Dungy calls lack of black college coaches "disgraceful"

No matter how you feel about the NFL’s “Rooney Rule,” it has undeniably helped open the door for qualified black coaches.

The same opportunities have been tougher to find at the college level. 

Speaking on NBC Sunday night, Tony Dungy said that minority coaches feel like they have a better chance for advancement if they move to the pros.

Dungy called the lack of minority coaches in college “disgraceful” and pointed towards Mike Tomlin as an example of the problem.

Tomlin was recommended by Dungy for an interview at a BCS school, but it never happened.  The Steelers hired Tomlin a month later and have a Super Bowl ring to show for it.

“That’s the difference between the NCAA and the NFL right now,” Dungy said.

The numbers are hard to argue with.  Only one BCS conference school has a minority head coach – Miami’s Randy Shannon.  Nine of 120 “Bowl Subdivision” coaches are minorities.

“They’ve got to step up and say, ‘We’re going to do the right thing.
We’re going to hire qualified people. We’re going to hire the best man
for the job regardless of what boosters or anyone else has to say,'”
Dungy said

Dungy’s mention of boosters is telling.  College football presidents essentially have a constituency to answer to, with murky politics often at play.

All that matters in the NFL is winning.

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  1. not saying that powers that be don’t play a role, but the key here is the hire the people that are best qualified for the job, regardless of color. You almost get the feeling that some people would be happy to see the colleges hire minorities, even if they drove the program into the ground, which is the last thing a guy like Dr. King would have wanted.

  2. As a conservative Black man who dislikes racial quotas, I totally agree with Tony. One Black head coach in the BCS conferences and just 9 total? That’s ridiculous.

  3. And said BCS school was my (and Tony Dungy’s) alma mater, Minnesota. Yes, the same Gophers that haven’t been to a January bowl game since the LBJ administration, and have been a combined 14-23 under their current coach, Tim Brewster. And we wonder why we might be the most consistent losing program among all major public football playing institutions in the nation.

  4. If they want equality how about affirmative action for white football players. Where are the white running backs and cornerbacks? Equality works both ways.

  5. I know it has happened before that a black coach wasn’t hired because of discrimination, but why does it seem like every case of a white guy getting a coaching gig over a black guy must only be because of racism?

  6. “We’re going to hire the best man for the job regardless of what boosters or anyone else has to say,'” Dungy said”
    I think they should hire who they think is the best man for the job regardless of what Tony Dungy thinks.
    Tony Dungy rode Manning to a Super Bowl. Big whoop. Jon Gruden took a team Dungy finished 9-7 with and won a Super Bowl with them.
    A little tired of this defying Tony Dungy. What he was was a decent coach who rode on a lot of Talent. I get tired of the media and himself pushing himself as some great moral voice. He’s a retired football coach who underachieved with the talent he had. That is all.

  7. Tomlin is a bad example to use the way his team is playing.
    Maybe we should be ashamed there is not enough qualified candidates?

  8. They say by 2015 caucasions will be a minority in the US. Then we’ll have to start all over getting some caucasions coaches. It will never end. I do agree that there should be more black college coaches, but no man should be hired for or denied a job due to the color of his skin. Does Dungy feel there is a coordinated effort to block black men from getting head coaching jobs? What about college basketball? Is he talking only football?

  9. Tony is missing a big group of people he needs to be calling out, NFL players. Last I checked the vast majority came from the college Bowl Division. Why they dont they get on their former schools?

  10. All this black white stuff is ridiculous! How many Hispanic head coaches lead an NFL or NCAA football team? Yet you don’t hear us complaining about it! What has Dungy done to deserve the ability to make such judgment calls?

  11. There are plenty of African American coaches out there qualified to coach these BCS schools. I don’t necessarily believe there should be a Rooney Rule but if these college presidents really want to win then they have to look past color and hire the most qualified. I know a lot of these college presidents worry more about dollars and cents than winning and they have no idea who would be actually be qualified to coach. But is not doubt there is a good ole boy network alive and well in college football.

  12. “The Notorious V.I.C. says:
    December 6, 2009 11:04 PM
    I think he makes a fair point. The numbers are just way too lopsided.”
    Not really.
    13% of the population is African American. 9 out of 120 is 7.5%.
    6 or 7 more minority coaches would balance that out.
    However, the argument is always that the majority of players are black and the coaching pool should be representative of that…..
    The problem is that football players are, by and large, not very bright (ditto most athletes), so coaches don’t usually come from that specific pool, and should be judged based on the population as a whole.
    6 or 7 more coaches in a field of 120 really isn’t that many.

  13. GoSaints!, you’re not very smart — are you? Look up the definition of the Rooney Rule, and then read what you wrote: “So when are they gonna have the Asian, Indian, Hawaiian and Hispanic Rule? Just Curious!” Figure out your error.
    uknowit, you’re not very smart, either: “If they want equality how about affirmative action for white football players. Where are the white running backs and cornerbacks? Equality works both ways.”
    Think about the reason for what you wrote. When you figure out that reason — if you figure out that reason — does that same reason apply to the lack of minority coaches over the course of American history? No.
    “why does it seem like every case of a white guy getting a coaching gig over a black guy must only be because of racism”
    Throw the word “unqualified” before “white” and throw the word “qualified” before “black,” and cite many, many, many, many examples, and you might figure out the answer.
    Use your brain, people.

  14. Dungy’s right. And the argument that colleges hire on merit alone is clearly false. If merit was the main hiring requisite for jobs the world would be a different place. We all know it doesn’t work like that.

  15. Dungy is a racial bawlbaby.
    According to him, it’s discruimination if asnyone other than an Afrixcan American isn’t hired.
    There are Asians, Hispanics, Latinoes, Native Americans, etc. But according to people like Dungy, Obama, etc. The world revolves around African Americans. :::smirk:::

  16. I think we need ore white players in the NFL. Is tehre one starting RB that is white? Racism all the way.

  17. @GoSaints!
    You do know the Rooney Rule covers ALL minorities, right?
    That being said, the problem with the NBC commentary was that it confused all the other naive viewers into thinking the Rooney Rule only applies to black coaches. The numbers they provided was obviously for shock factor. There are more than 9 minority coaches in college (not too more than 9, but more nonetheless), but comparing a single digit number to a triple digit number makes people shout from the rooftops.

