Cassel won't lose starting job

Matt Cassel got the hook on Sunday, but he’s still Kansas City’s starting quarterback.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley confirmed that Cassel will start next week’s game against Buffalo; Brodie Croyle finished out Kansas City’s dismal 44-13 loss to the Broncos.

“To me, the game was at a point where it was going to be very difficult for us to even get in the game
and it was a chance to get Brodie some snaps,” Haley said.

Cassel has been uneven at best for the Chiefs, but he was victimized by a ton of drops Sunday and shoddy offensive line play.

The last two weeks showed how far the Chiefs have to go in the AFC West.  The Chargers and Broncos outscored them by a combined total of 87-27.  Brodie Croyle isn’t changing that.

9 responses to “Cassel won't lose starting job

  1. But Haley could wind up with an AZ address real quick.
    KC and that arrogant Patriot schmuck have laid the pieces together for some serious long term failure. He can join Weiss and Romeo and Mangini as Dead limbs on the “tree”

  2. Yeah right, like they’re going to bench their $64 Million Man. Even if he continues to stink it up they’ll blame it on personnel and keep reminding everyone that “it’s a process” to change the culture in KC.
    Hey Pioli, you better sign some talent and draft wisely in 2010 bud or else you’re on the fast track to being labeled the latest New England defector to fail.
    Don’t get me started on Haley. Holy sh*t.

  3. Its hard to say if he was a system QB or struggling because of his situation. Always thought he was a system QB in NE but you never know.
    Bowe being suspended is not helping things

  4. Scott Pioli = The GM version of Eric Mangini, Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel.
    He’ll be fired after next year when he takes a center with our top 5 pick, Cassel throws 27 INT and Haley starts punting on 3rd down.
    He has mistaken the glory/cheating days in NE as intelligence. The fact is, he hasn’t a clue.
    Taking Tyson Jackson over Aaron Curry made that obvious in a hurry. Between he and Cassel, we have $120M in wasted dollars to deal with over the next six years.
    Thanks, Scott. Just take your giant man-boobs and inflated ego elsewhere, please.

  5. This is single handedly Herm Edwards fault. Pushing this to be a “younger” team 3 years ago has made them fail. Let go of Jared Allen, then to put Tony G. on teams where he knew he wouldn’t have a chance to win. Also, a shitty offensive line for where LJ can’t run through. Herm Edwards…you suck!

  6. I’m surprised KC fans are already throwing Cassel under the bus…. This is a guy who has proven he can get the job done if you surround him with proper talent (and get him a decent o-line).
    I would think the problem is more the guys surrounding Cassel than Cassel.

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