Stafford unsure of status after re-injuring shoulder

Daunte Culpepper may get the chance to replace Matthew Stafford in the starting lineup, just a few weeks later than he expected.

Stafford re-injured his left shoulder at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, and watched the game’s ending from the sidelines.  Stafford was asked if he’ll play next week:

“It’s something that I’m going to have to think about. I might be playing next week or I might not. I have no idea right now,” Stafford said.

The Lions did a terrible job protecting Stafford on Sunday, and they travel to Baltimore next week.

Have fun with that Daunte!

7 responses to “Stafford unsure of status after re-injuring shoulder

  1. Really should have been taken out of the Thanksgiving game at halftime. Still think he was left in due to Daunte’s outburst.
    Hard for him to develop if he is always playing hurt or not playing at all due to lingering injuries.

  2. jkr says:
    December 7, 2009 12:09 AM
    He’s horseshit period end of story who cares.
    Yeah you have watched allot of the Lions games this year. Not.

  3. They should give him as many games off as he needs to recover.
    There is absolutely NO point in bringing him back any time soon, if at all this season.
    Let Dante earn his money and mop up the rest of another puke laiden Lions season.

  4. They should just sit him for the rest of the year. They have too much money invested in him to let him get this banged up. Even if Daunte cranks out a couple of wins, they’ll still have a great draft position and can try to find some o-linemen.

  5. As a Ravens fan, I can’t wait for this game. We might actually have a pass rush(courtesy of the Lions line), so I hope Stafford sucks it up and plays so Ed Reed can have a big day against him.

  6. They should have started Daunte all year and let him watch on the sidelines. Might lose him for longer now

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