  18. “INTENSEG says:
    December 6, 2009 11:15 PM
    There are plenty of African American coaches out there qualified to coach these BCS schools.”
    The problem though is that there are a LOT more white coaches who are as qualified, or more qualified than those black coaches simply because there are a lot more whites pursuing that job.
    So if one out of ten qualified coaches is black, what are the chances that he is the MOST qualified? Lets say he is more qualified than 5 of the 9 white candidates, equally as qualified as 2, but less qualified than the other 2, what is the advantage to hiring him, aside from public relations?
    It’s simply a numbers game, and pointing to Mike Tomlin doesn’t do a lot of good when you have guys like Ray Rhodes, Art Shell, and numerous others who DIDN’T succeed at a high level.
    I am absolutely not saying blacks don’t deserve to be, or aren’t as qualified to be head coaches, and in SOME cases race probably does play a role (going both ways), but in the end, teams are going to do what they think is best for the team.

  19. Because we all know the schools would rather lose with a white coach than win with a minority one, right?
    Sorry, not buying the conspiracy angle about “murky politics.”

  20. I think the lack of white, hispanic, asian, etc. football players in Division I football is disgraceful. What does Tony Dungy have to say about that???

  21. C’mon Tony D! This is nothing but bull shit. Why give anyone a job because of their color. Why not more white RB’s…Why not more white WR’s. See how ridiculous that sounds? At one point in time I know black’s were passed over for many coaching jobs. It was not just pathetic, it was and is wrong. College teams want to WIN. Pro teams want to WIN. They could care less if it is a white, black, Asian, or a Martian coach. Hire the best guy. I am a Browns fan and was thinking they might go after Dungy. I hope he never coaches any team I support. This crap is so old. Get your head out of your ass and stop crying. If Vick were white, I wonder if he would be a huge supporter. Sad. Dungy is a good guy and obviously a great coach but this is where I part ways with him.

  22. Here’s the difference. There are more black players in the NFL than white players. White college players, therefore, often get assistant and grad assistant jobs on college teams. Thus grooming them for a coordinator or head coaching position. This occurs at a higher rate than with black players.
    Also, maybe more white players are interested in coaching than black players. That could explain the lack of black coaches.

  23. clearly dungy never took econ at his Alma mater. until some minorities graduate from bcs schools and are in the boosters the conservative white graduates will continue to be bible humping conservatives. sad but true.

  24. NFL Coaches:
    Caldwell – Colts = 12-0 by virtue of Peyton.
    Morris – Bucs = 1-11
    Tomlin – Steelers = 6-6
    Lewis – Bengals = 9-3
    Smith – Bears = 5-7
    Singletary – 49ers = 5-7
    Back to argument that maybe there is not enough qualified candidates.

  25. Talk Football or get the hell out of the broadcasting booth, Tony.
    You’re doing the same thing Rush Limbaugh was scrutinized for.

  26. uknowit says: December 6, 2009 10:58 PM
    “If they want equality how about affirmative action for white football players. Where are the white running backs and cornerbacks? Equality works both ways.”
    This is a fair point. I understand that there is still plenty of racism against blacks out there, and I know the history, but if we’re talking quotas, and we are here, what about this? If we’re going to use artificial means (the Rooney Rule) to foster the hiring of minority head coaches, should we also use artificial means to foster the drafting of white CBs and RBs? Does Dungy find the lack of non-black CBs and RBs “disgraceful”?
    I say all of this as a liberal who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of this nation’s bastions of liberalism. It’s not just whites who are racist.

  27. Tony Dungy needs to forgive those schools like he has forgiven Mike Vick.
    All they need is a hug.

  28. This is not about quotas or affirmative action. It’s about gettting ‘an opportunity’ at the job. AD’s may be less inclined to entrust a program to a black person even though a white person may fail at it hire after hire after hire.
    People incorrectly assume Dungy is saying that a black coach will be more succeessful. But in reality a coach may fail at the job regardless of ethnicity but God help him if he’s a black coach.
    Randy Shannon in Miami gets a bashing from callers wanting him fired even though he has resurrected the program. His margin for errors is very small and anything less than a national title is not enough. At Miami, anything less than the national title is not enough even if you are a white coach. That’s the point.
    And the jerky who said why they aren’t more white running backs and receivers on football teams does not know college football. Those guys are in Division II and smaller conferences. They are not recruited in upper divisions perhaps something to do with skills or speed. Race is not necessariy a factor.

  29. UVA is hiring U. of Richmond’s Mike London tomorrow. He is a black head coach and will increase the number by 1 in the BCS (unless of course they final decide to kick UVA because they blow)

  30. Sigh.
    Yet another reason to miss the ole NFL Primetime show with Boomer and Tom Jackson. I actually thought NBC did a decent job at it their first year….but now I don’t even want to watch.
    Too much on the upcoming game, not enough highlights, and now political lectures.
    It is not whether or not the claim is true that is disturbing. What distresses me is that these sorts of diatribes belong on sports talk radio, not on the nightly highlight show.

  31. Someone tell Dungy it is the Pac-10 not the Pac-12.
    Should get his story straight before arguing. Just sounds like an idiot when he can’t even pronounce the conference names right.

  32. How many black players are there in the NFL compared to white players? I’d love to see that statistic and then hear Dungy’s explanation on why it’s ok.

  33. Brian_21- Shut your mouth and stop writing like you know what your talking about. I know why I wrote my statement. The argument is that qualified black coaches are being ignored for open jobs. Just as qualified WHITE players are being ignored for certain positions on the field. Name be a white cornerback and a white runningback in the league? I bet you can’t. I can name you more than two black coaches in the league. The Rooney rule is the biggest scam ever. African American’s only make up 12 or 13 percent of the population. But people seem to think that they should dominate the coaching ranks just because a large percentage of players are black. Just for the record- I’m Mexican and don’t give have no reason for to stand get behind any race. People like you just look at the obvious and scream from the rooftops. Use your brain, Brian.

  34. Why the hell isn’t Dungy offering Matt Jones a hug and a shoulder to pray upon?!!
    He needs to pick this young man who made a mistake up and get him on an NFL team!!
    Tony Dungy will die for your sins!!!!!

  35. If we’re going to have a debate about the number of black coaches at the college level, I wish it could be based on facts instead of emotion.
    Here’s a fact for you: as a rule, in order to be a head coach or full-time assistant at the college level, one must have a college degree. (Obviously, colleges wouldn’t be setting good examples for their players if they hired coaches who haven’t earned a degree.)
    Now, I haven’t seen any stats, but I’d be willing to bet the rent money that the pool of potential college coaches (i.e., the guys with college degrees) contains MANY more white guys than it does black guys.
    THAT is why there are so few black head coaches at the college level. (Of course, for whatever reasons, no one wants to include all of the black coaches at HBCUs in this discussion.)
    I like Dungy, but he’s wrong in this case.

  36. By the comments you can sure tell who is who i.e. black, white ooops I mean me African American, Caucasian. This is ridiculous, Dungy if you think it is so bad why aren’t you on the sideline….

