Trueblood fined $7,500 for taking off helmet

Tampa Bay Buccaneers right tackle Jeremy Trueblood has been one of the most-fined players in the league in recent years, and this week the NFL fine police got him again.

Trueblood was fined $7,500 for taking off his helmet on the field during a verbal outburst in Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Around this time last year, we were writing about Trueblood getting fined for facemasking opponents, and complaining that NFL referees have attitude problems.

At other times Trueblood had been fined for impermissible contact with an official, for throwing his helmet, for unnecessary roughness and for punching Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye.

Maybe in the future we should just report on it when Trueblood goes a week without getting fined.

17 responses to “Trueblood fined $7,500 for taking off helmet

  1. Florio, please, please, stop doing a post for every f**king fine.
    Can’t you just please put them on one excel spreadsheet each week?
    Then and only then will we see the absurdity of how much this has gotten out of hand. It will also showcase repeat offenders for fines that are legitimate.

  2. Actually, this is a good fine. This something you don’t need to see exhibited on a football field. It’s a bush league, childish move.

  3. Is anyone else totally sick of the endless pointless fines handed out by the NFL? it’s a game for cryin out loud! It’s entertainment!
    Relax, Roger!
    Why isnt the rule something like “Please keep your helmet on at all times. An official will remind you to keep it on; he may give you a warning. If you don’t put in on after the warning within a reasonable time, you may be asked to leave the field and you may be subject to a fine.
    Same process for celebrations. Give them a warning.
    I mean who cares? Can’t we all use an excessive celebration once in a while?

  4. I’m pretty sure this is Trueblood’s first fine this year because I read this site quite often and can’t remember any other fine [this year]
    Trueblood isn’t fined at a Ochocinco pace, he just plays with a lot of heart and emotion.
    I know that MDS or Florio won’t respond to this but I want to know…
    Why are you always looking for something negative about someone?
    Don’t you guys understand how it FEELS to play in the NFL and how sometimes emotion gets the best of some players?
    oh wait, nevermind…

  5. where does goodell get off fining the players so much?
    Let’s fine the REF’s that gave the steelers the SB against the cards (we all know that was a block in the back @ the 34 yard line – play OVER) on the harrison return.
    Fine the refs, they screw up every week, they can’t even spot the ball correctly anymore – fine them. this is costing people money, team’s games and stress.
    BTW, try to get some younger refs! Y is a game played by 20 year olds, reffed by 70 years olds that cannot possibly run anymore. (with exception to our favorite buffed ref – houculi)

  6. This kind of makes Trueblood out to be some innocent victim of a bad policy. This guy didn’t take his helmet off during a verbal spat. He actually took his helmet off after starting a fight. He was giving a DB the business after the play. IE:

    After a Falcons player noticed him giving the business to the DB, the Falcons player jumped on him, and a small melee ensued. Trueblood took his helmet off after that . . .

  7. Vampires dont live by silly human rules. He’s got his own sherriff ,majestrate, and queen to deal with. He doesnt have time to add Roger Goodell to that list.

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