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8:21pm ET – What do the Cardinals have to do to win tonight?
Let’s try it a different way this time. Allow the other team to score
fewer points than the other team allows them to score.

8:21pm – 55.

8:23pm ET – Hello, Florio?
Hello, person asking question?

8:24pm ET – How much is Antoine Winfield’s absence affecting the Viking’s defensive performance?
At first it was hurting them badly. But they’ve adjusted without him
and have played well. They could use him tonight against Fitzgerald and

8:25pm ET – Hey Mike, what is wrong with the patriots this year? Can’t win on the road.
They won in London. Doesn’t that count? No, wait. It was against Tampa. It doesn’t count.

8:26pm ET – How sweet would it be to see 2 undefeated teams in the Super Bowl this year?
Not too sweet for fans of the Vikings, Bengals, Chargers, and any team other than the Colts and Saints.

8:27pm ET – Will Kurt’s return be significant enough for the Cards to overcome the Vikings?
Maybe. If Warner can stay away from Jared Allen.

8:29pm ET – Prediction for tonight?
I picked the Vikings in our PFT Picks this week, but that was under
the assumption Leinart would play. (I’ve learned how to make advance
excuses from Brett Favre. I also had a cracked rib when I made the

8:29pm ET – What’s Florio Jr. getting for Christmas?
Nice try, son.

8:29pm ET – Can I get a shout out?

8:31pm ET – Do the Titans have a chance at getting a spot if they finish 9-7?
It will be difficult. Broncos have 8 wins, Jaguars have 7 wins,
Ravens, Jets, Dolphins, and Steelers have six wins. Titans have five.

8:32pm ET – Hey mike, what was the best game of the day?
Saints-Redskins was an all-time classic.

8:35pm ET – Winfield is still out for the Vikes. What gives?
They denied rumblings his foot was broken after it happened. It sure looks like something was/is broken.

8:36pm ET – What do the Cardinals have to do to score more points
than the Vikings other than scoring touchdowns, field goals, extra
points, and safeties? (Gotcha!)

Hope for a forfeit.

8:36pm ET – Are NFL players allowed to smoke cigarettes? Do any players smoke?
Only the really, really cool ones.

8:37pm ET – Shouldn’t you be helping Florio Jr. with his homework?
I take the “sink or swim” approach to parenting. It builds character. And it takes less time.

8:38pm ET – Why is Jeff Feagles’ consecutive games streak not considered a record?
Because he’s not considered to be an actual football player.

8:39pm ET – Who do you think should be playing Bama for the national title?
West Virginia. (Hey, you asked for my opinion.)

8:40pm ET – More disappointing, Patriots or Steelers?
Steelers. They currently would not make the playoffs, and they returned pretty much every starter.

8:41pm ET – Harvin possibly got the ball across the goal line before going out of bounds.

8:42pm ET – What team has the best chance to move to L.A.?
Right now, the Vikings.

8:43pm ET – Who is the best player in the NFL?
Right now, Drew Brees.

8:44pm ET – Speaking of tobacco, is there a rule in the NFL prohibiting smokeless tobacco on the sideline by players or coaches?
Not sure. I can remember Warren Sapp being inactive once and having a big glob of it in his mouth.

8:46pm ET – Why are the Steelers so bad without Polamalu?

I think that when Troy plays, the quarterback is more tentative
because you never can be completely sure whether Polamalu will jump up
and snatch the ball and then make that Tasmanian Devil cyclone thing on
his way to the end zone.

8:48pm ET – So whats more likely to bring Farve back next year, a playoff loss or a Super Bowl win?
I think he wants to do the John Elway thing and ride off into the sunset with a trophy on his tractor.

8:50pm ET – Mike, who do you see winning the NFC East?
The Eagles. (I was going to say “the Redskins,” but I’m trying to be
less sarcastic. Since it’s the Christmas season.)

8:50pm ET – How did a redneck like Allen attend culinary school?
Do you think a possum cooks itself?

8:51pm ET – How much of the Saints’ 12-0 record is luck, and how much is skill?
Eleven were skill. Today was skill and luck.

8:54pm ET – What do you think about the fumble call in the Saints game?
I actually think it was the right call, but I think they need to
reconsider the down by contact rule. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

8:55pm ET – Actually it’s spelled opossum, not possum, you just dont pronounce the ‘o’.
Thanks, professor. Don’t you have an atom to split or something?

8:57pm ET – I thought “down by contact” was not reviewable. Did the refs make a mistake in the Skins-Saints game?
It became reviewable a couple of years ago.

