Ochocinco sued for not paying car loan

Possibly influenced by an economy in which people have stopped paying back money they owe to creditors, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has defaulted on a car loan. 


The difference, of course, is that he remains very gainfully employed during the worst overall financial climate in decades.

According to Kimball Perry of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ochocinco bought a car in August 12, 2008, under the name “Chad Johnson.”

Ochocinco made a down payment of $20,000 on the 2008 Dodge Challenger, and he financed the remaining $37,000.

Daimler Chrysler Financial Services sued Ochocinco on Friday, alleging that he has paid only $3,200 in 13 months.  His monthly payments are $847.11.

Ochocinco still owes $34,709.

It’s not as if he can’t afford it.  He seems to live a relatively modest lifestyle, in comparison to the likes of T.O., who purchased six-figure earrings during an episode of his unreality show on VH-1.

And it’s not the first time Ochocinco has been sued.  Previously, he was the subject of a claim that he stiffed comedy club patrons out of a chance to win a Lexus after he gave the car to his girlfriend.

After taking Ochocinco’s sworn deposition in the case, lawyer Eric Deters declared that Chad has the “mental agility of a soap dish.”

Apparently, the soap dish has struck again.  Whether it’s a product of laziness or frugality, we’ve all got to pay our bills, and Chad should just write the check and move on.

To his credit, we’ve got a feeling he’ll finagle a way to get Motorola or someone else to write the check on his behalf.

43 responses to “Ochocinco sued for not paying car loan

  1. He’s been complaining a lot on twitter to Obama about his taxes. I advised him to not pay them since Obama’s guys don’t. Perhaps he took my advice and got confused?
    Seriously though, if he really didn’t pay for his car, what the hell could his excuse possibly be? Maybe he should stop taking 100’s of people to the movies every Friday night until he can catch up on his car payments.

  2. No wonder NFL players end up broke they spend they’re money stupidly….don’t forget Chad has four or five kids and those child support checks might be taking away a significant portion of his paycheck….if Nicholas Cage can blow $33 Million a year im sure a bright guy like Chad could spend $10 Million……

  3. How come stupid people seem to have all the luck? Pro athlete, millions of dollars, and all he has done is make stupid decision after stupid decision and yet he’ll still be living the dream.

  4. He oftentimes will talk about his need for a personal assistant. I think the guy is like a lot of us, in that he is too focused with his work and life to remember to simply write a check and mail it in. I rarely pay anything on time if I don’t set up a direct payment from my bank account. I think he’s the same way. Just my opinion though.

  5. Maybe I’m an idiot but if one of your paychecks alone exceed 37k, why on earth would you finance? It’s just a car they depreciate in value the second you drive the damn thing off the lot. If you got 300k or so in the bank pay the damn thing and be done with it. He may be funny and entertaining, but he’s also a retard in my book for screwing up his credit for nothing

  6. Not a very smart guy. In fact, I consider him to be a disgrace to the collective intelligence of the human race.

  7. Two things, 1) Chad seems to be very frugal. In 2005, he was driving around an old, busted Buick to and from the Stadium, saying all his cars were in Florida, no need to buy a nice one just to drive to and from work. He also shops at Claire’s for his earrings, which anyone who has a teenage daughter, knows that stuff isn’t expensive. 2) Even if you are rich, you want to finance some things so that it helps out your credit score. Of course, it helps that you actually pay for it, otherwise it doesn’t really help much.

  8. Ochocinco is, to put it politely, a tard. Especially if he’s complaining about Obama’s tax policies… considering that he was among those who voted Obama into office, and O’s approach to taxation has certainly not changed since he was on the campaign trail.

  9. The real thief here is the Chrysler corporation for charging $57,000 for a Challenger. How can no one point this out?
    If you ask me, Chad has probably already paid fair value for that car. Also, in this country, when someone doesn’t pay up on a car loan, the car gets repossessed. I have not heard of a person sued before for not paying on a car loan. I think Daimler Chrysler is taking advantage of Ochocinco’s celebrity status.
    If they want the car back, repossess it like you do to everyone else that doesn’t pay. The lawsuit & time that this will use will cost more than the amount owed, most likely.

  10. Totally agreed msh. The man plays professional football, you know he makes the dough to buy it outright.
    He’s just lazy/forgetful in the way a lot of people are. He’ll pay it no problem.

  11. Eric Deters is a local Cincy lawyer that sometimes guest host a radio show on am’s 700 WLW. He recently challenged a local cop that bagged one of his clients to a charity boxing match. The guy is more of a “shock jock” type than a typical lawyer. That being said, Bengals fans love Chad and his fun and games but only if he isn’t hurting anyone. If he wants to flash the Refs a George Washington that cost him a $20,000 fine, that’s funny. If that 20k makes him unable to pay his bills even the Bengalsnation stops laughing WITH him.

  12. What about the fact that he put down 20k????? How the hell is his car payment $847.11 a month for 37k on a brand new car worth apparently 57k?? Certainly he got a next to 0% financing rate for a transaction of this type. That being said $900 to someone like Ocho is like $20 to us “regular people” if your car payment was $20/month it probably would’nt be a top priority either. That being said there is no excuse for allowing it to make it to court. He should’ve acknowledged his mistake and got the loan either caught up or just paid it off.

  13. “Ochocinco made a down payment of $20,000 on the 2008 Dodge Challenger, and he financed the remaining $37,000.”
    57 grand??? I’m guessing that when Chad walks on the car lot, the salesmen are fighting one another to get to him.

