Jets-Bills one-liners

CB Darrelle Revis’s interception with 2:02 to play capped another great night for him and the Jets’ 19-13 victory over the Bills.

Said Jets coach Rex Ryan of QB Mark Sanchez hurting himself on a headfirst dive, “He just has to understand, this guy is crucial for our organization’s
and he can’t be reckless. Maybe this little setback will show
him how serious we are about this. I never want him diving forward. I
don’t want to see that. I thought we were clear on it.”

The Jets defense held the Bills to 194 yards on offense, with only 36 coming after the half.

The Jets gained 249 yards on the ground Thursday night and 567 in two games against the Bills, a franchise record for two games against the same team in one season.

Ryan suggested that Jets WR Braylon Edwards wear stickum on his facemask after a potential touchdown pass bounced off his helmet.

Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News thinks the combination of the lukewarm Toronto crowd and the poor Bills performance made for a poor audition for potential head coaches.

The Bills have now lost 10 consecutive night games.

RT Kirk Chambers continued a season-long trend for Bills offensive linemen when he left the game with an ankle injury.

The Bills threw to WR Terrell Owens nine times, but he finished with only three catches for 31 yards.  

Third downs were a problem as the Bills only converted one of their 11 chances on Thursday night.

5 responses to “Jets-Bills one-liners

  1. What? The great TO only had 3 catches and was held under 40 yds AGAIN (like he was 8 times last season)?
    In the brief period I watched the game (about 45 minutes) he also dropped an easy 3rd down catch and got a severe case of ‘alligator arms’ on another 3rd down toss. Both, if caught would have resulted in 1st downs.
    When are people going to admit that this guy is done and is no longer the great WR he once was (and hasn’t been for at least 2 years now).

  2. The Bills need a consistent offensive line, a new quarterback, and a new tradition of signing extensions for good defensive players. Seriously, there is a lot of good things happening in Buffalo, and the list is not infinitely long.

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