  37. I also think it’s funny that Dungy points to Mike Tomlin as an example when Tomlin was NOT the most qualified candidate for a head coaching position, and his race clearly played a factor in his hiring.
    It worked out well thus far, and he’s been a very good head coach…..but at the time he was hired, there were white candidates that wouldn’t have been such a gamble…..guys with more than 1 year of experience at coordinator for a 6-10 team (that admittedly performed well on defense).

  38. The worst thing that could have happened for republicans was for men like Tomlin and Dungy to win superbowls. Now racist white republicans have no more excuses about the Rooney rule. The only reason why republicans hate the Rooney rule is because it exposes the white power structure in coaching positions and other position of power that keeps well qualified minorities out.

  39. “Bubba Maximus says:
    December 7, 2009 12:09 AM
    Here’s a fact for you: as a rule, in order to be a head coach or full-time assistant at the college level, one must have a college degree. (Obviously, colleges wouldn’t be setting good examples for their players if they hired coaches who haven’t earned a degree.)
    Now, I haven’t seen any stats, but I’d be willing to bet the rent money that the pool of potential college coaches (i.e., the guys with college degrees) contains MANY more white guys than it does black guys.”
    This is a great point highlighting another contributing factor to the disparity of the pool in general.

  40. Dungy also calls the lack of black father figures disgusting, along with the fact that 95% of AA’s voted for Obama.

  41. Tony obviously has the respect across the league from players, coaches announcers etc. So when he speaks it is probably worth listening to.
    However I think this post nailed it on the head
    mnmaverick says:
    December 6, 2009 11:37 PM
    Talk Football or get the hell out of the broadcasting booth, Tony.
    You’re doing the same thing Rush Limbaugh was scrutinized for.
    I am tired of the double-standard when it comes to this. Just like everyone else should be.

  42. Tony Dungy is right. I went to a large University in the south (i’m white) and know that there is a bigoted and prejudiced undercurrent that wouldn’t allow a black coach. Every little thing that went wrong would be because of “that stupid n—–!” Everyone will get in an uproar after reading this post but you know it’s true. Look at the difference in the way Willingham and Weis were treated at Notre Dame. Unfortunately in college, there’s more to it then winning and losing.

  43. ty willingham and his stellar record at Washington and Notre Dame agree with Dungy.
    ironically, ty willie didnt hire a single black coordinator while at uw/nd.
    i blame ty willie for the lack of black head coaches, its a pain to fire them.

  44. uknowit (who is obviously smart…) initially wrote: “If they want equality how about affirmative action for white football players. Where are the white running backs and cornerbacks? Equality works both ways.”
    Which is insane because NFL players are judged on whether they can play.
    Then, uknowit, you write: “Brian_21- Shut your mouth and stop writing like you know what your talking about. I know why I wrote my statement. The argument is that qualified black coaches are being ignored for open jobs. Just as qualified WHITE players are being ignored for certain positions on the field.”
    It’s know what you’re talking about, not your. But anyway, you do not know why you wrote your statement.
    Do you really want to make the argument that “WHITE players are being ignored for certain positions on the field”? If there is a qualified white player at any position, then he’d get the job. It’s as simple as that. As Gregg Rosenthal wrote, “All that matters in the NFL is winning.”
    Do you really feel that white players are being ignored? I’m trying not to laugh.
    But seriously, the racism against African Americans and other minorities regarding coaching jobs, especially at the college level, is an embarrassing disgrace.
    As Lyndon Johnson said in his historic “We Shall Overcome” speech: “To apply any other test — to deny a man his hopes because of his color, or race, or his religion, or the place of his birth is not only to do injustice, it is to deny America and to dishonor the dead who gave their lives for American freedom.”
    Men’s hopes are still being denied because of the color of their skin at the college coaching football level. This must change.

  45. It doesn’t matter what Tony Dungy says.
    It doesn’t matter what the Rooney’s say.
    What matters is that they want people judged by the color of their skin and that ain’t right . . .

  46. Racism isn’t specifically about treating others differently, it’s about focusing on race. Comments like the ones Dungy made are racist, pure and simple. Making rules to that require more minorities get hired for certain jobs just tells those minorities that they can’t do it by themselves, which helps ensure that a divide remains between groups of people based on race.

  47. Well then as a white guy I find it “disgraceful” that there are not enough white players in the NBA! I do not hear that argument being made. Why is it everything has to be tied to race? Enough with it! We are about to start the year 2010!! What happened to hiring the best person for the job? If all the running backs on the team are black, do you bring in a white one to make it fair? No you don’t. You bring in the best player regardless of the color of skin. Black, white, green, blue. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!

  48. Is it just me or is everyone else getting tired of hearing Dungy speak? He was a good coach and all but the dude is annoying as hell.

  49. TFBuckFutter says:
    December 6, 2009 11:19 PM
    Not really.
    13% of the population is African American. 9 out of 120 is 7.5%.
    6 or 7 more minority coaches would balance that out.
    However, the argument is always that the majority of players are black and the coaching pool should be representative of that…..
    The problem is that football players are, by and large, not very bright (ditto most athletes), so coaches don’t usually come from that specific pool, and should be judged based on the population as a whole.
    6 or 7 more coaches in a field of 120 really isn’t that many.
    Head coaching candidates do not come from the ranks of players.. And they also don’t come from the rank and file of the US population.
    Head coaching candidates come from assistant coaches and prior head coaches. Until someone–anyone–does a complete statistical study on the actual demographics of the pool of head coaching candidates, this is all just BS.
    Obviously, if you expect to see the percentage of black head coaches to be at or near the percentage of black players then you’re going to be disappointed. But you’re comparing apples and oranges until you look at the demographics of head coaching candidates out there.
    You simply don’t jump from player to head coach.

  50. beartg1229 and TFBuckFutter make great points. Statistics certainly play a part. Why is it that the African Americans represent only 12.8% of the American population, but they represent about 65% of NFL players? Are African Americans that much better at football? It seems so, but I don’t know why. Maybe white guys are a tiny bit better at coaching? I don’t know. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but look at the stats. And really, I think it’s ridiculous that if someone wants to hire Bill Cowher, they have to first PRETEND to be interested in a minority candidate before they hire a Super Bowl winner with a proven resume. Maybe if we didn’t have rules that separate white from black, we wouldn’t see it as white vs. black.

  51. This argument will never be answered absolutely as it is an opinion…
    I agree minorities should be given an opportunity but at the same time, I’m not sure how I feel about the Rooney Rule anymore.
    I have zero against hiring a minority, but the stipulations connected to the rule are starting to bug me…
    MAIN REASON: Seahawks dump Ruskell and obviously want to go after Holmgren who seemingly wants to be in Seattle but they have to interview a minority before they can hire a man that is unquestionably qualified to run the team… And for some reason if the word on the street is the job is already Holmgren’s, nobody will want to interview for the job and it makes hiring someone a pain in the ass….
    P.S. Willingham sucks.

