Restraining order issued against Terrell Suggs

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has something bigger to worry about than his current knee injury.

ABC2 in Baltimore reports that a temporary restraining order has been issued against Suggs.  It’s believed that Suggs’ girlfriend asked for the order.  Suggs has not been arrested and no other details are available.

The Ravens released a statement on the matter Saturday: “The Ravens are looking into the matter and will speak with Terrell Suggs.”

A hearing took place on Friday afternoon, during which the order was filed. 

Suggs is expected to miss his third straight game Monday since suffering a “minor” tear of his MCL.

31 responses to “Restraining order issued against Terrell Suggs

  1. If he would focus as much on football, as he does on his lady freinds, maybe the Ravens would be sporting a better W-L record this year – get your head on straight, sizzle!

  2. This Suggs guy, he’s a great football player, he such a great football player, I like to call him the Wife Beater. He makes people want to go out and beat the crap out of their wives, because he’s such a good National Football League football player.

  3. Presumably this in Maryland. In Maryland, protective orders are civil matters. Terrell Suggs would only be served by the Sheriff to appear at a hearing in about a week.

  4. Say it isnt so not a Ravens player having legal issues and it is actually being reported, Ithought only legal issues of the other teams got reported.
    Good Work Gregg, Thanks for letting people know.
    hey ravens fans doesnt that make him just as bad as Harrison, Ben and Holmes,
    It is called Karma, What goes around comes around..See you all in a couple weeks,

  5. At least he didn’t stab anyone…….Or witness (wink) anyone being stabbed……In a glass half empty sort of way…..It’s a step in the right direction….right?…

  6. Also, will Harbaugh issue a statement saying “this is everything thats wrong with the NFL?” I doubt it…

  7. His priorities are out of whack.He treats his tackling dummy like it’s his girlfriend during practice, and then treats his girlfriend like a tackling dummy.Maybe he should be checked over for concussion symptoms…

  8. He could have very well done something wrong, but a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) gets entered without the accused having a chance to present their case or dispute the accusations. They are a “temporary” restraining order that a person can get by request and it really does not matter what the accused said. They err on the side of caution in the event something really did happen and the person needs immediate protection. If the accuser is serious and follows through with the process of attempting to obtain a Final Restraining Order (FRO), then the case will actually be presented to a judge and he or she will determine if Mr. Suggs did anything wrong and/or something that would be considered an act of domestic violence.
    If whoever sought the TRO gets a Final Restraining Order (FRO), then that means something. For all we know it could be an angry girlfriend trying to make a point. Of course it could also be very legitimate, just pointing out there really is no burden of proof on the accuser when they are obtaining a TRO.

  9. ya see, that’s what happens when you give a Ravens player too much time on their hands.
    Stabbing people, beating girls, crushing fans beneath their massive uni brows.
    It’s just in the rat birds DNA to be criminal A holes.

  10. After reading the headline I was hoping it would be against Quinn. That might be exciting, another NFL players smacking his wife/girlfriend around is nothing to write about.

  11. @falky … in other words you mean Brady Quinn got the restraining order only for the upcoming game in Baltimore ?

  12. Gautam says:
    December 5, 2009 3:16 PM
    raideralex99 … you haven’t seen those Brady Quinn grabbing other men’s crotch photos have you ?
    Either way, Quinn would kick your sorry ass!

  13. @Falky
    “a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) gets entered without the accused having a chance to present their case or dispute the accusations.”
    False. A TRO may be entered into Ex-Parte but that is almost always done in order to “prevent an adversary from having notice of one’s intentions.” In other words if you are getting divorced and want to hide your assets. It is doubtful (but possible) that it would be granted as such in this case. Either way you are wrong in implying that the accused never gets the chance to present their case.

  14. Tom Pafford says:
    December 5, 2009 4:23 PM
    Just another pre-madonna
    A “pre-madonna”? I don’t get it..he came before Madonna? It’s so funny to see some of these posters to present their ideas and put their stupidity out there for all to see.

  15. Tom Pafford says: December 5, 2009 4:23 PM
    Just another pre-madonna
    hahaha, so he is another person who was about before that slut got a singing gig? i think you were aiming for prima donna, but then again you very well could have been aiming for a pre 80’s statement

  16. Tom Pafford,
    I think he’s another pre-cyndi lauper, myself.
    That made my night. I’m still laughing too hard to type.
    Thanks, bro!

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