Mason can't control his temper

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason can’t control himself when he thinks he’s been wronged by the refs, and tonight it cost the Ravens against the Green Bay Packers.

In the fourth quarter, Mason caught a long pass that was called back for offensive pass interference. Although the call was correct, Mason was furious, and he got in the face of the side judge who called the penalty.

It’s not clear exactly what Mason said, but whatever it was, it made the side judge call another penalty on Mason for unsportsmanlike conduct. (The side judge’s reaction was amusing, as he reached for his flag, realized he had already thrown it, and then threw his hat instead.)

[Editor’s note:  Based on my low-end lip-reading skills, Mason seemed to say, “What the f–k was that, man?”  Or maybe Mason asked the official if they could sweep together.]

The two penalties backed the Ravens deep into their own territory, and after a subsequent punt the Packers took advantage of a short field to score a quick touchdown, taking a 24-14 lead.

For Mason, who also got called for unsportsmanlike conduct for a run-in with an official last month against the Broncos, it’s time to learn to walk away when he doesn’t like the officials’ calls. The appropriate response to  an official calling a penalty is not to do something to cause him to call another penalty.

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  1. Michael,
    If an official is wrong, he is wrong, and he MUST be held responsible.
    No one else will put the official’s feet to the fire, so why should a player not tell the official that maybe he should be removed from his cushy six-figure salary?
    These refs need to respect their job, and know that if they make a bad call, they ought to at least fear losing their job. Big deal.

  2. I think he was sick of the serious home cooking going on in Green Bay. All PI penalties called on Baltimore…none on Green Bay?
    Play clock reset prior to the 2 min warning.
    Refs are playing hard on this one.

  3. yeah, the Ravens usually get jobbed against NFL “prestige” teams…they probably wouldve beaten the Pats except for those ticky tack calls….and that was IN Baltimore v. Tom Brady.

  4. I don’t know what you saw, but I what I saw was a Packers team that seemed to get penalties called…on demand.

  5. I am feeling worse and worse about Denver not beating awful teams like the Ravens and the Steelers now.

  6. I’m not sure I could control my temper either if the officials keep allowing the defender to hook my back arm on every attempt I made to catch a pass.
    Another example of poor officiating.

  7. The Raven’s were frenetic and out of control all night.It must be the pressure of trying to stay ahead of Pittsburgh for a playoff spot…

  8. He’s been in the league awhile, and after all he’s just playing a game. Grow up Mr. Mason, you’re still making way more than the majority of us.

  9. Is it customary for NFL head coaches to collect an entourage of family members to bombard the officials with their opinions on calls that didn’t go their way? Never have I seen such a pathetic looking pussy of a coach raising his arms after every flag, all the while having his brother who isn’t even associated with the team right behind him doing the same thing. Get over it Harbaugh, your QB played awful and your ‘dominating’ defense couldn’t find Lambeau’s address.

  10. Damn Mason I want to play you on my fantasy team next week fool you cand be doing this type of stuff….

  11. No, the call which was one of many against the Ravens which were terrible calls cost the Ravens the game, along with of course Cam Cameron another OC fired many times in the past for his incompetance who had hios offense not show for the game. And when in the second half Ravens defense, good penalty call and kick return team set the offense in postion where it was near impossible not to score as the previous time on the GB 1 yardline when they gave the ball to never used McGahee who easily barged into the endzone up the gut on a quick hitter, so Cameron the next time on the 1 (down 10 points or 2 scores)gives the ball to Rice on a slow developing outside run attempt and loses 4 yards and on next play he has Flacco roll out to his right then throw back across the field to his left- and surprise surprise it is intercepted.
    Game ending with as Ravens not calling a timeout with about 2:30 (or whatever the time was at the last GB play) then Flacco slowly leading his team to the ball each time in last minute and a half and NEVER throwing to the endzone actually throwing worthless time consuming 5 yard passes that even astonished the ESPN announcers.
    Ravens were in the tank from the start – at least Cameron and Flacco were.

  12. Week after week Baltimore’s offensive game plan appears to be centered around Flacco heaving it as far as he can down field and hoping for a pass interference call.
    150 yards total offense? Sure the Packers defense is good, but the Ravens made them look like the ’85 Bears tonight.
    Now we know why Mason wanted to retire.

  13. Wait, did we watch the same game? The packers were flagged atleast 3 times for PI as well, and took a bigger hit overall in penalties.
    Ravens: (Number-Yards) 12 – 135
    Packers: (Number-Yards) 11 – 175
    Packers had to over come much more in terms of yards off penalties, but then they actually have an offense. Truth be told it should have been a blow-out aside from 2 freak plays by driver(tip and fumble) that led to points.

  14. I will give you the miss-call on the 1(one) PI on Williams, that was clearly PI and should have been called. But even with that one play, the ravens still got beat straight up. One missed PI in a sea of PI calls hardly gives you guys 14 extra points.