  52. Come to think of it I don’t recall any women being inducted into the hall of fame, being drafted in the first 1 to 2 rounds of the draft, or even being considered as a coach on any college or professional level of football. What a disgrace.

  53. wah wah wah…there aren’t enough white wide receivers….can’t we all stop talking about race for once!?

  54. Make that two coachs in the BCS conference. Mike London will be introduced at UVA tommorow at 1 pm.

  55. This is the same crap that keeps the BCS alive in the first place. Why do we need playoffs like in every other sport? Why should we feel obligated to consider a black head coach? The BCS needs to do what its establishment fears most: change.

  56. @ Phokus
    You are an idiot. Pure idiocracy. Why the hell do white republicans give a damn if a black man wins a superbowl? As a Conservative/Republican American I dont give a damn what color your skin is. I don’t call people African (insert any country here) Americans because 99% of those lumped into that group have never been to Africa (or inserted country). They are Americans, human beings and should be respected as such regardless of their skin color. Republicans ended slavery you idiot and played a large part in the civil rights movement. Apparently your ignorant to American history too. As much as I despise our current President’s political agenda (please do not start a political debate) I was proud of my country that we could elect an “African” American.
    Finally, I dont care what color their skin is as long as they are successful. If they win then good for them, if not, fire their tails, regardless. I think your statement is fueld by your racist views but you probably think that you are incapable of being a racist because of some political view or that it was aimed at “White Republicans”. Check out the definition of racism, I am pretty sure their isn’t “only refers to white people” next to it. Move on idiot and let the grown ups have the internet.

  57. This argument is getting very old in my opinion and I’ll tell you why. I am a laborer by trade and was a foreman on a highway construction job for over ten months, but then the D.O.T. comes in and says we need to bring in more minorit’s for the job. Guess who was out of the job. Now why I bring up this point is because the job was mine, I was running it and we were ahead of schedule. I was hired because I was the most Qualified. I was making MONEY. I do not doubt that racism is on both sides of the fence in this country, blacks and whites, by the way, if your mom and pop were born in this country and then had yourselves as kids you are AMERICAN. My point here is that any company , school, business will hire the person who will best bring in the contributions, money fans etc. No matter what race you are. This doesn’t sit well with Mr. Dungy but these are the facts. The best running backs are black because they are, period. They play the positions they are in because they are the best, period. Do you really think a Black Head Coach is passed over because he could be the best but because he is black they wouldn’t hire him? It’s all money driven and that includes college. If that coach was green and could win and make the school money they would hire him. wake up people.

  58. uknowit says:
    December 6, 2009 10:58 PM
    If they want equality how about affirmative action for white football players. Where are the white running backs and cornerbacks? Equality works both ways.
    I’m so sick of that argument. The difference is, because a head coaching position requires intelligence, many believe blacks aren’t qualified to be head coaches. No one came out and said whites aren’t intelligent enough to play running back or cornerback, whereas history shows black quarterbacks coming out of college — like Tony Dungy, for example — had to change positions once they got to the pros because teams felt like they weren’t smart enough to play that position. And we’re seeing that mentality now with the lack of college coaches.

  59. It’s just a matter of time before quotas are used in the NFL, and everywhere else, unfortunately.
    The “best man/woman for the job” is a thing of the past.
    What a shame.

  60. Maybe Mike Vick could coach a college next year. He sure as hell is not playing in the NFL!

  61. I think Dungy is to full of himself. and is just trying to hide the fact that he’s mostly white.

  62. so college should now hire coaches based on skin color? gee, i thought we as a country were trying to get away from that….(only if involves whitey and reducing that number)

  63. @ dansnydersux
    So by your argument all of the white people who run colleges and major universities think black people arent smart enough to do anything? why bother providing them a college education then? The only person who thinks black people arent smart enough to be anything in this world are people like you who like to keep racism alive and well to push your agendas in life. to be a head coach i am pretty sure they look at your experience. they just dont go and hire some random white homeless guy because they think he is smart. they have coaching experience usually as coordinators and things like that. By being assistants they gain the experience required to be a head coach at any level. Your argument is another based in a belief that racism is alive and well and all us white folks are hillbilly redneck racists with confederate flags waving in our front lawns. You make me sick.

  64. First off, only an idiot at any level of sports, would hire a canidate that isn’t the best available, period.
    Secondly, where are the stats on the available pool of coaches ? If the current ratio is 9/120 and the pool is 90/1200 to pick from, maybe more “minority” coaches should get active at the lower levels and WORK THEIR WAY UP THE LADDER. ( Sorry to say. This ain’t like applying for a fed job. You don’t get any bonus points for being a minority. Here you have to actually EARN your job! )
    This asinine idea of equality for equality sake, is old and tired. Blacks are only 16% of the ( legal ) populus. What makes you think they should be 20%, 25%, 30% of any given statisical ratio. 129 coaches total = 21 minority coaches in a perfect world. Now if there are that many black coaching prospects that are as or more qualified than white coaching prospects, we certainly need to look at the issue. If in fact there are not that many, we need to shut our pie holes, roll up our sleeves, get busy, AND STOP WHINING !

  65. You can have Lovie Smith for a college opening.
    He has done such a great job here in Chicago for his $5.5 million a year that it would only be fair to share this brilliant man with the rest of the world.
    Please feel free to take him today if possible.
    I will drive him to the airport myself.

  66. @ Chapnasty
    I have been reading your posts and responses to this issue and I whole heartedly agree with what you say and stand for. I cannot believe how easy it is for a minority to pull the race card and how easily white people fold like a deck of cards to it. This whole issue of minority coaches to me all boils down to who is the most qualified for the job regardless of skin color. I guess whats so disheartening to me is the fact that topics like this and also politics in general are designed, in my opinion, to keep the black vs white issue alive…too keep us seperated.

