Buffalo Bills' problem is "our own stupidity"

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams says he and his teammates are good enough that they could be right in the thick of the AFC East race.

But the Bills are 4-8 and about to miss the playoffs for the 10th straight year, and Williams says he’s figured out what the problem is: He and his teammates are stoopid.

“I think above all else, that’s what really kind of sticks in your craw,” Williams said. “To know that everything was so close, and the way things are shaking out in the division that, other than our own stupidity, we could’ve been there.”

Williams was referring specifically to several mistakes late in close games. The Bills have kept the game close into the fourth quarter in seven of their eight losses, but they’ve been outscored 112-67 in the fourth quarter.

“It’s frustrating for the most part to be that close, to have it within grasp, and it seems like almost every time it slips away,” Williams said. “That’s a product of looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I didn’t do enough.”‘

7 responses to “Buffalo Bills' problem is "our own stupidity"

  1. I wouldnt say losing close games in the final qtr was the product of looking in the mirror and saying I didnt do enough, it would be the lack of that. Stoopid again

  2. Sometimes teams that are close in the 4th and always find a way to lose are only a player of two, or a scheme change away from being contenders.

  3. Cleveland debacle instead of 6-3 loss should have been a W – Bills 5-7.
    Opening game vs. NE that they blew late. Bills 6-6. Which drops NE back another game.
    And that’s just two games.
    Bills should be a WC contender even with a terrible QB crew and all those injuries.
    Who to blame? The coaching, the QBs who have weapons and no ammo (bad arms and even worse decision making).

  4. I believe in the Bills, I think they have hit rock bottom, and I really hope to see some changes and improvments in the franchise, the fans deserve it.

  5. Hopefully they continue to play “stoopid” this next week. Lord knows the Chiefs will need all the help they can get.

  6. “That’s a product of looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I didn’t do enough.”‘
    They need to hire Stuart Smalley as a consultant?

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