  15. cry cry cry, what a bunch of pussies. I guess it would be hard to forget 3 PI’s called on Tramon tonight, but he came back to actually make a play when the Pack needed it most, unlike your blight of a secondary. keep crying raven fans.

  16. After watching NBA ref on 60 Minutes yesterday claiming NBA refs can influence games more than refs in any other sport!
    So tonight- MOST penalty yards in a game in 33 years(since 1976) and 2nd most in history!
    Well done – Perreira and Goodell hope your fines this wek nbreak the previous highest week record too.

  17. LMFAO…
    So THAT’S why the Ravens lost? THAT is what cost them the game?
    Shoot, I thought it was Flacco’s vision problem. You know… where he throws into quadruple coverage? Or possibly the Ravens throwing when they are on the goal line and have one of the biggest offensive lines in the league, especially when they had NGATA in the game? Or perhaps it is because… their corners(with exception to Lardarius Webb) don’t belong in the NFL? Perhaps it’s because they INSIST on putting Chris Carr in the game over and over to return kicks, even though he has proven time and time again that he is HORRIBLE?
    Yeah, let’s throw MASON under the bus because we don’t like black people who speak their mind. In case you didn’t notice… the official who came running at Mason in this game when he was complaining was the same ref who tried to fight Samari Rolle and Bart Scott in the Patriots game two years ago.
    Not the one who threw the flag, but the one who came running down the sideline at him while he was talking to the other official.
    And that call was ridiculous. Mason didn’t push Woodson at all. Woodson over-ran the play because the ball was underthrown(Flacco’s fault). Woodson was falling down trying to stop, and Mason basically helped EASE his fall, and caught Woodson. This was about as bad as that “offensive pass interference” called on Todd Heap in the season opener against the Bengals in which they took away a touchdown.

  18. to anyone complaining about the officiating (jaxdolfan) Green Bay was actually penalized for more yards than Baltimore and had several pass interference calls against them as well. Two PI calls were even in the end zone giving the Ravens the ball at the 1 yard line. The officiating was even, they called everything. These were the two most penalized teams coming into this week and they showed why. Bottom line is the Ravens scored 14 points off two turnovers, had under 175 yards of total offense and never lead in the game. Green Bay was the better team on this night and are the better team overall and deserved to win. They are protecting Rodgers and the defense is improving every week. The Pack will be in the playoffs and if the stars align will play, and win, against Minnesota and win the war.

  19. It would have been 3rd and 17 instead of 3rd and 32. It wouldn’t have affected anything except the spot of the punt.
    The Ravens lost because Flacco forgot what team he was throwing to in the fourth quarter.

  20. I like the Ravens and understand they get crap calls almost every game for some reason but they definitely played bad tonight. They have players, they need someone who knows how to use them someone who has a better system like maybe Charlie Wies or some other available coordinators.

  21. I thought it looked like a good call until they showed the view from behind the players. Then I thought Mason simply had his arm behind Woodson and removed it when Woodson stumbled while trying to stop. From the refs view though I’m sure it looked like Mason tossed Woodson aside, just as it did on most replays.
    The Packers must teach their DBs the arm bar technique as a way of defending the pass. Williams was doing it constantly and only getting called a few times. Woodson & Harris have done it constantly over the years as well. They’re pretty good at it because they rarely get called.
    Sloppy or not it was a good win for the Pack. They’ve surprised me and are definately one of the most improved teams as the season rolls on.

  22. I think Mason’s problem is PTSD from losing to the Bengals twice this year. In fact the entire team is suffering from it. Pittsburgh too, they haven’t won a game since the Bengals beat them on Nov 15. Add in the fact Baltimore and Pittsburgh have some aging vets that won’t make it thru offseason rebuilding, its no surprise the team loses its poise.

  23. “…Although the call was correct, Mason was furious, and he got in the face of the side judge who called the penalty.”
    The call was correct? Are you smoking crack? Did you see the replay?
    Ok, I think 3 questions is enough…
    Ugly, ugly, ugly game.

  24. @ BillLumbergh
    Officials are considered part-time, and make anywhere between $25,000 and $70,000 depending on experience.

  25. It’s always easy to blame games on the refs when you lose, bitches. Stop whining and get over it, you just sucked.

  26. After every tough loss the losers will inevitably come out saying the officials screwed us and/or the coaches suck. The fact of the matter is the Ravens aren’t as good as they have been in past years. They are however a good organization and should be back shortly. I wouldn’t expect to see Cleveland or Cincy type mismanagment here.

  27. Florio,
    You need to have a standing, weekly blog for blown calls where fans can put in the most egregious mistakes by officials each week. Even though we know that nobody in the NFL offices reads stuff on Internet sites, I think word would get back to them. Start being part of the solution!
    I don’t blame the Pats loss on this but they were called for Offensive Pass Interference on a play where the receiver went straight off the line of scrimmage and got locked up with a defender. It wasn’t the Classic Colts Moving Pick play just straight ahead contact.

