Andy Reid won't comment on contract talks

We’ve been hearing for a couple months now that a new deal is coming for Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, and after today’s game Reid was asked about reports that his contract extension could come this week.

But Reid says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Although Reid stressed that he can “think of no better organization” than the Eagles, he says he doesn’t want to address talk that he’s close to completing a long-term contract extension. Eagles officials also refused to comment.

But while everyone remains tight-lipped, all indications are that Reid is staying put, continuing to coach the team he has led to a 105-66-1 record. The deal is expected to get done, even if Reid and the Eagles aren’t discussing it.

UPDATE: As a reader pointed out in the comments, the Eagles released a statement after today’s game that read, “We’re aware of the reports regarding Andy Reid’s contract. The organization has acknowledged earlier that it expects to extend his contract at some points in the near future. Beyond that, the organization has no further comment.”

At his press conference, Reid said, “I think there was a statement put out. I’m not going to add to it. I’ve told you before, I love it here in Philadelphia, the fans. There’s not any better organization. The statement was put out and that’s what it is.”

10 responses to “Andy Reid won't comment on contract talks

  1. i think andy reid could take a dump of the chest of jeff lurie and joe banner and he still wouldnt get fired. i dont understand what secret andy reid has over these 2 men that he’s using it to blackmail them to not get fired.

  2. sdffa11 says:
    December 6, 2009 8:58 PM
    I have at time felt like enough is enough with him. But look at the team the Eagles have and the teams they have consistently put on the field since hes been their coach. The Eagles have NEVER been this good for this long, and it looks like its going to stay that way. 3 years ago I was ready to call it quits with him. Since the 07 draft I have been converted back to the Andy Reid team. I dont think theirs a gm or head coach in the league that has drafted better then him in the last 3 years.
    I still think he his capable of winning a superbowl in philly. I do think however before he gets extended Lurie and him need to agree that they will bring in someone to help him with Clock mangement. It has cost philly some games but think of all the games Andy Reid has won for the Eagles.
    I think they should wait until after the season to see if they want to sign him to an extension and if he doesnt directly cause a loss in the playoffs I say sign him. Im not saying if the Eagles dont win the superbowl then they shouldn’t extended him Im saying if he does something that he clearly shouldnt have done and that directly causes the Eagles to lose then dont extend him now and wait to see what happens in 2010.
    Im just not ready to give up on the guy and I still think he has what it takes to win it all

  3. With the Birds, it has never been about winning the super bowl, only about making money and winning in the regular season. That is what puts asses in seats. To make it to the playoffs and exit at some point is icing on the cake for Lurie, but not his reason for existing. Making money, lots of it, is his cause. Nothing wrong with it, but for long suffering fans of the eagles, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hold our heads high that we have another winner in town. The Phillies have given them some incentive to get better that middle of the pack. And, don’t forget, the eagles have been no more than a middlin’ team since 2004. Nothing special, no supes, just lots of money for Jeffrey and his Gold Standard team. The gold standard does not refer to the quality of the team, but the amount of money they make off of it.

  4. andy is supplying the owner with drugs that he gets from his kids and Jeffey does not want to lose his dealer
    Will never ever ever win a SB but will always have a good stash

  5. @Bigbluephan,
    I see you keep very tight social circles, and probably were a standout in college. Kudos sir!
    I’m sure a lot of preparation and thought went into such a brilliant statement.
    Best of luck!

  6. Ask yourself this?? If you were a Browns fan?, a Raiders fan if you could guarantee your team a playoff game, even with a win, dare I say a conference title shot (5 times) in the next decade with almost( the most wins total of any team) would you remove your left testicle with a dull scalpel and ball point pen??? To save all the Eagles bashing and lots of bad self surgery on the Left Coast and in the Midwest the answer is YES!!!!!…Sure he’s beaten anorexia and handles the clock like Helen Keller with a palmful of C-4 while doing jumping jacks…At the end of the day we’ll live with it…Ahem…E-A-G-L-E-S………….wooooooooooooooooooo

  7. “The Eagles have NEVER been this good for this long”
    “I do think however before he gets extended Lurie and him need to agree that they will bring in someone to help him with Clock mangement.”
    That’s REALLY sad.

  8. # VoxVeritas says: December 7, 2009 8:33 AM
    “The Eagles have NEVER been this good for this long”
    “I do think however before he gets extended Lurie and him need to agree that they will bring in someone to help him with Clock mangement.”
    That’s REALLY sad.
    It’s okay, Voxie. It must burn you up that in the 21st century the Eagles have such a greater deal of success than your Cowboys.
    Of course, we can beat the Giants… and when we do next weekend, while you begin your December skid… it’ll be bye, bye Playoffs. AGAIN.

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