9:00pm ET – Mike, L.T. will shatter records again this year. Go L.T.! (I know you’re a L.T. hater.)
But can he stay healthy in January or will he be pouting on the bench with his helmet on? Again?

9:02pm ET – Have you played Modern Warfare 2 yet?
No but my kid plays it. That “M” rating means “M-pressive,” right?

9:04pm ET – I have an Accounting final tomorrow. Any last-minute advice?
Blow it off.

9:07pm ET – Why has the video stopped working?

I’ve been told that it you refresh or restart the player it will be fine.

9:08pm ET – Is this Vikings team better than the 1998 team?
Defense is a little better. Offense is a little worse.

9:09pm Et – Were you surprised about the Raiders upset?
Yes. I thought Mike Tomlin could will them to a win.

9:11pm ET – Ronald Reagan, the actor?!
Nice Back to the Future reference, but I must have missed what
prompted it. I was in the bathroom and slipped and fell and banged my

9:12pm ET – Who is answering all this questions?
Um, someone for whom English is his primary language.

9:14pm ET – Mike, what NFL rule would you change if you could?
I would introduce croquet mallets into the line play.

9:16pm ET – Has there ever been a match up of two 40 year old QB’s of this caliber?
Not that I can recall. (Warner isn’t 40, by the way.)

9:16pm ET – Did you think the Titans would have made a better showing against the Colts?
Yep. Colts had been winning too many close games. I thought they were do.

9:17pm ET – Hey Florio, does anyone ever call you Mike?
Only my son.

9:17pm ET – How did “Beanie” Wells get that nickname?
He never got to be a banker.

9:18pm ET – Speaking of the 1998 Vikings — is Brett Farve or Randall Cunningham a more shocking Vikings comeback story?
Cunningham was more shocking. He was out of football for a year.

9:20pm ET – Think Philly was auditioning Vick for a potential trade today, or giving him touches for sentimentality?
It think he did the same thing he always does — they just gave him snaps near the end zone.

9:21pm ET – So when are you going to introduce PFT Planet to Evan Silva?
Silva writes for us from time to time.

9:22pm ET
– Did you get scared when Paul Allen started yelling at you for talking
about sitting the best running back in the National Football League?

He wasn’t yelling. He simply thought the Vikings had just gotten a first down.

9:24pm ET – Florio, how was that not grounding on Warner. The ball was not even close to the line.
That should have been grounding. Obvious attempt to avoid a sack. And no receiver in the vicinity.

9:25pm ET – Can you pay for my college?
I already promised a bunch of kids that I would. Ten years ago.

9:26pm ET – Do you think Antrel Rolle can throw it over them mountains?
Apparently, he can. But he can’t stand still long enough to uncork one.

9:27pm ET – Who do you like in tomorrow night’s game?
Packers have looked better lately. And Ravens have never won at
Lambeau Field, even including when they were the Browns.

9:30pm ET – Who was the better player of the 2001 NFL Draft, the first pick of the first round or the first pick of the 2nd round?
Ah, tricky. Mike Vick or Drew Brees.

9:31pm ET
– In an uncapped year, will teams be able to release or trade
deadweight contracts that they otherwise would not be able to dump b/c
of the bonus acceleration? I’m thinking specifically of the Redskins
and, for instance, Portis.

No cap consequences for
cutting players, but his contract calls for a bunch of guaranteed money
next year. So they might as well keep him around.

9:33pm ET – Brenda Warner long hair or short?
Used to be short. Now it’s long. There’s a person to her left that
has her old hairdo. I think it’s a 50-year-old man.

9:34pm ET – So who will the new coach be in Seattle? Any guess?
It’s unlikely their current coach will be fired.

9:36pm ET – Boldin is having quite a game so far.
Deion says, “Pay the man!”

9:36pm ET – What do you think Pat and Kevin Williams eat for breakfast?
Probably easier to list what they don’t eat.

9:38pm ET – Do you think the Eagles will win the East? Any chance Vick sees a bigger role?

I think they will, but I doubt Vick will get a bigger role.

9:39pm ET – Jared Allen, long hair or short?
I think he has resolved that dilemma with “both.”

9:41pm ET – Have two teams ever gone 12-0 in the same season?
No — this is the first time in league history. (There also are three 1-11 teams, which likely is a first, too.)

9:43pm ET – Mike when do you have time for a bathroom break on Sunday nights?
I utilize the “sun tea” approach.

9:44pm ET – Chances Wade Philips is OUT in dallas if they dont make/win a playoff game?
100. Or higher. If possible. But it’s not. So 100.

