Kurt Warner is just fine, thank you

A week off may have done Kurt Warner some good.

The Cardinals lead Minnesota 21-10 at halftime on the strength of three Warner touchdowns and great protection from Arizona’s line.  Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are both off to monster starts.

The Vikings have given up a lot of big passing plays this year, an odd trait for a team with such a great pass rush.  The pass rush isn’t getting to Warner yet, and it hasn’t mattered that Arizona hasn’t been able to run.

Minnesota got a scare when it lost tackles Phil Loadholdt and Bryant McKinnie during the first half, but both have returned to the game.

Now Brett Favre will have to overcome a big halftime deficit, something the Vikings haven’t been forced to do this season.

28 responses to “Kurt Warner is just fine, thank you

  1. Jared Allen looking at another game where he does little or nothing. Has been double teamed, but that shouldn’t stop someone so great as him.

  2. Yeah, too damn bad I had to start Eli at 4pm because I hadn’t heard anything yet.
    Winning my game, but I’m currently tied for the high score for the week. Should have just left him in….

  3. Sorry all you fantasy players that started Garrard, Quinn, Freeman , etc. Real champs would have stuck it out with warner and made it another week especially if they had a 1-2 combo such as Warner2Boldin that is how championships are made.

  4. I like how everybody was saying AD was going to run all over the cards, and how Allen and that D was going to eat up who every was at the helm? Adrian non factor, farve playing like his normal self again!

  5. ^^^^^^
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
    Can someone say “blueprint for beating the Viqueens”?

  6. @ postman- Rather play bad now than later. You played like shit today. Will fall apart later. Playoffs is all that matter.

  7. # PervyHarvin says: December 6, 2009 1:41 PM
    Vikings win.Saints lose. good day in MN.
    # PervyHarvin says: December 6, 2009 4:40 PM
    Minnesota is smiling. Saints not a great team.Enough said.Win or lose,you couldn’t hang with the Vikes.You guys lost credibility today.
    Pervy you have no credibility dumbass

  8. Pervy remember this???????????
    # mike says: December 6, 2009 1:51 PM
    Vikings will lose. All they need to do is win to secure a playoff spot so they will blow it. Let the collapse begin.

  9. Vikings got VERY lucky against SF, an under 500 team. They got VERY lucky against Bal, a team fighting for the playoffs and lost to the steelers who are def not a playoff team or even good for that matter. They played the browns and they have the lions twice, and whoever else they have had on their cupcake schedule. AZ has been the best team they have faced so far and they are getting smoked. no one is surprised.

  10. So what if the Vikings lose today. Vikings are still going to the playoffs. At that point no one cares what your regular season record is. A loss and you’re out so it’s better to get a loss now than in a month. Hopefully the Vikings learn and grow from the way they are getting beat tonight!

  11. SATAN says:
    December 6, 2009 10:47 PM
    They are.. Who We thought they are.. And they aren’t getting off the hook
    Couldn’t agree more. By the way, loved your work in the Bible. Good job.

  12. EJ Henderson looks like he has a very badly broken left leg. As he cartwheels over from that hit, his left leg from about 3 inches below his knee & up go one way, every bit of the leg south of 3 inches below that knee goes another.

  13. Quit picking on Percy Harvin he is playing the game getting smoked and while on the sidelines posting on PTF that is some major double duty 5 rec for 48 yards and plenty of posts in a 3 hour span not too bad!

  14. Man that is too bad about EJ Henderson leaving on a cart like that. I hope he has a speedy recovery and it’s not a career ending injury. That break did not look good at all.

  15. Well, I have to hand it to the Cards, they gave the Vikings a good old-fashioned ass-whipping. Congrats, AZ. They played extremely well and Minnesota didn’t. I was very disappointed. I cringed when Henderson got wrecked. *Ouch*
    Still, 10-2 ain’t bad.

  16. Vikings were robbed……. They never should have lost the game…….. Why did they have to catch those Favre interceptions, don’t they know he is “Lord Favre”? Bow down to “Lord Favre” all you mortals!
    Of course all of the above is total B.S.!
    Sure, it is “only” a regular season game and the Saints “could” lose two out of the next four, but the Cardinals whipping of the Vikings, and the way they won exposing the Vikings defense for what it is, not only means the NFC Championship should be going through New Orleans, but that the NFC Champion will probably be New Orleans.
    The Saints played a game they could have lost today, lots of bad calls and non-calls kept the Redskins in the game (HA!!!) and they drove down the field when they needed to for the win. Karma has a way of jumping out at you sometimes and biting you in the throat.
    For the non-believers, the Saints defense played terribly today, both our starting corners are still not playing and our old replacement corners were still tired from the performance they put on shutting down Moss and Welker six days ago. The defense will be fine.
    Who Dat?……..noooooooooobody, 12-0! ….. and counting!

  17. True that breckingtackles in p- town don’t forget that garbege time TD he caught! And his already posting on new warner hip injury post!! He must not shower !

  18. bluestree says:
    Couldn’t agree more. By the way, loved your work in the Bible. Good job.
    Well TY. I was a lot like Florio. I hated every NFL team equally. Until we had the Blizzard in hell that cropped up in January.. Satan has the highest respects for anyone who can freeze his home for a month.

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