Broncos lose tackle Ryan Harris for season

Broncos tackle Ryan Harris’ absence from the Broncos lineup for nearly all of November had a noticeable effect on the team’s offense.

Now the Broncos will have to get used to playing without him for the rest of the season.

Harris re-injured his toe Sunday against the Chiefs, and was told by a medical specialist that he won’t be able to play again this season, according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.  Local Denver hero Tyler Polumbus will take over Harris’ spot.

Harris isn’t a household name, but he’s quietly developed into one of the better right tackles in football for the Broncos.

The team has largely done an excellent job protecting Kyle Orton and creating holes for the team’s ninth-ranked rushing attack.

9 responses to “Broncos lose tackle Ryan Harris for season

  1. Tyler has been pretty much at Ryan’s level when Orton is in at QB. His troubles came when he was protecting Chris Simms’ blindside. I don’t expect this to have anywhere near the effect people like ‘phailing’ anticipate it will.

  2. Broncos LOOK Awesome This YEAR!!
    Don’t be surprised if they upset a team or two in the playoffs!!!

  3. lomaxgr- The outcome will be a peppering of Freeney and Mathis sacks with or without Ryan Harris.
    The outcome is just more certain without Ryan Harris.

  4. any1 remember this guy from MTVs “True Life” series? Back when he was in high school, i think the episode was about weight gain/loss. He was trying to bulk up bc colleges were looking at him [he eventually went to Notre Dame].

  5. Indy is going down Harris or not. The Colts are the worst 12-0 team in history. (if there is such a thing) Peyton will be getting harrased all day and the secondary can deffinetly handle the Indy recievers.

  6. The only certainty is Denver’s pass rush dumping the Golden Boy. Freeney and Mathis? Give me a break, Denver’s O-line has been handling better rushers all year. Doom-erville on the other habd can’t be stopped.
    Colts over rated dreams stop this week. We all know how they struggle with teans that actually have a winning record……

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