9:46pm ET – The way Favre’s been playing this year, do you think he’ll come out for another year?
Yes, if he can make up his mind before Week One.

9:48pm ET – False start, idiot refs.
Edward went early. Brown merely reacted to him.

9:50pm ET – False start should have killed the play, though.

Doesn’t matter in this case — Vikings would have had reason to gripe if the Cardinals had pulled off a big gain.

9:51pm ET – Can the cardinals hold onto their lead?
Not sure. Vikings have looked flat and are only down by four.

9:52pm ET – Do you think Raheem Morris will get fired after the season?
Very doubtful. Bucs won’t want to buy out the contract and hire a new
coach. They already are paying Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen to not work
for them.

9:53pm ET – How often do the fan questions make you laugh?
More of them make me cry.

9:54pm ET – The Vikings secondary will ultimately be their downfall.
Just wait until the Saints get a shot at them.

9:55pm ET – OK, 4th quarter you are ahead by 6, 3 minutes left what plays do you call?
If it’s fourth and two and I’m deep in my end, I throw a quick out to
the sticks, no matter how tightly the guy is covered.

9:56pm ET – Who will take Charlie Weis in the NFL?
I’d be surprised if he’s with any team other than the Patriots. He
probably wants to see if he gets any sniffs as a head-coaching

9:57pm ET – Who is your favorite player in terms of entertainment and comedic value?
Chad Ochocinco. I give him a hard time but he’s hilarious and he cares about the fans.

9:58pm ET – Hey Mike, what are YOU getting for Christmas?
A can of Simonize and a bowling ball.

10:00pm ET
– In Vic Ketchman’s in-game blog today, he said that a Houston beat
writer (John McClain) had tipped him off that Kubiak was not in trouble
after this season. Is that possible?

I don’t see how
Kubiak isn’t on the hot seat. This is a great year to hire a new coach,
and Kubiak has underachieved relative to his team’s talent.

10:01pm ET – Why do you think Drew Brees is so underrated in comparison to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning?
No Super Bowl wins.

10:17pm ET – Are the Steelers starting a downward spiral?


10:18pm ET – Do you think Peyton Manning will have more touchdown passes when he retires then Favre?
Barring injury, Manning will break every record held by Favre. (Except most interceptions.)

10:19pm ET
– What’s the word on Matty Ice and Turner the burner for next weeks
matchup against the Saints? The offense looked terrible without them

Ryan is supposed to miss more than one week but
he apparently is going to try to play. They need to win next week or
they’re done.

10:21pm ET – Even consecutive starts?

Possibly but not likely.

10:22pm ET – Is this interception the beginning of Brett unraveling this year?
No — but he looks a lot different when he’s got a bunch of guys in his face.

10:24pm ET – Are the Cards giving the rest of the league a blueprint to take down the vikes?
I think this one is coming down to line play on both sides of the ball.

10:25pm ET – Can the Vikes handle the Saints in the playoffs if they have to go to the Superdome?

10:27pm ET – You think DeSean Jackson will play next week?
Early reports are that he will play.

10:30pm ET – Is Adrian Peterson probably the best back in the league right now?
Based on all his rushing yards and touchdowns tonight?

10:32pm ET – As a Saints fan, should I be worried about how my team played today? The Skins haven’t played too terribly lately.
You should be thrilled. They found a way to win on the road in
December six days after a huge win over the Patriots. They came back
from 10 points down three times. Games like this add to the notion that
the Saints are destined for great things.

10:32pm ET – If it comes down to Indianapolis and New Orleans in the Super Bowl, who do you give the edge too?
Colts. They’ve got the experience winning one, and Peyton Manning will do whatever he has to do to win.

10:34pm ET – How did you get your wife to respect you?
Your question assumes that she currently does.

10:35pm ET – Are we still on for lunch?
Yes. I’m buying. I’ll be there with my briefcase full of crackers.

10:36pm ET – How was that not a horse collar on Dockett?
Looked like a horse collar.

10:37pm ET – Two plays in a row where a flag should have been thrown!
Campbell mugged Favre. It’s amazing he didn’t screw up his shoulder.

10:37pm ET – Is Favre going into gunslinger mode again?
He’s trying to hard to making things happen. It’s the worst he has looked all year.

10:39pm ET – Does Farve know interceptions don’t give you points?
I think it must be a product of all those undiagnosed concussions he has had.

10:40pm ET – Is Gradkowski the second coming of Rich Gannon?
When did Rich Gannon die?

10:41pm ET – Now I want an ice cream sandwich.
The way he was eating it reminded me of when George ate the eclair that he picked out of the garbage can.