  14. kayC
    I don’t know Chad personally, but from what I can gather by his tweets, his books, his comments, and his antics, tax policy probably didn’t cross his mind when he pulled the voting lever for Obama. I love the guy, keeps me laughing and plays for my favorite team, but I’m not guessing the Wall Street Journal is sitting on his coffee table.
    In fact, this kind of shines a whole new light on Marvin’s talk with him on Hard Knocks. The guy didn’t even understand that the banks use his money to make money. Someone needs to help this guy out before he forgets to pay his mortgage next.

  15. Word on the street here in the ‘Nati is that he bought 2 identical Dodge Chargers & gave them away – and the recipients were supposed to be making the payments…The people trying to repossess it can’t find the cars because they don’t know who he gave them to, and that’s why Chad’s being sued…
    As a Bengal fan, I love him, but giving people the power to ruin your credit and trusting them NOT to is more than idiotic.

  16. Why do all my comments get sent directly to the administrator for approval? What am I doin wrong?

  17. Phinsfan,
    I was thinking the exact same thing. I just went on the Dodge web site and the top of the line model with all options topped out at $47K! That’s a hell of a lot of money for a car from a company that might not be around in a few years. I can’t begin to guess what the other $12 grand buys – twitter through the On-Star?

  18. Maybe he put the money down and financed it for a friend/family member to drive and make payments on it and he never thought to ask them if they had been making the payments?

  19. BlackBerryStorm – all comments go to moderation for approval, that is the way this site is run. 🙂
    PFT – can we get rid of the ads that play video & sound? (Samsung HD TV ad comes to mind first) I have gotten in trouble twice today at work from those ads. I’d like to continue visiting your site daily, but I don’t want to get in trouble for doing so, and these computers are locked-down – I cannot turn off the sound.

  20. This guy always begs for attention. But, as long as he plays for the Bungles, he will never be a champ.

  21. I’m with everyone else on the whole 57k thing… He must have had a V12, Lambo doors and Louis Vuitton interior put in before he paid for it.
    And you don’t need credit if you can just pay for everything in cash… like he should (operative word being ‘should’) be able to.
    At least he’s putting up good numbers again this year… he’ll be in line for another contract before retiring.

  22. The Demonator said: “Word on the street here in the ‘Nati is that he bought 2 identical Dodge Chargers & gave them away – and the recipients were supposed to be making the payments…The people trying to repossess it can’t find the cars because they don’t know who he gave them to, and that’s why Chad’s being sued…”
    I heard the same thing. Quick Floria and teh gang, another chance to write something negative about a Bengal.
    Try finding some backup information before you slander a guy.

  23. [quote]According to Kimball Perry of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ochocinco bought a car in August 12, 2008, under the name “Chad Johnson.” [/quote]
    Chad “Johnson”? That name sounds so fake! No wonder Ochocinco defaulted. He might as well have used “John Doe” or even “Lew Alcindor”

  24. Word on the street here in the ‘Nati is that he bought 2 identical Dodge Chargers & gave them away – and the recipients were supposed to be making the payments…The people trying to repossess it can’t find the cars because they don’t know who he gave them to, and that’s why Chad’s being sued…
    Makes no sense at all.
    Those cars don’t leave the lot until SOMEBODY has paid for them, either Ochomoron or a bank who fronts the money to him in loans. If he paid for the car, there is no note due so there can be no bank looking to repossess. Why he would expect people to repay him when the cars were supposedly gifts, makes no sense either.
    If 85 signed a note for the cars, and gave them away to people who are expected to pay the loans to him or for him, then he didn’t really give anything away, did he? And if he DID give away cars expecting to be paid, HE is the party responsible for the note and would have to be a moron to give away cars expecting those people to make good on HIS note with HIS credit at stake.
    It’s a joke that someone who makes his kind of money is in the news for defaulting on a loan. Wonder if he’ll show up in court with a sombrero?

  25. Why pay so many monthly bills?
    Why can’t the car loan be paid quarterly so Chad doesn’t get bothered so often?
    All that junk mail is a hassle and it requires reading skills.

  26. I think PFT should dig up more information on this story before badmouthing Chad here.
    Far be it from me to defend Ochocinco, but I can’t believe he is 100% to blame here. It doesn’t add up. The speculation that he “bought” these for other people to pay makes more sense, especially given the fact that there is no discussion about repossession in this story, and the fact that a Challenger cost $57k. That retail price sounds inflated as does part of the story.

  27. Phins fan,
    Try left clicking the Windows Start button and cursor to select control panel and you should be able to get to the audio control function window. You should be able to mute or turn down the volume from there. Or, you could download iTunes, like I did, to have something else playing in the background. Or get headphones.

  28. Hey texasPHINSfan,
    People get sued for not paying on auto loans all the time. There is a good chance they don’t know the whereabouts of the car. In that case, you file suit. Also all of the cost of the suit will be paid by Chad, since he will most certainly lose.

  29. you know… he’s not going to play football forever… so, in other words, he’s not going to be a millionaire forever. keeping your credit up to date is never a bad thing.

  30. Anyone who would pay $55,000 for a Dodge Challenger is an idiot! Oh wait it’s Chad Johnson! One and the same! Such a loser!

  31. I think the whole story is bullshit…..I don’t believe a word of it. Somebody just trying to start shit.

  32. @Richm2256
    “In multiple postings at his Twitter page, Chad claims that he put the vehicle in his name for a family member, and that the family member failed to make the payments.”
    Does it make sense now?

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