Agent says Flozell thought the play was going on

The case of the Flozell Adams cheap shot has just gotten a little more strange, with Adams’ agent now claiming that Adams didn’t know the play was over when he pushed Justin Tuck in the back at the end of the first half of the Cowboys-Giants game.

“I have talked to the Cowboys and the league. The league is discussing it and we will find out tomorrow,” Adams’ agent Jordan Woy said of possible disciplinary actions. “Flo thought the play was still in action when the hit occurred.”

Left unanswered is this: Even if we stipulate that Adams really did think the play was still in action, how would that justify giving an opponent a hard shove in the back away from the play?

There seems to be a growing consensus that there is no justification for what Adams did, and that the league needs to come down hard on Adams, who has already been fined three times by the NFL this season for four personal fouls, including two in one game the first time the Cowboys played the Giants.

However, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that if the league is going to suspend Adams, it will likely announce the move today to give the Cowboys adequate practice time to prepare for his absence. So for the Cowboys, no news about Adams is good news about Adams.

32 responses to “Agent says Flozell thought the play was going on

  1. Flozell is a dirty player, if the NFL was a Peanuts cartoon he would be PigPen.
    He’s the reason Tuck got hurt the last time they played each other…personal rivalry going on there.
    I hope he gets suspended, he’s the offensive line version of Haynesworth.

  2. Fights go on between lineman after the whistle every NFL game, especially divisional game.
    Adams shouldn’t have done it, but that’s what happens when you call out a guy.

  3. GTFO of here. he did NOT think the play was still going on and even if he did they weren’t even in the play.
    this is just flozell not admitting to his bitchness like a man and trying to be a smart ass.

  4. That makes it even worse. At least if he is trying to duke it out with Tuck then fine whatever but to think he could do something like this during a play? Suspend this clown for the season and then JJ…. cut his arse.

  5. If this were any other team other than the (league favored) cowboys, blowzell or any other player would get a 1 game suspension after all the dirty plays, penalties and fines he’s already recieved/committed.
    But the commish will not suspend him knowing that the boys already have a hard enough time winning in december. It’s favoritism and it stinks!

  6. Flozell is awesome.
    You guys at PFT need tampons.
    Tuck is a big pussy making such a big deal of a little playground shove. This isn’t Tebow we’re talking about here, it’s a defensive lineman with every nasty trick in the book. You can bet he was getting a little payback for something earlier in the game.

  7. Even if the play was on-going, IT WOULD STILL BE ILLEGAL! You can’t block players in the back before, during, or AFTER the play.

  8. Oh I get it now, so that was Flozell’s usual block-in-the-back play. Get a clue Flo, lying only makes it worse. You’re a washed up has-been who will be cut in the off season.

  9. loggerhead…
    it was a bitch shove from behind and he is now trying to cover it up by acting like he thought it was a block.
    even IF it was a block it was a block in the back since they weren’t engaged at the time.

  10. now that’s a bs excuse.
    the kind people give when they have zero intention of seriously discussing jack,

  11. Hail2ThaRedskins says:
    December 8, 2009 5:50 PM
    Even if the play was on-going, IT WOULD STILL BE ILLEGAL! You can’t block players in the back before, during, or AFTER the play.
    Thats why he got the penalty! The vagiants were to scared to accept it because they would have to play another down against him.
    Justa Turd was heard saying, “please don’t accept it coach, I got go pee!”

  12. @bigmikeskinsfan
    How do you admit to bitchiness ” like a man” ?
    I guess it takes a skins fan to know.

  13. I wouldn’t expect anything more from you Vox. You would probably shove someone in the back too you vagina.

  14. This is why blogs are irritating. Complete journalistic impunity – you can claim “growing consensus” without actual showing a consensus, which basically means you can come up with an opinion, talk about it a lot, gin up the idea that everyone agrees with you, not prove a single point involved or provide any evidence or quotes, and not have any negative repercussions! It’s a blog, not an article, after all!
    At least we know nonsense like this will never concern the Steelers. Because, again, blogs parading as journalism don’t have to be unbiased, either.

  15. Oddly enough, it’s just been reported that Flozell Adams was Tiger Woods’ 12th mistress.

  16. Makes you wonder who is dumber, Adams for coming up with that BS excuse or his agent for repeating it publicly.

  17. No worries. He’ll have plenty of time to push guys in the back when he’s sitting at home during the playoffs/living in a van down by the river.

  18. Make him watch “Flo” re-runs on the giant Jonestown TV…he’ll kill himself & won’t be a douche anymore.

  19. Far be it for me to defend Flozell, but it is damned amusing at you guys blowing up wanting him suspended and not getting your bottle.
    A push in the back… boo hoo, what a buncha sissies.

  20. Thata boy Flo. Keep making those NY linemen cry. They can say what they want, but it is really your fault Tuck got hurt FALLING DOWN?…No. Maybe in the playoffs we can get you in @ DT so you can take a shot at that other woman Jacobs, and that special needs QB they have up there.

  21. Flozell’s shove was cowardly. Plain and simple. Gutless and strange man. Cowboys claiming to be a class organization is even stranger.

  22. Flo is a wannabe thug, still trying to gain credibility amongst failures.
    BSOUD: Make the NY Linemen cry?
    They shut down your crappy running game, and owned you when it mattered, again.
    Jacobs is a woman? Your entire Defense got out run by a woman? Special needs QB? You mean special needs like a team who has to bring in their franchise QB to be a field goal holder? After he cost you a trip to the Superbowl doing that exact same act..
    You sound really educated!

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