Gibbs, Theismann join NBC's playoff coverage

Hall of Fame head coach Joe Gibbs and former Sunday night/Monday night analyst Joe Thiesmann will join Tom Hammond to call the opening game of NBC Sports’ January 9 playoff doubleheader.  Tiki Barber will serve as the sideline reporter.

NBC televises the two Saturday games of the NFL wild-card round.

Gibbs previously worked for NBC Sports’ NFL pregame show from 1994 through 1997.

“Joe Gibbs is one of the most beloved people to have ever worked at NBC Sports and we’re so happy that he’s made a pit stop to work for us again,” said Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics.  “Joe Theismann has always provided insightful analysis and we all can’t wait to see him join his former coach.”

“I’m really excited about coming back to NBC Sports,” Gibbs said.  “I’m also excited about working with Joe again but he’ll probably argue with me the whole night.  I’m going to make him promise to let me get in a word edgewise.”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to broadcast the Wild Card game,” Theismann said.  “There’s always a chance that Cinderella will find the slipper.  I’m ecstatic to be working with my old coach.  I owe so much to him.  But I don’t know if he’s going to be able to handle three straight hours with me.  I drove him crazy for six years.”

The evening game will be handled by the Sunday Night Football crew.

18 responses to “Gibbs, Theismann join NBC's playoff coverage

  1. One of the worst things about living in DC is listening to Foreskins fans refer to themselves as “We”.
    Please stop. I’ll give you money.

  2. “ne of the worst things about living in DC is listening to Foreskins fans refer to themselves as “We”.
    Please stop. I’ll give you money.”
    Man I hate that about any fan of any team. ” we”. I always ask them how many yards they ran for this week.
    And it’s not like the players and owners care enough about the fans to include them in.
    ” we” =’s BS.

  3. Oh great NBC hired a bigger homer than Florio. I look forward to Theismann predicting the skins to go to the superbowl next year.

  4. @ pitt:
    “If you don’t like living around here, then go home. We don’t want you here anyways.”
    I actually do like living here, which is part of the reason why I hate the slack-jawed, knuckle dragging, 4th grade dropouts that make up the Foreskin fanbase.

  5. chunky..WE say WE because WE feel a connection with the team. Kind of like YOU and YOUR stupid opinions.
    DAK, you dont like the DMV then go back to wherever you came from and complain from there. WE dont want you here anyways.
    As far as the article is concerned I dont think Gibbs will do that good as a host. He is very intelligent but not outgoing enough to not get stepped on 1000 times by Joey T.

  6. Joe Theismann is the only NFL who knows what he’s talking about who honestly calls ’em as he sees ’em all the time. I think that’s why some folks don’t care for him. If they can’t take the heat, they shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

  7. More talking heads does not mean better coverage. I will NOT tune in for pregame/post game coverage. Their opinions just waste my time. Give me an extended highlight show.

  8. DAK it seems to me like if you dont like the people where you are at then you should move. You are probably one of those no class Cowbum fans who wave their flags all November on their cars and then take off their jerseys in December.
    WE like clowning you like the chumps you are.

  9. Damn! I gave up my research on a Theisman voice recognition/instant mute function for TV after he “retired” from ESPN. Wonder if I can get that together by January.

  10. I wonder how many times Thiesmann’s mouth got him stuffed in a locker when he was a kid. Or a pro for that matter.
    But, give him some credit. It’s not every day a talking penis makes the HOF.

  11. 4 minutes left in the first half and kinda listening to Gibbs is kinda excruciating, because he kinda doesn’t say anything meaningful, kinda.

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