  67. Most of your parents or grandparents had grown up in a time where blacks were treated like crap. We couldn’t eat at the same restaurants, drink out of the same fountains, or play on the same field.
    Laws actually had to be created to make it so. Not moral responsibility but laws.
    Older white males are basically running this country and corporate America and that will not change any time soon. With them growing up in a time where they couldn’t help but feel superior to blacks, how are they going to feel comfortable with a black running a billion dollar enterprise? They are not and it shows.
    If you go to a party or function where you know no one, who do you think you would gravitate to? Some one like you.
    When Green Bay had won the Super Bowl, who was the offensive coordinator. A black man( Ray Sherman). He didn’t get an interview within the NFL or NCAA. He was qualified enough to win a Super Bowl with a prolific offense but could not get consideration to run a team.
    Marc Trestman ran three offenses into the ground as offensive coordinator and his name still comes up for coaching hires.
    Tyrone Willingham is the only coach at Notre Dame not allowed to finish his first contract, of course he is black. Charley Weis had his original five year contract torn up after starting 5-2 and made it a ten year contract. Willingham started his tenure 7-0 with no forth coming contract renewal.
    Racial bias is prevalent everywhere in America. If I ask a white co-worker if there are any blacks near his home, he/she can tell me”four blocks down, make a right, and the third house on the left.”
    I was the first black to work in the lab at A. Schulman. It is a plastic manufacturing company with at the time seven plants across the country. To get that job, I had to take a six hour test and a four hour physical. Not one other person that worked in the lab had to take a ten minute quiz. Why is that? In my nine years of working there, I was subjected bigotry, insults, and vandalism. The initials KKK where written everywhere within the plant that one could easily assume that it was the name of the company.
    You might think that I am some old man reliving the past, I am only 47 years old and A. Schulman is a fortune 500 company.
    Racism is alive and well in this country. If you do not think so, then try walking in another man’s shoes.

  68. I don’t like this. There is pressure to hire black coaches and then universities will hire a coach just because they are black. Happened at my university and the program is going into the ground. It’s offensive.

  69. @ chapnasty
    Your ignorance makes me sick. I guess you forget about the fact that many colleges didn’t even want minorities attending their facilities and, even when they did integrate, they treated them like second-class citizens. What everyone seems to ignore or fails to realize is that the racist institutions from the past had ripple effects that still exist today, whether you want to believe it or not. An entire race was set back 200-plus years because this country had legal separation. If you don’t believe me, look at today’s racial disparaties in housing, jobs, education and incarcerations.
    While yes it should boil down to the best person for the job, many minorities often are at a severe disadvantage because they don’t enjoy the same benefits and privileges as their white counterparts. That’s the basis of such concepts as affirmative action and the Rooney Rule. Offering opportunities to those groups who, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have a chance to compete.
    @ bomgoat — It’s naive to think that there aren’t still racial problems in this country. The fact that you refuse to even consider it demonstrates that.

  70. Is it possible, that generally speaking, black folks are far more gifted athletically, and white folks are more gifted in coaching? I dont know the answer to that question, however, it seems like a fair question. Think about it
    Pro sports are dominated by black athletes. So the few white athletes that did make it to the pros, made it because they were decent athletes, but also excelled in the mental aspect of the sport. Playing smarter, not harder. If you are Lebron James, for example, and you are THAT good at basketball, it doesnt matter if you are the smartest player. But if you are John Stockton (to remain in the same sport for the comparison), you arent going to outrun, or out quick, etc, you are going to outsmart your opponent.
    Then you can take those smarts, and apply it to coaching. Just a thought, not sure how accurate.
    We have seen guys like Michael Jordan, who was arguably the greatest basketball player in NBA history, FAIL miserably in the front office, etc. I think that is proof right there that skill doesnt necessarily translate to coaching/front office jobs

  71. when did tony dungy become the end all on race in sports? tired of listening to his OPPINION!

  72. Terms like “Race Card”, “Reverse-Discrimination” and Rush Limbaugh are the media psychology of man that hinders progress. Millions of lives have been lost through the centuries because of hatred, disrespect and prejudice. This is a forum of anger and prejudice. Hence, there will be no solutions, no compromise, and no progress. This forum represents a small schism of the problem with America. This is why no progress will be made until we learn to work together.
    Now, I would want my children to be coached by a strong leader, a winner. A Bill Walsh type. I don’t care if the coach is Hispanic, Caucasian, Black, Native American, etc.
    Dungy made a strong comment on national TV. This comment got the attention of the public. He said it respectfully, it was based on the big colleges. So hopefully, the schools heard the message.
    So at this point it is TV and public perception. You can bitch about it, or you get off your arse and do something (Contact colleges, show producers).

  73. Same reason there are so few black QB’s in the pros, takes a high level of intelligence. Not saying it is impossible, plenty have succeeded, they are just the few who work hard enough to achieve.
    Quite a few black QB’s in college where offenses are simpler, plenty get drafted, they just don’t work in the Pro game where things are tougher.

  74. Its nice to see that Martians are concerned w/ the plight of Afrian Americans.
    This is the second time I am posting this, is this inappropriate ??

  75. I hear Penn State has a plan to hire a black head coach after JoPa retires. Sometime around the turn of the NEXT century.

  76. As I’ve said, I wish people would stop crying race and start looking at this from a more analytical standpoint. Gather the data, find out how many minority coordinators and assistant coaches there are in the NCAA and compare that ratio to the number of minority head coaches.
    Players DO NOT jump into head coaching positions. There are steps up. So stop comparing the ratio of minority players to the ratio of minority head coaches.
    Until someone can point to hard numbers, there’s no evidence of widespread racist decisions in the NCAA at all. On a case-by-case basis, sure. I think you could point to unqualified white guys who were hired when better qualified minorities were available. But we ought to find out IF there’s a systemic problem before setting our hair on fire and running around.

  77. @ KWKen
    I’m pretty sure 90% of your post is racial crapola. Let’s take a look shall we.
    Ray Sherman – was never the offensive coordinator of the Packers. He was the wide receiver coach. ( 2000 – 2004 ) He was an offensive coordinator twice though. He managed to help Bill Cower to his first losing season as the Steelers head coach by guiding the team to a 7 – 9 record ( 1998 ) and then to take the 15-1 ( 1998 ) Vikings down to a 10-6 ( 1999 ) record. Like you, I am shocked he was never elevated to the ranks of NFL head coach. Obviously, there is racial bias at work.
    Marc Trestman – (1983 – 1984) QB coach, Miami university. Coached Bernie Kosar to the best two passing years in school history, and won a national championship. ( 1989 ) As the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, lead them to the AFC championship game. ( 1995 ) As the San Fran 49ers O.C. – lead the NFL in points scored. ( 1998 ) O.C. for the Arizona Cards and they won their first post-season game in 51 years. ( 2001 ) O.C. for the Oakland Raiders who had the top offense in the NFL and went to the Super Bowl. and finally ( 2007 – present ) the head coach of the Montreal Allouttes of the CFL where he has been coach of the year and won the Grey Cup. No idea why this guy’s name pops up.
    A.Shulman ( an Akron, OH. company ) has 4 U.S. based plants, not 7. And as per the A. Shulman Inc. website, please refer to http://www.aschulman.com/_writecontent/financial_pdf/ASICodeOfConduct.pdf – Section L for how to handle you perceived injustices. Their stand on discrimination and harassment is very well defined.
    You sir, are part of the problem, not a victim.

