Giants keep division hopes alive

The NFC East just got a lot more interesting.

New York’s 31-24 victory over Dallas on Sunday keeps the Giants in the hunt for a division title and puts the Eagles in a first place tie.

Round two of the Cowboys/Giants/Eagles round robin extravaganza takes place next week when the Eagles and Giants square off in the Meadowlands.

You can’t pin this one on Tony Romo.  He threw for 392 yards and three touchdowns, but Dallas’ running game could only manufacture 45 yards on 23 attempts. 

Dallas controlled the ball for much of the game, but the Giants pulled off the big plays. 

Mathias Kiwanuka forced a Marion Barber fumble late in the first half, which led to seven quick points. Brandon Jacobs took a screen pass 74 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter.  And Domenick Hixon returned a punt 79 yards for a backbreaking fourth quarter touchdown.

Give the Giants defensive staff credit for the changes they made on defense.  They endeavored to stop the run, and the team’s performance improved in that area dramatically.

Talk will start again about a Dallas December swoon, but this was only one game, on the road, against a desperate former champion. 

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, their next two games come against the Chargers and Saints.  And Dallas has two division losses, compared to one for Philly and New York.

The NFC East race is just getting started.

23 responses to “Giants keep division hopes alive

  1. Oh the Boy’s in December are frightful
    But to me it’s just delightful
    Jerry will tell the coach to go
    How they blow, how they blow, how they blow.
    Snow on the ground, tree decorated, Cowboys in their annual swoon…it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

  2. Boys will get at least a wild card spot on inertia.
    No way they beat the Vikings or Saints though.

  3. It’s looking like the Eagles will probably take the division, with the Giants getting a Wild Card berth. The Cowboys schedule is too difficult; Giants could be equally hard, but Childress will probably bench people in Week 17 and Carolina could go either way. Philly has the easiest remaining schedule of the three.

  4. The East is the Least this year. The best team in the NFC East is worse than the Cards, Vikings or Saints.

  5. Ya know..i’ve been a cowboys fan ever since I was a kid…i’ve listened to guys smarter than me and who are into football alot more than give opinons….so here is mine….tell me what you think cowboys fans and haters alike….who hired the coach (gm)….who hired the O.C (gm)….who makes all football related moves (gm)….so you can fire everyone if you want, cut players, do whatever you want…But as long as OUR gm owns th f@#king team…HE will never get FIRED..I don’t like wishing bad things on people but pleeezzz God… give this guy a stroke…nothing to kill him…just enough to keep him the owners box..where he can watch the game quitely….and leave all the football related matters to a real gm….remember this guy let Bill get away…signed Tank..Pac Man..let T.O do damage….had horrible drafts….most gm’s would have been long gone by now…but not ours….nooooo.. he owns the team…and i’m getting sick of cool-aid

  6. I’m a Cowboys fan, but the Giants really stepped up today. If the Cowboys do make the playoffs, they will earn it with the tough schedule down the stretch.

  7. I’ll give you the Saints and Vikings (for now), but I wouldn’t say the Cardinals are necessarily better than the Cowboys, Eagles, or Giants.

  8. @Quagmire,
    LMAO!!! I, too, was thinking about lyrics to that song for the Cowboys annual choke job!!
    Interesting, no Vox?? I guess that’s no real news though!

  9. What a great day we beat the cowpies and I got to bitch slap a cowpie fan
    Call me old you punk hows your jaw

  10. Just happy to get this win for Big Blue. We needed this one big time and they really rose to the occasion. Shout out to the D that held Dallas to a mere 45 rushing yards.
    Sweet win; very sweet. I’ll enjoy it for another day and then sart thinking about the Eagles.

  11. Vox will hide for a while and then surface with an inane defense of the Cowboys meltdown.
    Wade Phillips job watch is official, better get that resume ready for

  12. You can’t pin this one on Tony Romo. He threw for 392 yards and three touchdowns, but Dallas’ running game could only manufacture 45 yards on 23 attempts.
    People have been blaming all the Cowboys December losses on Romo? Thats news to me to.
    I have heard every tv mouth piece talk about how bad the Cowboys are in Decemember. Yes people have said Romo has been part of the problem but I havent heard people say Romo was the only problem or even the main problem. Its a team thing its the culture of the Cowboys the last decade.
    IMO Except for the Cowboys playoff loss to the Seahawks, which was 100% Romo’s fault, all the rest of their late season problems were a collective team failure. Not to say that Romo played anyway good in those games. I Mean if Peyton was their QB the last 4 years atleast half the games they lost in December would have been wins. But Romo is no Manning and Cowboys fans need to realize that. Romo will never carry his team on his back he needs help to win.
    So if Romo can never carry the Cowboys on his own then he can never be totally responsible for a loss either. And the way Romo acts, going to Vegas and Mexico, he seems like he likes it that way and doesnt want it to change.

  13. You know it’s a great day when the Giants actually returned a punt for a TD. I thought I was seeing things. Couldn’t even remember the last time they did that. That was a sweet run by Hixon, and really put the final nail in the Cowboys coffin. They can’t blame Romo for this one. They can blame their defense and special teams, however.
    And that cheap scumbag Flozell Adams should be suspended for his actions today. What a piece of garbage he is. Hitting a guy while his back is turned, as everyone is heading to the locker room for halftime. That was real brave. But I guess that’s all you have left when you’re old, fat and lazy.

  14. And Here We Go… Da Boys find another way to impode in December.
    One and Done if they get a wildcard spot.
    This team is getting sooooo tired. Almost as bad as Ohio States perenial pretender status in the National game.

  15. Right now it is the Packers and 2 NFC East teams that don’t win the division competing for two Wild Card spots.
    The Cowboys have the worst schedule and are most likely to miss the playoffs. The Packers and Giants hold the best tiebreaker over the Cowboys.
    The showdown between the Eagles and the Giants next week will be a huge factor in determining which wins the division and which is the wild card.

  16. Vox sighting:
    I have a friend of a friend of a cousin of mine that says he heard that Vox was last seen outside a Whattabuger asking for spare change.

  17. @ Bigblue
    Come up with something better bro, it isn’t 1993 anymore. The lack of creativity on your part cries of saddness.
    @quagmire and rickah
    Rot in hell (in a sarcastic way of course)
    @ Vox
    Call me out now you little terd

  18. “Vox will hide for a while and then surface with an inane defense of the Cowboys meltdown.”
    I’ll not be called out by someone that’s been MIA for a month.
    “Call me out now you little terd”
    I’ll just say the same thing I’ve always said about you. You’re not a Cowboy fan. Sorry that it gets under your skin so much, but you’re just not a Cowboy fan. Oh, and you’re stupid.

  19. I saw Romo overthrow a wide open receiver in the fourth. Almost 40o yards passing, between the 20’s he a gem.

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