  28. One of the PI calls on the Ravens looked pretty ticky tack and they should have had one extra on GB and they didn’t …but the other ones all looked legit to me.
    Looked to me like the cold weather affected the teams some. Neither QB was accurate downfield at first, balls seemed to sink a bit, punts sucked (cold air made them drop?). Also, guys had problems holding on to the rock.
    Flacco had a bad night but MAN his WRs straight dropped about 5 balls they should have had.
    First of all why is offensive PI only 10 yards and defensive a spot foul? I hate that. Yet another unfair rules advantage for the O.
    Steve Young even thinks all this PI is too much. He commented last night that offense is supposed to be artistry not throwing it up and waiting for PI like “boop … good luck to you”.

  29. Patsfan1776 says:
    December 8, 2009 9:52 AM
    You need to have a standing, weekly blog for blown calls where fans can put in the most egregious mistakes by officials each week. Even though we know that nobody in the NFL offices reads stuff on Internet sites, I think word would get back to them. Start being part of the solution!
    Excellent suggestion. C’mon Florio you’ve got the forum to create change do something with it.
    Two of the most commented on items on this site are blown officiating calls and the stupid weekly fines levied by the NFL
    Summarizing both on a weekly basis would illustrate how many and just how bad some of the calls & fines are.
    And perhaps more importantly (to you), would generate many more hits for the site.

  30. I predicted in last week’s “Mason Misconduct” blog that things would get worse [SEE BELOW]. VOILA! If you think this is bad, wait ’til they’re matematically eliminated from the play-offs. There is definitely an undercurrent on this team that is destroying ANY opportunity for cohesive effort[s], AND IT HAS BEEN THAT WAY FOR SEVERAL WEEKS AND WORSENING BY THE DAY. Harbaugh’s “these guys have a lotta heart” RHETORIC is playing ad nauseum, BECAUSE NO THEY DON’T. THE SPOILED, RICH PREMADONNAS ON THIS TEAM ARE POLLUTING THE ATMOSPHERE FOR THE NEW AND ENTHUSED. They obviously paid Suggs all that money WITHOUT ANY weight clauses [AFTER REPEATEDLY SHOWING UP FAT AND USELESS]or minimum performance parameters! THIS IS A COLOSSAL MISTAKE WHICH WILL CONTINUE TO HAUNT THEM AS “T-SIZZLE” TAKES HIS BUCKS AND SINGLE-HANDEDLY CONTINUES TO KNIFE AND FORK HIMSELF OUT OF THE LEAGUE! APPARENTLY UNLESS BISCHOTTI STEPS IN and reads them the riot act, we are due to once again become a public spectacle WITH FLAGRANT MISCONDUCT BECOMING MORE AND MORE COMMON AND MORE AND MORE FLAGRANT [SEE BELOW]. The Orioles may be clueless, but they sent Sammy Sosa packing before his “public relations-less nightmare” was completed here. As soon as the Ravens are eliminated [and we WILL be, w/this devisive collection of veteran toxins], Mason [who will be in Tenn. next year where he wanted to be now but couldn’t get himself released-ala Larry Johnson] and McGehee [who hasn’t wanted to be here since LAST YEAR] need to be sent packing as an example to this unruly mob mentality! The NFL opened the door for this trend by allowing Larry Johnson [as well as Randy Moss and Hall of the Raiders before him] to extract himself from a losing program and exchange for a chance to play in the Super Bowl, all in the same year. The NFL needs a JERK RULE-If you get thrown off your current team, you can’t come back into the league until that corresponding point the next year-i.e. You get bounced by your team in week 5 of 2010, you can’t BEGIN to return until week 5 of 2011.HITTING IN THE ONLY PLACE THEY HOLD SACRED AND HAVE ANY REAL RESPECT FOR [THEIR WALLETS]is the only thing that will eradicate this abbarrant mentality.HOME WITHOUT PAY WILL WHIP THE TRASH BACK INTO THE DUMPSTER!
    LAST WEEK I WROTE: 1. This team should show much more POSITIVE emotion BEFORE the game [except the obvious, during the National Anthem!]. I’ve never seen such a group with so much potential play so consistently FLAT! The only real whole team pre-game and first half “UP” was the Denver game. They tend to be flat and sleep walk through the first half, with VERY costly results. HE WHO HESITATES-LOSES!
    2. Professional athletes ARE role models for our society in general and the youth of our nation in particular!The rise in lack of respect for our flag and anthem as well as the rise in road rage and other flagrant outbursts in our society IS proportionately impacted by the continued rise in disrespectful and over the top behavior of professional atheletes! Mason cost us 15 yards in Detroit a few years ago when he hurled that ball over the sideline at the stands as a member of that flag tossing, authority defying bunch that Billick let handle HIM! Passion and decorum are two VERY differnt things when allowed parameters that are way too broad. If Harbaugh doesn’t get a grip on this, it will spill over to others on the team and we will once again be publicly disgraced as we were in Detroit on that ball slamming, ref bumping, obscene gesturing, TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY day in Detroit!
    3. I know this won’t make it past the site censors, but it should definitely be read by Bischotti and Harbaugh as well as presented at a team m

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