  78. Oh, and I love that asinine comparison of evening out white players in the NFL, when those positions are simply based on athletic, God given ability. If a Martian came down and ran a 4.2 with great hands, he’d be lining up somewhere on the field. Reading these commets, which I sadly expected, no wonder America has gone down the tubes. KWKen , too many white Americans don’t see your point because they don’t want to. Instead, they want to give you their sob stories of how some minority took their job because of quotas, which is a bunch of bullshit. The unemployment rate is always hirer in the minority communities, always. Why is that. A majority of white people don’t have more education, more skills, aren’t harder working. However, these dummies don’t understand that just 40 years ago, black people were treated like 2nd class citizens in this country. They don’t want to accept that those same white people that grew up during those times have inherited positions of power today. They don’t want to accept that many of these afluent white people got into those positions of afluence through generations of building wealth and businesses with free labor during the slave trade….not for a few years, but for generations. Ever wonder where the hell some of these afluent men with money buying these sports franchises got that money, how many times do you hear about the such and such white family with loads of cash that goes in all directions, but there simply is no explanation for such wealth? When do you hear about such and such minority family in a similar position? Not much because 40 years since minorities have even been formally identified by the government as more than second class citizens and not using free labor for 200 plus years makes it difficult to build that kind of power structure in such a short period of time, considering the previous restrictions, even if you’re the best at what you do.
    That’s one hell of a head start, that’s one hell of an advantage for white Americans to remain entrenched in power, which makes evening that power structure in this country quite difficult don’t you think, until more inclusive, level headed people truly want to see change?
    And you have the audacity to poo poo any affirmative action legislation in light of what was done….it’s a small request considering the grand scheme, any reasonable person without an agenda would think.
    However, I’m amazed that idiots still don’t realize that horrible legacy and think a simple, “my bad,” and “let’s move forward” suffice without trying to address the sins of their forefathers. Not understanding that systematically destroying not only the African American family structure through the abhorent slave trade in this country, but also what was done to other minorities on so many other levels before and after that period in American history is the reason for continued racial strife and why we can’t come together as a complete nation to get anything meaningful done.

  79. @ Dansnyder
    if my ignorance is bad than your stupidity is worse. obviously you dont know what ignorance even means. but anyhow…. my point is that until people stop seeing people as colors and start seeing people as people then we are never going to change. we cant reverse the past but you and i can raise our children to see past things like color. that is on us. i think our generation is more euqaul than the last and the next will be better too. but until we stop giving people special treatment because of the color of their skin, there will always be resentment and anger towards another man or woman. its time for us as a society to evolve and grow up.
    opportunities??? i didnt get any scholarships to college because of the color of my skin. i didnt get to go to an all black school like grambling. i worked my way through college, am paying that crap off and working to be better myself. advantages? get over it, white people come up from being poor too. now who’s ignorant?

  80. pehaps the black community should look toward itself for this issue.
    Most people know it but few people people will admit it- the black community needs to get their act together. The culture that dominates black communties in america is self destructive. Unless the black community starts acting like what is the accepted social norm there will continue to be disparities among ALL institutions of employment.
    For example, speaking improper english is widespread and accepted, while speaking proper english is often considered “white.” I know that If I have the position of A.D. at a BCS school and someone, regardless of race, uses double negatives and says “aint” during the interview process then there is no chance I hire them.
    Peronally I see this as an issue of culture, not race.

  81. Does Tony think the ND would not hire a black man if he were the best man for the job
    Get a grip Tony its 2009 stop the bitching

  82. @ realfootballfan
    I think all of us can understand youth of the black communities struggles in today’s America:
    1.Their icons make it rain at strip clubs and call women the most degrading names with hip hop music
    2. Rappers refer to a pimp as an ideal career
    3. Their idols in the news beat their women (chris brown)
    4. continously call themselves the “n” word like it is a cool thing
    5. they immortalize the “thug” way of life
    6. have people like jessie jackson and al sharpton say that even if they do not succeed at something it is the “white man’s fault” not the possibility of they just fell a little short and need to get up, dust themselves off and try again.
    7. Tell their children that the only way they can get a job is by using affirmative action and not by their god given talents
    8. I could go on but you get the point….
    The fact is if a martial could put together a winning football program, they’d be coaching too. until you can see it from that point of view, or at least want to, then you will never grow.

  83. @ chapnasty, I’ll take each of your points:
    my point is that until people stop seeing people as colors and start seeing people as people then we are never going to change. we cant reverse the past but you and i can raise our children to see past things like color. that is on us. i think our generation is more euqaul than the last and the next will be better too. but until we stop giving people special treatment because of the color of their skin, there will always be resentment and anger towards another man or woman. its time for us as a society to evolve and grow up.
    That’s the problem! A LOT of people STILL see color. It’s not about “reversing the past.” It’s about recognizing how that past, to quote RealFootballFan, has “systematically the African-American family structure,” leading to the wide disparaties in employment, education, housing, and criminal justice, for example. The “special treatment” you whine about is merely trying to fix the mess 400 years of racial oppression in this country created.
    i didnt get any scholarships to college because of the color of my skin. i didnt get to go to an all black school like grambling. i worked my way through college, am paying that crap off and working to be better myself. advantages? get over it, white people come up from being poor too. now who’s ignorant?
    Black unemployment is much higher than that of their white counterparts. The OPPORTUNITIES you had to “work your way through college” exist more for you. Many blacks can’t afford to go to college because they either don’t have jobs, come from a one-parent household or receive substandard education — all factors created by an oppressive system that’s been in existence since Columbus came to this country. Yes, I know that there are poor white people. But, when systems are run by people who look like them and may not necessarily be comfortable with the presence of black people, those poor whites have better chances to advance than their minority counterparts.
    @ RealFootballFan — Well said!

  84. And chapnasty, your response to RealFootballFan shows that you assume ALL black youths follow those eight stereotypical points you listed. Until you’ve walked in a minority’s shoes and really understand that person’s historical position, you’re not in a position to tell people to, “Get over it,” nor will YOU ever grow up.

  85. @ dan
    not trying to really disrespect you or realfootballfan… but it is frustrating from a white persons point of view. My family has never owned a slave, im pretty sure you werent ever a slave and neither was anyone on here. I dont owe you a thing except personal respect as a human regardless of color. I am man enough, and mature enough to see that. unfortunately there are a lot of redneck racist scumbags that cant get over it, but you know what, there are people like kanye west and such who blame everything on white people. it isnt fair nor accurate and as a white person it is above and beyond annoying.

  86. Chapnasty, I agree with that. Rants from the likes of Kanye West and Al Sharpton make legitimate concers from other minorities look like they’re crying wolf. And I can see how a LOT of people can be turned off by them because they do come out as attackers. What really needs to happen is for both sides to sit down in a “peaceful” manner, and just explain their respective experiences without screaming such terms as “racists” or “pulling the race card.” Frankly, that’s where all of this needs to start.

