Jeremy Bates could be reuniting with Jay Cutler

At a time when former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis reportedly is interested in becoming the next offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Adam Schefter of ESPN throws a much more logical name into the mix.

USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.

Bates was the quarterbacks coach in Denver through 2008; he was hired by the Broncos the same year quarterback Jay Cutler arrived via round one of the draft.

And Cutler reportedly would have been willing to stay in Denver if Bates had still been employed.  But when owner Pat Bowlen opted to hire a head coach with an offensive background, Bates bolted for USC.

Of course, Bates also might be reuniting with former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

Then again, all three men might find their names being chanted by George Wendt and his cohorts next year at this time.

15 responses to “Jeremy Bates could be reuniting with Jay Cutler

  1. Jeremy “Master” Bates reuniting with Jay “Fart” Cutler is a match made in headline heaven.

  2. Someone needs to reunite with Cutler…..maybe he could bring a few o lineman and a couple of receivers as well.

  3. We already picked up one with NO experience as an off. coordinator in the NFL and now were on the verge of picking up another ???

  4. What difference will any of that make? Crybaby Jay had Shanahan and Bates last year in Denver. He was still second in the NFL in INT’s to Favre! Cutler is an INT machine!!! Get used to it!

  5. well you could bring in any coordinator to help Cutler but if you don’t have draft picks to improve your WRs or the O-line, you would do shit

  6. stop getting our hopes up dropping names of people who actualy know how to run an offense or at least know how to handle a qb.the bears have niether right now and itwould be a huge improvement.I fear however that with the possible exception of turner who must have pictures of lovie and angelo to have kept his job this long they will bring everybody back.please for the love of god get rid of everybody!

  7. The frickin’ Bears need to clean out the garage already!!!
    I’m tired of the half full crap. Thank goodness I love the game and have rooted for every team at some point depending on the scenario (always have a reason to follow the NFL). I’m having trouble being a fan right now.

  8. Liked the idea of Mike Martz coming to town. Needs someone to tell him what time of day he can sh*t and exactly how many times to wipe. People get all googly eyed over his arm and let him do what he wants.

  9. Thank you PFT for baiscially putting it out there that the JC trade thing was “Wahhhh my QB coach wants to leave so I do too…WAHHH”. I thought it was big bad old Josh McDaniels who wanted JC gone? Love some of the media’s/fans’ revisionist history. Anyone with a decent memory and without a pro JC bias remembers that JC is the one who wanted out before JM ever entertained the notion of it.

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