough to pop him off, i think Brennan and Marcus both win.

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