  87. “There’s no hope for people like you who’re constantly focused on minorities “taking” something from you or your race.”
    What kind of BS is that? It’s not about taking anything away from anyone or their race. Perhaps we should treat people like Martin Luther King wanted us to… to judge each other on the content of our character and not the color of our skin.
    Like MLK, I think the world is a better place if we’re all colorblind.
    The problem is people like yourself, “RealFootballFan”, that can’t see the world without focusing on race. And for the record, I’m not white. I just don’t share your racist worldview.

  88. I think it is just coincidence.
    OR, perhaps it is because the best guys for the jobs happen to be white? Just like the best players at many of those positions on the field happen to be black?
    I don’t think it’s a racial issue – I think we highlight it and MAKE it a racial issue by pointing crap like this out. There have been black coaches (I won’t call them “African American” because they are not from Africa) in college football. Tyrone Willingham did a very poor job as a head coach – even led his team last year to a winless season – the first in that school’s history.
    They get their chances just like everyone else. College programs want to win – I don’t think they are discriminating on purpose. The fact is getting the HC job is earned by years and years of hard work at other, lower levels. Belichick tired away as a defensive coordinator for years before he became a HC. Same with Saban. Those are white guys who didn’t just “fall” into a HC job.
    Next year you’ll probably see Charlie Strong earn a head coaching job in the NCAA. Why? Because he did a great job with Florida’s defense (well, except against Alabama anyway). My point is the minority coaches will get their chance in time when they prove their abilities on coordinator levels. Show me a black coach who isn’t a head coach but deserves to be in college football, that likely isn’t getting a shot in the very near future.
    What’s next, pointing out the fact that since we don’t have many white rappers, that the hip hop industry is racist? Give me a break. Let’s be reasonable here…. This sport is 90% black. Why do we need to cry about the percentage of black players & people in every facet of this sport? Does it have to be 100% black before everyone is happy? :rolleyes:

  89. Of course it’s because of race. If you want an example of racial bias just re-read the comments on this article, find the ones that think Dungy is way off base and demonstrate that the arguments used there aren’t either too generalized or contain simplistic excuses. You can’t.
    Dungy is right.
    It never fails that when someone says something people don’t want to hear the excuse list comes out. People, in my experience, are afraid of admitting what’s in front of their eyes when that admission would make them look bad or indicate that their opinions are part of the problem. That’s just how it is. That’s why we have apologists for politicians, corrupt industry, etc. Until people on the whole can put their own perceived self-interest aside in favor of the truth, these problems will continue. This doesn’t mean blind acceptance of ideas because they are fashionable or politically correct. It means critical thought until you’ve found the most fitting explanation. In this case, it should be very very obvious that racial bias is preventing blacks from coaching.
    Lemme put it to you this way. Blacks are over-represented in pro and college sports compared to the population. Blacks experience, in general, much greater social and economic barriers than whites. These are just the facts. You would think that the best candidates for coaching jobs would be those coaches who can communicate best with the athletic demographic and those who have a proven record of success. Well there are plenty of black coaches with proven records. And it should be obvious that black coaches will be able to relate to the black players better due to common life experiences. Which means that if anything blacks should be be overrepresented in the coaching population. And they aren’t. There’s only one explanation for why not.

  90. @ UffDaItsBryan
    I made a mistake when I said Ray Sherman, I had meant to say Sherman Lewis was never offered an interview following a Super Bowl win as offensive coordinator.
    Marc Trestman was miserable coordinator with the Browns, Cardinals, Raiders, and 49ers. He keeps getting chances because of his race. If you are black and you are fortunate enough to get the head coaching or coordinator job, you better be great because you’re one and done. If Belicheck was a black man and did a poor job with the Browns as he did, he never would have gotten another shot.
    If you re-read my first post, I said “at the time” A. Schulman had seven plants. I live in Akron, OH and the first plant that A. Schulman closed was the Akron plant. Strange seeing how the company is headquartered in Akron. Maybe because it had the highest ratio of black employees which was about 15% in a city with a black population of about 30%.
    Those link that you posted regarding ways to report racial harassment was laughable. The world doesn’t work that way. I have made complaints to the EEOC several times. I had invited them into the plant to see the KKK insignias and the many nooses hanging all around the plant. To my knowledge, they never visited. I say that because of the several filed complaints, zero were investigated. I would get the formal letters stating that the case is closed. Amazing, since an investigator had not so much as make a call to me.
    Two months ago, while playing pool in a friend’s bar, at least ten cops entered demanding everyone’s ID without cause. I had asked what is wrong but they demanded my ID. I refused and I was handcuffed and searched for my ID. A friend had recorded me being cuffed on his Iphone, an officer had snatched his phone and erased the recording. He was threatened with arrest. He is a lieutenant on the fire dept.. We were all detained for two hours and then let go. No charges were filed against anyone in the bar. That is what happens in a black man’s world. I have filed a formal police complaint, I have written the local newspaper. Nothing ever comes of it. My next step is to file with the ACLU.
    Rose colored glasses are great for fairy tales and fantasy land but remove them for the real world.

  91. @ von
    How about we dont want to admit something that isnt true just to make people like tony dungy wrong? that is the first error in your post. second, are you implying that black peopel should only associate with black people because they are on the same level? idiot. sorry but that is idiotic. that’s half the problem people like you think that the only people that can co-exist are people who are alike. that is the biggest load of crap ever. why not mix everyone together, let people learn of the ways of others and either help out one or strive to be the other. your view is the problem sir.

  92. @DanSnyderSux,
    That kind of attitude is what we need to create overall change in this society. However,
    that’s not helping to close the discrepancy in opportunities for minorities as opposed to similarly qualified white Americans and bad business practices slanted against minorities in this country in the meantime. With all due respect, we’re talking about the current white, entrenched power structure’s refusal to include qualified minorities to advance to higher profiles. Unless you’re in such a position of authority to make that kind of change, we’re talking about apples and oranges.
    Nine times out of ten, if there was no affirmative action in place for these businesses, and there were 2 qualified people of white and some minority background, the minority candidate being slightly more qualified than the white candidate. Who do you think would get the job. If you’re in denial about the most likely result, you’re truly naive. You’re truly naive if you think that the majority of the white men who grew up with a sense of superiority rooted in our own government’s view of various minorities in comparison to white people would just automatically become enlightened over time to include those people once in a position, which many of those people are now.
    There are business practices to simply throw resumes away based on ethnic sounding names in order to eliminate minority candidates. I know this practice exists from white friends in such a position. Ask yourself, why does the ethnicity question exist on a job application if there is to be such an even playing field. Finally, I’ll ask one more time. Why does the white population always have a lower unemployment rate than all other minorities at all times? While this rate is currently about 10%, it’s generally twice that figure in these minority communities. Why is that. White people aren’t generally harder working, more educated superior beings to their minority counterparts in this country to validate this gap by the percentages.
    There is simply no explanation or excuse for such huge discrepencies except for the inherent power structure here and that has to change, now, not in 40 more years..

