Adams, Tuck go at it again

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck and Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams didn’t like each other before today’s game, and it’s probably safe to say they like each other even less now.

At the end of the first half of the Cowboys-Giants game, Adams shoved Tuck as the teams walked to their locker rooms. According to the Fox broadcast, Adams was called for a personal foul that the Giants declined.

It’s unclear why the Giants would decline a 15-yard penalty, but it is clear that these two guys won’t be sending each other Christmas cards. In the teams’ first meeting this season, Adams tripped Tuck and caused him to land awkwardly on his left shoulder, leading to an injury that has bothered him all season.

Tuck called Adams “bush league” afterward, and Adams was fined $12,500. Another fine for Adams — and more harsh words from Tuck — may be coming.

21 responses to “Adams, Tuck go at it again

  1. I’d bet every Cowboys starter would give 12k for a win today. league officials look buyable anyway

  2. this Adams is a flat out cheap- shot player. He should have been kicked out of the game. he hit Tuck from behind, and Tuck was just standing there. then he starts a sideline fight. suspend this butthole.

  3. The Cowboys have to address finding a replacement for Adams this offseason. He’s been good in the past, but I fear he has passed his use-by date.

  4. shouldn’t some moron like Vox be on here saying what a great LT this makes aunt flo? Tripping is one thing, granted its way cheaper of a shot than holding, but still one can argue that the idea is to protect your QB regardless of any consequences. This shot was in no way, shape, or form defensible as good for the team, and it would be unexpected to see some koolaid drinkers from dallas own up to it.

  5. God I hate the Cowboys with everything I have. They are a bunch of scumbag motherfers and their fans are no better.

  6. The Giants “declined” the penalty because it’s NFL rules.
    All penalties made after the conclusion of a play at the end of the half or at the end of the game are automatically declined.
    Silly rule.

  7. LOL,,,,let’s see it’s December and Dallas is 0-1 so far this month! I’m sorry that’s really nothing new!

  8. Is anyone surprised by a classless act by Flozell? It’s his modus operandi. Another great December performance by the Cowboys gives hope to the rest of the division.

  9. great win the giants,
    I hope the nfl gives fat lazy flozell a huge fine and two game suspension.
    flozell is gutless

  10. @promin1
    Feeling is mutual toward trash such as yourself.
    I don’t like cheapshots. Good players don’t pull that crap.

  11. You will have to forgive me, but I am old school so I still hate the Cowboys from when they were relevant. With that being said, not only is Flozell a terrible left tackle, he is as dirty as he is overrated. I can’t stand the Giants either but at least they play the game the way it is supposed to be played.

  12. How many times has Flozell been fined but not suspended? Seriously the league has to suspend this peace of garbage.

  13. Why does Flozell behave like this?
    Doesn’t he realize the Cowboys were really good … a long long time ago?

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