10:43pm ET
– Are the Cards proving they belong in the elite in the NFC along with
the Vikes and Saints or will we forget all about this game come January?

Last year in December, the Vikings beat the Cardinals by 21. And the
Cardinals went to the Super Bowl. So we’ll forget about it. The bigger
problem is that it pretty much kills Minnesota’s chances of getting the
top seed in the NFC.

10:45pm ET – What do you think about the Bengals-Vikings next week?
Based on tonight, it could be ugly.

10:49pm ET – Do you think that the Vikings don’t use Adrian Peterson enough?
Down 17 in the fourth quarter, it’s too late to lean on the run.

10:51pm ET
– Any chances of the Bengals getting picked up in a flex game for
Sunday Night. December 20 vs. the Chargers could be a big game for the
AFC playoff picture.

We reported recently over at PFT that the Bengals-Chargers game has been protected against a flex.

10:52pm ET – Mike, do you use Just for Men hair coloring?
No. It’s a waste of money. Shoe polish is much more effective.

10:56pm ET – Way to throw an NBC sponsor under the bus. Just for Men representatives will be calling in soon.
Um what I meant to say was, “Bathe in it.”

10:56pm ET – Does Favre still wear his shoulderpads from the year he was drafted or what?
I think his shirt was made from the old outfield wall at the Metrodome.

10:58pm ET – If the Vikings and Packers were to play each other in the playoffs, who do you think would win?
Dangerous matchup for the Vikings. Packers swept Vikings in 2004 and
Minnesota won the Randy Moss mooning game in the playoffs.

10:59pm ET – The Cards better not fall asleep on the Vikes here.
Why shouldn’t the Cards fall asleep on the Vikes? The rest of us are about to.

11:02pm ET – What college did that idiot Darius Reynaud go to?
Hey now. Watch that stuff.

11:06pm ET – What’s the orange lining inside Favres helmet?

Circus peanuts. They provide excellent cushioning.

11:06pm ET – Brad Childress looks goofier when they’re losing.
Not sure that’s possible.

11:11pm ET – Do you see the Rams taking Jimmy Clausen first round?
The consensus is that Clausen isn’t a first-round pick. I don’t think
any quarterback will justify being drafted with the top-five pick the
Rams will have.

11:12pm ET – Tarvaris! Tarvaris! Tarvaris!
He couldn’t do any worse.

11:13pm ET – Is anyone here on your fantasy team?
Favre, Harvin, Fitzgerald, Longwell.

11:16pm ET – My knee hurts just looking at Henderson’s fall!
It looked like the knee joint wasn’t even there.

11:17pm ET – Did you see that leg bend on that injury?
Awful. Theismann-esque. They need to sign Napoleon Harris right now.

11:18pm ET – Any word on E.J.?
It looks very bad. Not sure how a guy ever comes back from that one. We wish him well.

11:21pm ET – I think they would be better off signing Napolean Dynamite than Harris.
Harris did well last year after Henderson went on IR.

11:22pm ET – How do you think Derrick Brooks will look in purple?
He’s a weakside linebacker in the Cover 2, not a middle linebacker.

11:23pm ET – Just logged on to see what happened to E.J. What happened?
Very ugly leg injury in vicinity of knee. Lower leg was moving in an unnatural way.

11:27pm ET – Does this loss by the Vikes hurt the Saints chances of going unbeaten (not playing their starters Week 17)?

Yes — they needed to have the Vikings pushing them. I think the
Vikings maybe realized after the Saints won on Monday night and today
in D.C. that it’s not meant to be for them this year.

11:28pm ET – This guy just logged in and you’re answering HIS question?!?
I answered his question because I know him.

11:34pm ET – Does Chilly’s job get closer to the hot seat with a loss tonight?

He got a contract extension last month.

11:35pm ET – Was that the worst onside kick ever or what?
I’m not quite sure what that was.

11:37pm ET – Did you check out early?
No, just taking in the last few minutes of an exciting game.

11:39pm ET – Thanks, Mike! From a Vikes fan, this helps me from going into too much of a depression. Have a good one!
Hey it’s better to get a splash of reality now than when playing the Saints in the playoffs.

11:39pm ET – Say goodnight Mikey!
Good night, folks. See you next week for Eagles-Giants. Should be a great one.

11:42pm ET – God bless you Mike a wonderful job once again!!
Hey that check was only for November. Don’t expect one for December too.

34 responses to “Sunday Night Football Extra: Live Chat

  1. What are the chances Farve comes back next season? And if he doesn’t please tell me we aren’t going through the T.Jack experiment again.

