E.J. Henderson could be running in two months

When linebacker E.J. Henderson’s lower leg flopped unnaturally after taking friendly fire to his thigh on Sunday night, many viewers feared that Henderson might never play again.

Not so, says a doctor who has treated skiers with the same injury.

Henderson fractured his femur, the large leg bone above the knee.  Dr. David Thorson tells Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that Henderson possibly could be running in two months.

“Assuming everything is as it should be, my guess is
he’ll be participating in training camp,” said Thorson.  “The bone heals fast, and he’s a healthy guy.”

Thorson explained that it can be more difficult to recover from a serious knee injury than a fractured femur.  He said that a compression rod is inserted to stabilize the bone and prevent muscle spasms or further internal damage.

Though it’s important to note that Thorson hasn’t treated or evaluated Henderson (and, yes, we’ve previously criticized doctors for talking about patients other than their own), the perspective is surprisingly encouraging for one of the key members of the Minnesota defense.

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  1. E.J. you are awesome thanks for your effort. Please get healthy our defense will miss you for the rest of the season but guess what…..The Vikings are gonna win a Superbowl for you. Skol! Vikings! Skol!
    See you in Miami

  2. If you would be so kind as to get your tech minions to replicate the rating system on this new website, many of us would be most pleased. Thank you.

  3. Fractures usually heal in 8 weeks. Then comes the rehab to strengthen up the atrophied muscles and tendons. He will be in camp next year.

  4. i’m an emt, and despite the unbearable pain, when i heard it was femur, not a knee, it may work out better long term. EJ is not ordinary. He is an athlete, with unlimited rescources. Kurtis Foster of the MN Wild came back from this injury in just under a year. EJ will be back.

  5. “Henderson fractured his femur, the large leg bone above the knee.”
    That is supposed to be one of the greatest pains one can experience.

  6. I went to bed last night feeling sick for the guy. I thought for sure that would be the last down EJ would ever play.
    This is very uplifting news. Whether he plays again or not, I hope he has a speedy recovery.
    It was a very real moment to see Erin holding EJ’s hand while he was being carted off. Something I will not soon forget.

  7. The issue is, do we even know if all that happened to him is a clean fracture of his femur? Hopefully he’s lucky and that is all it was.

  8. He’s a good player. Hope he has a full recovery. The Vikings defense will not be the same without him.

  9. Hopefully he’s going to be back with no lingering side effects (timidness), not that one could blame the guy if he did. E.J. You are one hell of a football player and your efforts in the community are very, very appreciated. Thank you for every thing, All viking fans are hoping for a speedy recovery, and your return to football. You are the keystone of the defense and will be sorely missed. Please be generous with your tutoring of Brinkley, he has a big hole in the middle to fill.

  10. I heard he was rushed to the hospital…Was Adrian Peterson driving the ambulance? Or was it Bernard Berrian?

  11. fantastic news…… I don’t want to get my hopes up, because it may be longer, but that is great to hear, I only pray it is the truth… Hang in there E.J.!

  12. The question I have is doesn’t Henderson need to take the rod out with surgery before he can do full contact? Because when I broke my femur that was how it went down. So I am not sure.

  13. I was amazed at how calm he appeared during the whole thing. I was cringing with just the thought of the pain he must have been in. Hope this doc is right and he has a full and fast recovery.

  14. Ive got two words for You E.J.
    Physical Therapy.
    I suffered a similar injury (rod insertion included) and was on my feet in a year.
    If you are tireless in your therapy you will make a full recovery and be playing next year!
    The best to you and yours! Good Luck EJ!

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