  93. pork star ,
    And do you think the majority of white Americans are in that place right now? Just scroll up and look at these comments. If the population at large isn’t in that place where they only look at the merits of a person, why would you ever take the leap that those in positions of power, mostly white Americans, have become enlightened?
    For all of you white people who refuse to accept the horrible legacies of this nation and the necessity to try to correct those insitutionalized problems in the meantime, I challenge you to get one of these makeup artists to make you a “black” person, latin person, or any minority for that matter for a year. Go out everyday as a minority in this country and let’s see if your perspective doesn’t change because you have no idea of what still goes on, not just socially, but in the business world at large.

  94. Dungy:
    What is the racial breakdown on BCS Football scholarship money?
    What is the racial breakdown of the 80,000 plus BCS fans in the stadiums each week paying the cost of those scholarships?
    How many white kids are getting scholarships in the UNCF ( United Negro College Fund) supported Football programs? How many white coaches are there in those schools? Why is this not racism?
    There are 39 schools.
    1. Allen University, Columbia, SC 21. Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL
    2. Benedict College, Columbia, SC 22. Paine College, Augusta, GA
    3. Bennett College, Greensboro, NC 23. Paul Quinn College, Dallas, TX
    4. Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, FL 24. Philander Smith College, Little Rock, AR
    5. Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC 25. Rust College, Holly Springs, MS
    6. Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA 26. Saint Augustine’s College, Raleigh, NC
    7. Dillard University, New Orleans, LA 27. Saint Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, VA
    8. Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, FL 28. Shaw University, Raleigh, NC
    9. Fisk University, Nashville, TN 29. Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
    10. Florida Memorial University, Miami, FL 30. Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL
    11. Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, TX 31. Talladega College, Talladega, AL
    12. Interdenominational Theological Ctr, Atlanta, GA 32. Texas College, Tyler, TX
    13. Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, TX 33. Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS
    14. Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC 34. Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL
    15. Lane College, Jackson, TN 35. Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA
    16. LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN 36. Voorhees College, Denmark, SC
    17. Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC 37. Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH
    18. Miles College, Birmingham, AL 38. Wiley College, Marshall, TX
    19. Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA 39. Xavier University, New Orleans, LA
    20. Morris College, Sumter, SC

  95. Saturday fan ,
    With all due respect, do you know how stupid you sound? Do you even know the original purpose of those colleges? Do you study history, or is all that shit from just 40 years ago a fairy tale to you? And yes, white people can attend those schools, nobody’s stopping them. I personally have seen white people attending these historically black universities, but I’m sure you were unaware of that when you pulled out your stock answer to defend the indefensible.
    The very reason for these merit scholarships being created and distributed to these minority students, not just by the United Negro College Fund, but by large corporations like McDonald’s and so many others is to give these minority students opportunities that simply aren’t there. Furthermore, it’s an absurd argument since there are merit and need based scholarships literally based on damn near anything under the sun if you’d look.
    Look at the President…he was the only black person in his class. Do you think only one black man in the whole country was worthy of being at Harvard at the same time as him? Do you really believe that? Or does it make more logical sense that white men from afluent families (there’s that power structure concept based on slavery and past mistreatment of minorities to gain and maintain this affluence again) usually are overwhelmingly afforded those opportunities in larger numbers. Therefore, minority students’ margins for error once they were given those opportunities were so much smaller, just because there weren’t any other minority students there. Breaking the cycle is what we’re trying to do, then we can move into the fantasy world that you white Americans want to skip down to, ignoring those indiscretions.
    Japanese Americans and their ancestors were paid millions for their mistreatment during the internment camp fiasco of World WAr II. However, you have the balls to complain about affirmative action, simply legislation to address these many racially motivated issues created by the legacy of slavery, plunder of the Native American culture, and so many other atrocities perpetrated by the white power structure in this country’s history to create the uneven playing field in the first place?
    Do you really believe that systematically having black families destroyed for generations through slavery, and then continuing to treat them like second classs citizens for an additional 100 years can be so easily overcome in 40 yearss. Do you really believe that, my man? I hope you’re brighter than that. I hope youre smarter than thinking that since the government enacted Civil Rights legislation that the majority of affluent white powerful people simply evolved over the last 40 years as they grew into adults in the positions of power.
    Quite frankly, you people who are responding with knee jerk reactions based on your race colored glasses are missing the point. You’re not even in a position to affect the change we’re talking about because you’re not in positions of power, so I don’t know why you’re even commenting on the situation. Neither are you a minority, so you don’t know what goes on from that end either, sorry. So shut up.
    This institutional cycle must be broken so that our country can move forward together toward one goal. No one race should have built in advantages, and right now, that’s overwhelmingly in favor of affluent white men. This legislation is arm twisting in the meantime until we get to a place where we’re all just Americans in the eyes of those in power. Sorry, but we’re not there yet.
    The Rooney rule is a perfect example. For coaching hires, I think the rule has served its purpose and the league can retract the rule. Coaches are coaches now, good and bad. That’s the goal people at every level of business. However, this rule also underlines how arm twisting is still necessary for bright people to see the light. While minority coaches have succeeded and failed just like their white counterparts, the practices haven’t extended to the front office jobs. Now, do you think there are only 3 qualified minority front office types in the NFL? Do you really believe that? Point is that smart, afluent men who’ve seen the similar results for minority coaches to their white counterparts haven’t generally taken a leap on their own to include those people in front office searches, especially when 2 of the minority GM’s are considered among the NFL’s best (Jerry Reese and Ozzie Newsome).
    Now, this is a bottom line business with a lot of smart people in positions of power, but they’re having to be nudged in the right direction of inclusiveness in the process. Therefore, why would you assume that prominent white affluent men in positions of power at large corporations are so enlightened?
    I guarantee that the number of these qualified minority front office types filling these positions will increase. The point is to make the current unnormal, the normal going forward. Unfortunately, some arm twisting is necessary to get there right now because the current people in power have to make too big of an adjustment to feel comfortable doing so on their own.
    What you other people can do is to teach your children better, not to see color, so that we don’t have racially motivated splits in this country, but we’re talking about business practices right now…apples and oranges.

  96. Oh yeah, Mike Gillespie, a white man, coached men’s basketball at Florida A&M University (a historically black college) to great success for years. I’m sure there are others.

  97. “Racism is alive and well in this country. If you do not think so, then try walking in another man’s shoes. ”
    But first I must be sure they are not stolen.
    hey Yooooooo!

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