  2. Yeah, I’m not showing anything on my page, and I have to annoy Florio.
    And ask him about contract law policy. He’s almost like a real lawyer, right?

  3. When will the NFL stop profiling Ochocinco? Dude is great for the game, touchdown’s and are worth celebrating!

  4. can someone please show me how to ask a question in the chat??
    Why am I not surprised you are from Philly?
    Click the red link on top of the article that says:
    Watch the action with SNF EXTRA

  5. During the replay call during toward the end of the Redskins/ Saints game, I thought the official blew the call dead before the saints recovered the ball. I watched it repeatedly and am sure there was a whistle. Am I crazy or was this a blown call?

  6. what are the chances that crennel and weis come back to the pats and start calling some decent plays

  7. Al was speculating who will retire first, Favre or Warner. Someone needs to remind him that Favre has already retired twice (or more)….

  8. Al, that rube goldberg rig he’s wearing on his ear is very similar if not the same as the rigs airline pilots wear…works good lasts long time

  9. Harrison was a thug when he played – what does he know about the Cowboys loss in New York? Three pays, three individual mistakes, three touchdowns. Romo wasn’t even on the field for these! (Harrison makes Matt Millen look like a football genius!)

  10. This is why Favre is not the QB that is going to lead the Vikings to the promised land. He chokes under pressure and has no patience. It’s 3rd and a mile and he fires it into traffic….. Instead of punting and playing field position, he gave the cards an almost sure 3 points.

  11. Jubba, posession can change on a call that is blown dead but if it does (because of interception or fumble), it cannot be advanced. It has been this way for two years. You may be crazy, it wasn’t a blown call, and you do not know the rules of NFL football.

  12. Ut oh Minnesota HESSS BAaAaACK yes you know who Chet Farve(Brett’s alter-ego) if you dont know who he is Ill remind you. Hes a redneck, gun slinging, pick throwing, miss reading, excuse making, season killing, hick on a college schedule. Thats right he comes out when the college regular season is over. Sorry guys ask the Jets he’s here to stay atleast for the final 5 games of the regular season and the playoffs if he hasnt tooken his teams out of contention by then.

  13. When you get a guy as cheap as you got Benson you work him to the bone then throw him away. No matter how many carries rbs get they only have about 3 good years then all the rest are average. So you might as well use him as much as you can while he still has the talent to do something with it. IMO.

  14. Collinsworth said ‘statistically, it’s not close, Favre is having a better year than Manning and Brees’…which is ridiculous, because Manning and Brees have more yards and TDs and are UNDEFEATED with tougher schedules than Minny…but if you want to go on statistics…
    Favre: 12 Games, 3,149 Yards, 26 TDs, 5 INT
    Rodgers: 11 Games, 3,136 Yards, 22 TDs, 5 INT
    And if Favre’s stats are somehow the standard…you have to start throwing Phillip Rivers into the MVP mix as well…enough with Chris Johnson. His rating is going to dip below Rodgers and Rivers after tonight as well.
    1. Brees
    1A. Manning
    3. Rodgers
    4. Rivers
    5. Favre
    Nice dose of reality for the big Vikes/Favre talkers.

  15. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    December 6, 2009 10:20 PM
    Favre coming home to roost another int record setting
    Manning has 11
    Brees has 10
    Favre has 5
    Learn the game before you open mouth and insert foot, moron!

  16. I think only 5 INTS in Week 13 is pretty damn impressive. The Cardinals are a great football team that out-played us. We couldn’t run it so Favre had to throw it, some games will be like this, no big deal. Still ahead in the North and lookin’ good if we can bounce back next week.

  17. I wonder if Florio will actually answer questions about the Eagles Giants game next week seing that it will be for the lead in the NFC East (because we all know the Cowboys will already have lost to the Chargers)

  18. 9:04pm ET – I have an Accounting final tomorrow. Any last-minute advice?
    Blow it off.
    funniest comment all year

  19. 10:41pm ET – Now I want an ice cream sandwich.
    The way he was eating it reminded me of when George ate the eclair that he picked out of the garbage can.
    NBC showing Larry’s dad demolishing tha tice cream sadwich was one of the funniest moments in live telivision history, you know they are goign to have a ball with that one the Jim Rome show.

  20. This game was “flexed” into this time slot and the Patriots/Dolphins game was bumped. I watched both and even though it may appear that I would have a bias, the Fins/Pats game was a more compelling watch.
    OK – and a Samsung HD TV ad just played moving video & sound on this site. Can we not have those types of ads? Those are the type that can get me in trouble at work, as would be the case with a large part of your readership I would think. 🙂

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