Big day from Alex Smith not enough, Seahawks beat 49ers

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith has never looked better than he did today. But the Seahawks kicked a last-second field goal and beat the 49ers 20-17 in Seattle.

Smith completed 27 of 45 passes for 310 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. It was the first 300-yard passing game of his career, and a sign that he might finally be developing into the player the 49ers thought he would become when they chose him with the first pick in the 2005 NFL draft.

That wasn’t enough, though. Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck also played well, completing 25 of 34 passes for 198 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and Hasselbeck maneuvered the Seahawks into field goal range in the game’s final moments, setting up Olindo Mare’s 30-yard game-winning field goal as time expired.

We hung in there in that last minute,” Seattle coach Jim Mora said. “Hopefully, it’s an indication of what we’re building here.”

The 49ers and Seahawks now have identical 5-7 records, tied for second in the NFC West. If the first-place Arizona Cardinals unexpectedly collapse down the stretch it’s still possible that Seattle or San Francisco could sneak into the playoffs, but that’s unlikely.

What’s more likely is that the Seahawks just eliminated the 49ers from any realistic playoff hope, and the 49ers just squandered a career day from Smith.

16 responses to “Big day from Alex Smith not enough, Seahawks beat 49ers

  1. What a joke. 9 Carries for Gore? Throwing on 1st and 2nd down and running Gore in a Singleback set on 3rd, sometimes? This is horrendous playcalling. I never liked Jimmy Raye to begin with, now it’s Sing’s fault for allowing this garbage to take place. Its not like we were down and couldnt run. Please get rid of this retard Jimmy Hostler Raye.

  2. Whats more than anything, there were quite a few drops on legitimate plays by Smith. Davis had 3 big drops (one for a TD) and Crabtree had 2 (one for a TD) .

  3. Hey, where’s that Niner fan who’s been on here all year telling us how great SF is?
    Then he wrote, “We also have Carolina’s #1 pick next year, and they’re a terrible team.”
    Carolina — 5-7.
    Um, SF — 5-7.
    Hey, at least you have #1 picks for two terrible teams.
    I also got a kick out of Crabtree’s scared-to-death coward move on the endzone pass in crunch time. What a colossal pussy.
    “For what? For who?” I think I heard him say….

  4. StevieMo has no clue what he is talking about. Crabtree’s route was a double move to the corner of the endzone. Smith had no time on the play and tried to shoot the ball out too early. Crabtree wasn’t looking for the ball and when he saw it he tried to make a play. The ball was behind Crabtree and he had no chance to catch the ball. Learn the game before you run your mouth.

  5. I coached football for 7 years, asshole.
    Chicken-shit coward, was afraid to get tagged by Malloy.
    Jerk off.

  6. uknowit is right. If it makes you feel any better the announcers are equally clueless and missed it too, saying Crabtree bailed. Being honest, he was keying on the ball and trying to make a catch behind his head.
    I still hate the whiners.

  7. It would have been stupid for Crabtree to try and make the catch. He would have been destroyed if he had tried to make that play. I do not want to see what happened to Boldin last year happen to Crabtree. Smith should not have thrown that pass, and Davis should have caught the ball that hit him square in the hands the play before.
    If you think he should have tried to catch it(He would not have had even a remote chance of holding onto it) to avoid looking like a “pussy”, then you’re an inbred retard. Crabtree made the right decision, Alex Smith did not.

  8. Typical niner fan, can’t see what is in front of him.
    The ball was behind his head. He did not bail, he was trying to slow down and catch something whizzing behind his head.

  9. We ran the play back 15 times on our DVR. Crabtree was about to make a lunge for the ball, saw Milloy and flat-out ducked. Watch it several times and then we’ll talk.
    I like the Niners’ apologists on here who say, “If he tried to catch it, he would have gotten hurt!” Man, that’s funny. No wonder this is your 7th straight losing year, Niners fans.
    You and Crabtree certainly understand the game: “Whatever you do, don’t get hurt! Wins don’t mean anything; just stay healthy!”

  10. To ninernation, “I do not want to see what happened to Boldin last year happen to Crabtree”.
    Don’t worry, it won’t, crabtree will not be in the super bowl. Nor will anyone mistake him for a tough guy anytime soon.

  11. hey StevieMo if you hate the 49ers so much why do you sit in your living room running the play back 15 times?? plus youre always on here talkin on the niners stories.. i think youre secretly a niner fan, or just some old rejected football coach who doesn’t have a life nor a job… so uhh.. which is it Mo??

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